Web Design - Choosing The Right Company

Uploaded by crearegroup on 26.02.2010

Hi welcome to our web design video blog. This week we are taking a break from our usual
format, and we are going to show you a promotional video that our colleague Sarah did on Choosing
The Right Web Design Company.
This presentation will show you directly how to engage with an online audience and make
your business more money online. With technology continuing to develop and improve, all businesses
must be aware of the need to establish a quality website with the best in search engine optimisation.
Launching a website is one of the most important decisions any business will make. It is crucial
that you invest in a web design company who are not only reputable and efficient, but
who have the resource and ability to directly impact your sales conversions by communicating
with the right audience. As the largest web design company in the UK, Creare can demonstrate
exactly why it is so important to invest in a company with a reliable infrastructure who
can keep abreast of all the latest technologies.
There are 5 main aspects to consider when purchasing your website.
Number one, it must work as a marketing tool for your business. Secondly, Web Design, the
design look and feel of a website is a crucial factor in its success. Thirdly, SEO, your
website must be well optimised in order that it can be found by relevant visitors. Fourthly,
Make sure your website has the right level of functionality to make sure it meets customer
usability requirements. And finally, consider the impact of online video, it can make all
difference to the way you communicate with your customers.
To achieve success online, you need to choose a web design company that is able to analyse
the impact all of the above factors have on your business needs.
First lets investigate the marketing implications. The principle need for any website is that
it works as an effective marketing tool. This means reaching the right customers and talking
to them on the right level, to ensure they are encouraged to find out more about your
business. Your business' marketing ambitions dictate the design style that is most relevant
for your online presence. An example of this could be the initial colours used as a basis
for the website, bright colours are often used as a base colour for websites appealing
to a price conscious audience, where as colours like dark blue, gold, silver or black can
be used to portray quality and prestige. By isolating the buying motives of your customers,
the website can be constructed to take best advantage of this.
Secondly, to ensure your business gets the most from any online marketing campaign, great
web design is of paramount importance. The design must cater to your customer's needs,
and provide a user friendly interface for them to work with. It is important to identify
the sides of your business on the homepage first, and provide a clear navigation structure
for visitors.
With regards to web design many customers waste money on extensive flash animation,
which may look attractive at some level but essentially does not hold much use for the
website. It is important to assess whether your site is designed as a sales tool or whether
the main aim is to provide information to the end user. By illustrating the different
sides of your business effectively, we provide the ability to boost cross sell opportunities
for both existing and new customers.
Next, lets examine the importance of website optimisation, Creare specialise in running
tailor made campaigns to ensure the websites we maintain are search engine friendly and
are optimised on an ongoing basis for the right keywords.
Our services depend on building the necessary authority for your site to rank highly. From
ensuring the architecture and coding of the site are accurate, through to extensive link
building campaigns and industry specific directory submissions. Creare have departments dedicated
to writing keyword rich articles for your company, distributing press releases and social
media marketing,making sure you are communicating with the widest possible available audience.
It's not enough to get your site to page one of the primary search engines, we are committed
to making sure it stays there.
Our use of keyword tools guarantees that no guess work is involved when it comes to choosing
your keywords. It's important that the people searching for these terms are not only going
to be able to find and use your site, but also that they then become useful visitors.
Traffic to your website, although useful, must also generate useful leads and sales
The fourth point for discussion is any additional functionality your site might benefit from.
From estate agents to recruitment companies, travel agencies and many more, your customers
might benefit from the use of specialist functionality in order to ensure your business meets their
needs. Creare are able to produce bespoke content managed systems that sit behind your
website, allowing users to create and manage accounts, gain relevant information from personalised
databases and much more. We can provide websites to meet almost any technical specification,
and this can often ensure you gain the edge over your competitors.
We are also among the very few design agencies who also offer a fully specialised video production
service. By using the latest technology to include video in your website, you can continue
to add even more value to the content of your website, by exploring the benefits of your
business. Visitors notice video, it is a compelling medium that ensures people's attention is
kept for as long as possible. Vast numbers of companies are planning to divert the finances
invested in traditional advertising and marketing budgets into the newest video technology.
We can provide bespoke commercial style short films to encapsulate the benefits of your
company's video presenters to communicate directly to visitors of your site and product
videos to demonstrate both quality and value.
Creare have over ten years experience of providing websites for businesses across the UK. Regardless
of the size of your company or the industry you are in, we will work to ensure your marketing
aims are encapsulated in a website that performs for you.
Now we have explained why your website is a crucial factor for business success, we
can pick up from where we left off, why should you choose Creare? Firstly, it is important
to choose a company who can practise what they preach. Creare have a completely organic
page one, position one result for 'web design' in Google, overcoming around 350 Millon competing
pages to achieve this.
The online market is of such a size that you must invest in a large company with a solid
infrastructure and the resource to focus on research end development. It is no longer
possible to rely on local design firms. The importance of reaching an audience of this
size in an effective way is paramount.
Creare are the largest web design and search engine optimisation company in the UK. With
close to 100 employees in our organisation, we do not outsource any of our work. You can
contact your own designer throughout the process so you can be assured you are in safe hands
with us. We also offer fixed prices, with no hidden costs involved, to make increasing
your online presence as easy and effective as possible.
Further to this, we offer search engine optimisation with a no contract service. If you want to
change your keywords or alter your campaign in any way, you are not tied in for a fixed
term period. Just contact us, and within thirty days any changes will take effect. This means
it is in our interests to ensure what we do works for your business.
Investing in a new website is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding
the future of your business. We can make sure you make the right choices and see your business
achieve success online. To make the most of this opportunity call us today for your no
obligation quotation. Thank you.
Thanks for watching, next week are going to revert back to our original format and we
are going to do a web design tutorial on our top 5 tips for web page load times.