Introduction to the Videos

Uploaded by jeaysm on 05.12.2006

Hello YouTubers.
This video is an introduction to my other videos on solving the Rubik's Cube.
If you came here through my website, then you already know my URL,
but if not check out my URL on the sidebar
You might want to bring up another web browser
and go to the website and follow along on that
There's a lot of other information and more descriptions of the moves
and everything's in a lot more detail
I'm starting out by uploading 8 videos
It might sound like a lot but some of them are short
and the upload time seems to be quite long
so I figured I would break it up
one video per step
The first video is on notation
so I explain the notation used to talk about Rubik's Cube moves
There's one thing that I forgot to mention
which is just some brief terminology about the pieces
In case it wasn't obvious
these are corner pieces
Corner pieces have three sides
so this would be the yellow-green-red.
There's 8 of them on the cube.
4 on the top layer and 4 on the bottom.
The edge pieces have 2 sides
so for example, this right here is an edge piece
so it's the yellow-red
and there's 12 total.
There's apparently 6 center pieces
but they're all joined together
If you take the cube apart
you'll see there's one structure that holds them all together
and the center pieces never change with relation to one another
They always have exactly the same relative position
OK, so after the notation video
there are 6 videos corresponding to steps 1 to 6
They don't cover every situation
but they cover kind of a normal situation
I didn't film them all continuously
What I did was, after a couple of them I decided to
sort of arrange things a little bit
so that it would cover a more normal situation
of solving the cube
Any time when you're doing the cube
sometime a step just kind of works out for you
like pieces just fall into place by chance.
So I didn't want to have that for a tutorial video,
I wanted to set up a realistic situation
and then solve that,
so that it would be a bit more complete.
So then after the steps 1 through 6,
I also have a video where I just solve the cube
from start to finish all in one sequence
so nothing's arranged there, it's all one filming,
and I go a bit faster and I talk about what I'm doing
but it's a bit more fast-paced than the individual steps.
The solution overall is a beginner solution,
it's quite easy to memorize,
It should be possible to do the cube in 2 or 3 minutes
with a little practice.
If you can do it in under 1 minute with the solution
then you've got fast hands.
The pros and the people who setting records and that
are doing the cube in like 15 seconds
but believe me, 1 minute is plenty to impress people.
I just bought this webcam yesterday,
it's a Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000,
so I don't really know anything about filming,
but it seems to be pretty simple.
I'm pretty impressed the features that you can get
for not a lot of money these days.
Umm, what else? Oh, if you don't have a Rubik's Cube
I would recommend getting an official one.
You can get them on
or at a lot of toy stores
and things like that, like Toys 'R Us, that type of thing.
Umm, what else? You can find some kind of imitation cubes
you know, at the Dollar Store,
they're not very good quality, and you know,
the stickers will peel off, and it's worth spending
a little bit more to get the real deal.
I guess a lot of people have requested pictures and that
over the years, of more explanations.
I've always had a text-based website,
it's kind of strange that I'm going straight to video,
but there you have it.
What else, okay, yep, please leave any comments or suggestions
just here on YouTube and I'll try to get back to you
or possibly somebody else who's looking at the site
will be able to answer you.
So good luck, and happy cubing.