лего титаник \ lego titanic

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Alo what happened? Iceberg dead ahead! ago !!!!!!
ago, let's fast! Full back ago, let's fast! Full back
Let's Turn let's hurry! come on so well!
Let's Turn! Let's hurry! "
There are a lot of people very much want everything in the boat
What to do? oh!
oh! let's get up!
only women and children! only women and children! let's all jump! is high enough so as not to
break oh I'm alive!
Who's there! my name is Joe Silman you have not seen my
friend Who?
Jack I have not seen Jack, he probably another
boat Captain carpathite What can I serve?
here is a list of all the survivors on the Titanic
and how many? sevolish 704 Captain carpathite
sorry you
do not have a list of Jack Silman? Jack Silman?
yes I'll look in the list. No, it is not listed
okay thanks hundred and you said 704 survived and how
many passengers there were only Titanic? There were 2208
Stop you're searching for Jack Silman see we found several bodies
can not be that you had died, Jack the ship Titanic was 2208
night 1912, he collided with an iceberg 1,504 people died
1916 sinking of the ship brother Britannic