BIKER'S CHOICE PT1 Drop Seat Kit Install

Uploaded by BikersChoiceProducts on 30.09.2010

We're here at Dallas Harley-Davidson to install Biker's Choice Drop Seat Kit
on this beautiful, vivid black 2011 Street Glide.
This kit will lower the seat height by a full 3" without altering the suspension,
and allow for a guy or a gal, 5'7" or under, to fully plant their feet on the ground.
In addition, the lower seat height with the new lines provides for a really cool custom look.
Brine is our Service Tech on the job. Let's get started with the installation.
Alright, we got that out of the way.
Disconnect the battery before we proceed with anything.
It'll help eliminate any problems.
Be sure and save your battery bolts.
You will not be reusing the plastic cover.
And continue to disconnect your battery.
Remove the bracket on this side, as well,
as you did on that side.
Now, you're going to take your T40 and remove this bolt right here.
Cut one zip tie there.
Remove the side covers, which you will not be reusing.
They come with new ones.
We will proceed by supporting the back part of the bike with a jack
because you will be removing the shocks.
And once you remove the top bolt of the shocks, of course, the bike will want to fall.
We're going to go ahead and remove the rear fender;
and to do that, we will need to remove the exhaust so you can lower it down past right here.
Now, on the '09 and newers, the way I remove it,
is I remove the exhaust from right here for the left side.
It just makes it a little bit easier to install and without having to wiggle that top off.
Now, remove the antenna.
Cut all the zip ties that you see that are mounted to the rear of the frame.
It could hold you up from removing it.
Now, we are ready to remove the saddlebag rails.
Use a T45 9/16" wrench for the front side.
For the back side, use a T40 and a 1/2".
And, remove your antenna cable.
I'm disconnecting the rear lighting which goes back,
and you will have to cut the zip tie.
Get your antenna cable out of the way.
And, now we're ready.
We got all the wires loose and free.
We'll remove these two T40 bolts, as well as on the other side.
The fender will drop down and out.
You might need an extra hand on this one.
Just support this fender right here.
Go to the other side and remove the same bolts.
Then, just drop it down and slide it back.
And there you go.
Now, we're going to remove the shock bolts,
which our jack is supporting our box, so it cannot go down.
Disconnect your airline.
Now, you're going to remove your fuse box cover.
You'll take off your data link.
You get all these wires free.
Unplug any wires that are plugged into the plastic box.
Remove that.
And then you got two T40 bolts.
And you have one zip tie.
That's pretty tough.
You flip this over and you can grab the box right underneath here,
and this will flip up and out.
Then, you got a little tab right here which you will lift and it will help you push out
on the box, so you can remove it from the box, as well as the Maxi-Fuse.
One more zip tie, they're everywhere.
There it is. And just push all these wires through.
Now, you're ready to remove the battery from the bike.
Make sure your cables are loose and out of the way as you did earlier.
Now is a good time to disconnect your spark plug wires.
And go ahead and disconnect your coil.
Plug is right here above the positive battery hose, or cable.
Now you have four T40 bolts that you will need to remove.