[Eng sub] B2ST/BEAST @ Weekly Idol Part 1

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The idols who have taken over Korea and are now taking over the world, BEAST!
Please greet the viewers of Weekly idol~
DJ: The viewers of Weekly idol, we are SO- All: BEAST~ hello! we are BEAST!
HD: Right now, we're holding onto Doojoon's contract
HD: It says he'd personally come to weekly idol It even says the date of the promise, 31th Dec 2011
HD: Did the other members by any chance know of this? DW/GK: Yes, we read about it on the internet
HD: Did you recieve the approval for the promise? GK: No, he didn't ask for it
HD: If he didn't ask, then you didn't have to come Def: He could have come by himself
Def: Because there's really no need for other members as we're going to reveal lots about Doojoon
DJ: About me? no way~ Def: Hyungdon has alot prepared HD: I-
DJ: That's because of my integrity
Def: I've heard everyhing on Danbi though DJ: what? why? Why Danbi?
Def: I've heard all of the Danbi gossip DJ: What have you heard from that good program?
Def: Doojoon is a really a good guy, however i've heard he's a guy with alot of secrets~
HD: Today i'm going to reveal/show it all
HD: Doojoon is also the only celebrity follower of Weekly idols twitter DJ: really? Me?
HD: Out of all the people who have been on the show Doojoon is uniquely the only celebrity follower
Def: He followed us first? DJ: Was i not followed by Weekly Idol first?
DJ: Was i not? Def: You followed first DJ: This hurts my pride
Def: Thank you~ Def/HD: He's a good guy, a kind guy
HD: Actually this is not Beast's first time on the show HS: This is the first time HD: It is not~
DJ: The computer graphics episode? HD: That's right, you came as CG one time
YS: Fans searched alot for that
HD: Because we couldn't get the real you we had you in CG Def: It was in the beginning of this show
HD: Back then we solved a quiz about you guys DJ: About us?
HD: This time, you guys have to solve it yourself
HD: If you're wrong we're going to hit the leader Doojoon in the head with a plastic hammer
HD: Doojoon please stand over here
HS: What are we doing? HD: When we did the Beast special-
HD: Hyunseung are you okay? You know what program this is right? HS: yes, Weekly Idol
HD: Please give us the question! Doojoon can't answer, only the other members
PD: This is the other members selca-photo poses HD: Yoseob, Hyunseung, Gikwang, Dongwoon, Junhyung
PD: If it's like this, what is Doojoon's photo-pose? HS: I know!
HD: 1-2-3!
PD: That is correct!
HD: Doojoon doesn't get hit~ Def: Doesn't the team leader hit the other members?
HD: That's right~ HS: I have to get hit?
PD: We'll hit the MC's (Hyungdon&Defconn)
HD: If you answer correctly we get hit, please hit us comfortably~
HD: Please give us the next question!
Def: The next question HD/DEF: Hurry! Hurry! next question!
PD: The next one is a video-question
PD: You just heard BEAST's song fiction
PD: In the next highlight part of the song, which foot-
HS: I know! the cool-city-man dance *?*
Def: You have to listen to the whole question! One more time, one last time~
PD: During the highlight the walking dance, what foot is going to move out?
HS: the right one HD: Then let's see~
DJ: It's the left foot
HD: Left foot!
HS: It's the right foot!
DW: The right foot is brought inwards and the left one is the one which is moved out
HD: It's the left foot! Let's hit him together! Def: Who do we hit? HD: Doojoon
Def: We get to hit him?
GK: On variety shows getting hit hard is originally the funnier choice
Def: I'll do it gently~ DJ: understood~ HD: Since i'm an elder who loves you i'll do it gently
HD: Doojoon, i love you~
Def: I love you~
DJ: Getting hit by this plastic hammer actually hurts HD: Not at all~
DJ: Please give the chance to hit one more time PD: This is the last question~ DJ: Already?
PD: This question is a video-question
DJ: It couldn't be how many seconds, right?
Def: Beast really suits this song
DW: I know!
DJ: What are you doing! listen to the question! HD: We'll give you the chance~
DW: The answer is 16 seconds, the question is how many seconds the screaming part lasts
PD: The question is correct DJ: Then didn't we get it right?
HD: The right answer is? DW: 16 seconds Def: Let's see!
HD: The answer is 8 seconds DJ: There's another part coming!
DJ: You cut it now on purpose , right?!
Def: Doojoon, come now~ DJ: One more is coming, so why?! Def: Doojoon's character is good!
JH: It must not count the whole part because he drew his breath inbetween
YS: Then you can draw your breath once and then get hit once
DJ: What in the world are you?!
Def: No matter what, Doojoon has lost I'll ask for a black knight *someone to step in*
HD: If it's about variety-show-sense *know how to make it funny* then it's Gikwang after all
DJ: He's going to hit me really hard~
GK: Normally on variety shows hitting harder is funnier Def/HD: That's right, after all he does know it~
GK: Doojoon, i'm sorry~ But let's help Weekly Idol
HD: Now, Gikwang please do it one more time
Def: Our Gikwang said he doesn't want to do it but he has to do it one more time
GK: Doojoon-ah, I'm sorry~ let's help Weekly Idol
HD: He hasn't hit you at all yet Def: It's hard to be helping
GK: Clench your teeth!
YS: Isn't better to write an IOU instead of get hit continuously
HD: Even though it's regrettable there are no more questions Def: It has ended
DJ: It think all my hairspray has fallen out
GK: This is fun
YS: Did you release your stress? GK: I released my stress~
HD: It feels like we'll keep using this hammer today
HD: Now it's time for Weekly Idol's pride, have you guys by any chance heard about the random dance play?
YS: Yes, i have seen it~ HD: The random play?
YS: It's something very uniquely made
where suddenly a song is played and you have to match your place in the choreography and dance it too
Def: He's very MC-like YS: Then should i stand over there?
Def: You could be a MC HD: The way you talk, you belong over here
DJ: Is the chosen song a Beast song? YS/HD: Of course~
DJ: Then that could easily be confusing HD: And you guys have alot of hit-songs as well
HD: Out of those hitsongs you won't know which part is going to be played
HD: If there's a member who is wrong should we just use this as a punishment?
DJ: Then if we don't mess up, can we hit you? HD: If you get it all right you can hit me
Def: If you get it all right then you can hit me, but if you mess-up then what?
DJ: Then i'll get hit HD/Def: Again? Okay! Deal~
JH: How are we suppose to do this? DJ: It's easy, why shouldn't we be able to do it?
JH: I have a feeling you're the one who's gonna mess up DJ: I won't~
GK: You guys, do you remember Mystery (their song) HS/YS: I don't, i don't remember~
HD: Play the music!
DJ: That's right! Good job! Nice!
HD: Wait a minute! Hold on for a second
HD: During your performance, does Hyunseung have a part that goes like this, where he stares like this
YS: He does, he has one HD: But it's different from all the other members!
HD: All alone he does this~ is there really a part like this?
YS: During the 3rd verse HD: Even though all the other members are dancing ?!
YS: For the 3rd verse he can do whatever he likes It's only Hyunseung though HD: Seriously?
DJ: Don't lie~ let's do it again!
Def: Now this is the real game! HD: Now we're doing this for real~
Def: Hold on, i want to test the hammer
YS: I'm not the one who has to get hit, right? One of you guys please continue to speak
DJ: Then all we need to do is be funny *to not be embarrased by being wrong*
HD: We'll give you 3 seconds to discuss
HD: After the random play segment is done Beast's hairstyles might all change *from being hit*
HD: Please give us the music
HS: This is right, this is correct
HS: This is right! This is correct!
DJ: To the other side!
HS: This is right~ this is it, this is correct HD: Are you saying this is correct?!
Def: Just look at Dongwoon!
DJ: What are you doing?! Okay! Okay!
HD: Are you guys saying this is correct too? DJ: Good! Nice!
DJ: What in the world is this? *HS solo song*
DJ: The rest of us, let's clap!
HD: It's the last song!
HD: You're all doing it differently! Def: What the hell is this?!
YS: When is this ending?!
Def: Wait a minute, the last part where you are all lined-up, does it really exist?
DJ: It really is a part of the choreography HD: Truthfully? Def: Yoon Doojoon
Def: What is this? HD: Does that really exist? DJ/DW: It's a freestyle part, so anything is okay
HD: Why do you guys always have freestyle parts! Def: Let's call director Hwang and check!
HD: This really exists, this?!
DJ: Each and everyone expresses themselves, It's ones freedom to do whatever
HD: But Gikwang and yoseob was doing this like he was being punched, but you by yourself did this: This is right~
DJ: It was because it was correct
DJ: One person really does this on stage
HD: You're really shamless and presumptuous
YS: One person does this?
HD: Also the last part with Hyunseung and Junhyung doing Troublemaker..
JH: This is my first time doing this dance, i haven't ever tried to copy it or anything, this is my first time
HD: Then about this, you guys can pick the song you have the most confidence in getting right
HD: Let's do only one song, only one song, including the hammer, let's do it cooly
JH: Let's do Beautful Night DJ: Then we'll do our title song, Beautiful Night
HD: Really? You won't know which part of the song is going to be played DJ: It'll come to us right away
HD: I'll give you exactly 3 seconds to arrange yourselves
Def: I want to ask something first, let's get it straight is there a part of the choreography that goes like this
All: There is not HD: What about a freestyle part? All: There is a freestyle part
DJ: There is a short freestyle part Let's listen first and then say which part it is!
HD: These two things are not allowed! This and this *clapping* and *staring*
DJ: Hyunseung, get over here!
DJ: Jump! Jump! Jump!
HD: Okay, approved! cleared�