RomaHeta 9 - part 1 [English sub]

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How are they?
... Still in a coma. We've healed their injuries, but it looks like their minds have been damaged somehow.
We think it's because they were infected for too long...
Right now, their lives aren't in danger. We just have no idea when they'll wake up.
I see...
Ivan... Why...?
Everyone... Good job........
You sound pretty tired, Kiku!
Yes... I have been checking their condition non-stop; I haven't had any rest or sleep...
I must have drunk about 100 Lipovitans by now...
But I bought potions. Even if it's not much, it should be enough for me to recover...
Kiku! That's dangerous!
Haha! He's getting high from exhaustion!
So, did you figure anything out?
... Yes. First, about the condition of those three.
In Ivan's case, there is no doubt that it is due to the effects of infection by the Error.
I think the most likely cause for his mental exhaustion is that
he was forced to use teleportation and other abilities than his own...
But be that as it may, Ivan himself is refusing to wake up.
Why is that?
He's not infected any more, is he?
I don't know why...
He certainly shouldn't be infected any more, but his configuration program is still very unstable.
Next, about Feliciano and Lovino...
Who was controlling them?!
Is there something besides the Error?
I'm sorry; I'm still investigating about that. First, I would rather check their condition.
Are they also refusing to wake up?
Well... It seems that the cause of their mental exhaustion is essentially the same as Ivan's.
... But... the difference between them and Ivan is that their programs are very stable.
I wouldn't be surprised if it took them a long time to wake up, though...
... In any case, that is all I have been able to figure out so far.
What is the Error doing right now?
He hasn't made any move. ... It is rather uncanny.
Yeah... It's weird that he didn't even try to interfere.
... Indeed. I kept watching him just in case, but...
He didn't move even when you went to destroy the energy sources.
... There must be something else, then.
... Back on topic. If they wake up as it is, then it won't be a problem.
But if they remain in a comatose state, even if we eliminate the Error, they won't be able to return to this world...
Then it's the same as if they'd become part of this world, right?!
Exactly. Ivan, in particular, will be in grave danger if his unstable condition goes on.
... Honda!! What can I do? How can I help him?
Please, calm down! I didn't say there was no way to help him.
The Teleshifter I delivered to Ludwig...
Ah, yes...
It's a drastic measure, but... With the Teleshifter, you can dive into Ivan's subconscious
and physically eliminate the cause of the problem.
Is that even possible?!
You mean... dive into my brother's heart...?
(Natalya... That's not quite what I meant.)
As long as you are in that world, you exist as data.
Just as I am able to peek into your programs from here,
you should also be able to personally dive into it from there.
... Theoretically speaking.
W-we have absolutely no privacy in this world, do we?
I think I'm afraid of this world for the first time since I got here...
It's all right; I can't look into your subconscious if you're awake. (Unfortunately.)
And even if I could, I wouldn't look. (Probably.)
W-well, if you say so...
Into my brother's heart... Into my brother's...
Honda. Tell me how to get there.
As long as you have the Teleshifter, you don't have to do anything. I can transfer you from here.
However, it is a very delicate program, so I can only transfer two people at most.
That's good enough. I'll go alone.
A-alone?! That's way too dangerous!
It's no problem. I wouldn't let you bastards get into my brother's heart.
(It's not quite his heart, though...)
Be that as it may, you have to consider the Error's intervention and Ivan's own resistance.
I really wouldn't recommend going alone.
A lady can't go through such danger all alone. I should go with—
What if my brother turns into a perverted freak because of you?! I don't trust you! I'll go alone!
Please, take me with you.
Wh-what are you talking about?! It's too dangerous!
I'll be fine. I have this gun that you gave me.
Th-then I'll go instead—
Please, let me go, Vash.
If you were in the same condition as Ivan,
I certainly would go and help you without stopping to think about the risks.
As someone who also has a brother, I just can't leave Natalya alone.
Natalya... can I go with you?
... Y-yeah...
Thank you.
No! Just no! If you want, I will go! You just wait for me—
Let her go.
... Sorry for throwing a wet blanket on it, but...
Diving into one's subconscious is a great responsibility,
so it is necessary to constantly adjust the program during the dive.
... In other words, I won't be able to watch the Error at the same time.
It's also highly possible that the protective walls of that hut will get destroyed.
The problems just keep piling up...
There aren't any other energy sources for the Error, right?
There shouldn't be, but... it's still a little too early to relax.
Eduard here. Eduard here. Can you hear me, guys?
You heard me?! Well, at least I've accomplished that much!
Eduard...! You've finally connected with the network!
I'm here, too! N-Natalya, are you all right?
Who the hell are you?
The three of us worked together to set up the network in Eduard's house.
Raivis and I still can't do anything but communicate with you, but... I think we can at least support you!
I see! That's actually very helpful!
So... well, I'll keep watching the Error and analysing Feliciano and his brother!
Eduard, can I ask you to adjust Ivan's program and support Natalya?
Of course! I'll be in charge of adjusting the program.
Toris, Raivis, you'll support Natalya.
I-I'll do my best!
Natalya! You can count on me!
Ugh... To think that I'll show you inside my brother's heart—
Well, then, let's begin the preparations for the transference. Who is in possession of the Teleshifter?
I am.
Well, then, Natalya, when you are ready, please talk to Ludwig. I will transfer you from here.
[Medical Heal] Restores the HP of all party members.
[Desperado] Dark element physical damage to a single adversary.
[Moulinet] Wind element physical attack against all enemies.
Natalya Class: Yandere
Weapon: Pescado Head: Mythril Helm Body: Mythril Plate Accessory: Guard Ring
Well, Lovino will be fine! If all else fails, I'll just clobber him awake or something!
I'll look after Ivan while you're gone. Don't worry.
If you do anything to him, I will get my revenge...
Really, it's okay! After all, I am an ally of all people who live for love.
... Hmph.
He has no wounds. His pulse and breathing are normal. ... Why won't he wake up?
The one who ran up to Feliciano at that time...
... If it gets dangerous, you are to escape right away.
... Of course!
Don't get too close to anything suspicious.
You are to tackle the monsters without mercy. Get them before they get you.
In any case, be wary of everything. Keep a sharp eye open.
... Hey, how long will you keep going on?
... Just be careful.
... Just be careful.
I still have items! Go ahead and buy them.
- Show me. - No, thanks.
I still have many burgers! You can have them!
I-I tried making some scones, too...
Oh, but don't get me wrong! I didn't really make them for you!