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December 16th.
It was a morning so cold, it felt like if you were to hit the earth with an ice pick, it would break into nice clean chunks.
Shut up!
Cold cold cold!
Wake up!
Mom says you have to eat breakfast.
Your breakfast is ready too, Shami!
Shami~ Shami~
Shami, breakfast!
Thank you very much!
Bye everyone.
It had seemed really hot up until the Cultural Festival about a month ago,
but then December came, and it cooled down so fast it was like Mother Nature just realized she'd forgotten something.
I'm feeling the fact that Japan had no fall this year down to my very bones.
This had better not be the result of a particular someone confusing a wish for good business with some spell.{Norg: See}{Note: There is a Japanese sign for 'Business Prosperity' which is written in an obscure way to imply 'no autumn' which is pronounced the same as 'business'.}
That Siberian cold front should just move somewhere else.
It really doesn't need to come visit us every year like this.
I don't know if the earth's rotation has gone out of whack,
but I'm worried about Mother Nature.
That said, I only contemplate and don't give any thought to doing anything about it.
Ah, Koizumi?
Hi there.
A committee meeting?{question}{委員長会か ? maybe}
Your face says something's bothering you.
What's the matter?
Haruhi's been lively all day.
About that, right?
Yes, that.
Koizumi-kun, hurry!
Ah, yes.
Excuse me then.
That, huh...
Good grief.
Every day's so cold...
We have to commute up this hill every day, so why can't they give us a break for gym class?
What's with that old man talk?
Look, I'm not even wearing a sweater.
Summer really sucks, but this season is perfect for me!
Where do you get all that energy from?
Share some of it with me.
Do you know what date it is today?
December 16th.
What about it?
What do you mean "what about it"?
There's just one week left before the day your heart dances!
Don't you guys remember?
The end of term ceremony?
It's true winter vacation is an event worth looking forward to.
I don't mean that!
There's a far more important event!
Listen, think about what day it is in eight days.
Eight days, got it?
The answer should come to you pretty quickly.
I already knew.
Good afternoon!
Asahina-san, Tsuruya-san.
Hi there.
Why are you looking so down?{冴えない顔しちゃって}
Act fresh, you're young!{check}{しゃっきとするにょろよ、(清勝?)だよん!}{I might be totally wrong as 清勝 seems to be something you write in letters to express you're glad they are getting on well lol}
Later, Kyon-kun!
Yep, goodbye.
Kyon-kun, I'll come after I'm done a couple tasks.
I'll be just a bit!
I had already foreseen that a certain someone was scheming something for next week.
After all, the one person who would easily spot this event sits right behind me.
The universal culprit and source of all things which threaten my everyday life, and the likely cause of all my problems since April.{4月以来のあらゆる揉め事の総務と占め宇宙的な証拠の根源にして俺の日常生活を脅かす元凶}
That's right.
Oh right, I saw Asahina-san earlier...
Just you, Nagato?
Sorry for the wait!
No one was waiting.
The answer is always in my heart
Kotae wa itsumo watashi no mune ni...
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{\fad(200,1000)\fnDFGHSGothic-W7\blur1\bord0\shad0\4c&H656565&\fs90\c&H1700D5&\move(420,400,440,420,0,6670)}Mazui presents
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I don't know why, but I chose you
Nande daro anata wo eranda watashi desu
なんでだろ あなたを選んだ私です
It won't stop now, but Mr. Destiny deemed it so
Mou tomaranai unmei sama kara kimerareta kedo
もうとまらない 運命様から決められたけど
I believe, it's boring to just mimic
I believe mane dake ja tsumaranai no
I believe 真 似だけじゃつまらないの
You'll be right!
So I'll do what I feel as I feel it
Kanjiru mama kanjiru koto dake wo suru yo
It's an adventure, right, right? In this world where truth becomes fiction
Bouken desho desho!? HONTO ga uso ni kawaru sekai de
冒険でしょでしょ!? ホントが嘘に変わる世界で
We become stronger because we have dreams, not for the sake of someone
Yume ga aru kara tsuyoku naru no yo dare no tame janai
夢があるから強くなるのよ 誰の為じゃない
Please come with me
Issho ni kite kudasai
See me and my endlessly free self
Doko made mo juyuu na watashi wo mite yo ne
どこま でも自由な私を見てよね
This time right now today that becomes the past tomorrow is the miracle
Ashita kako ni natta kyou no ima ga kiseki
Let's grab the future
Tsukamou mirai wo
I believe you...
Does anyone here have plans for Christmas Eve?
I knew it.
Kyon, of course there's no way you would,
but I would feel bad if I didn't ask,{rule 3 of Purdue OWL->} so I might as well check with you.
What the hell!
And what if I did?
Let me ask that first.
Which means you don't, right?
What about Koizumi-kun?
Do you have a date with your girlfriend or something?
I'd love to say that were the case,
but for better or for worse, my schedule before Christmas is completely open.
I've actually been pondering how I should spend the time.
You definitely did that on purpose.
I can smell your trickery a mile away.
Then you've got nothing to worry about!
That's an incredibly fortunate situation!
How about you, Mikuru-chan?
Did anyone invite you to go out late at night to see the moment rain turns into snow?
Were you born in the Showa period or something?
I don't really have anything planned.
Late at night?
Why don't you go out with me to do that, Asahina-san?
Thought so!
So fast!
That being the case...
{\fnI Hate Comic Sans\bord0\shad0\1c&H333333&\1a&H22&\fs60\fsp6\b0\pos(723,686)}SOS Brigade Christmas Party
the motion for an SOS Brigade Christmas party passes!
If you have any other suggestions or objections, write them down after the party.
If I just need to read them, I will.
As usual, she's charging forward at her own pace.
That said, I suppose the fact that she bothered to ask everyone counts as an improvement.
What will we do at the party?
That's what we're going to discuss now!
Today's December 16th, so we have a week plus a day till the 24th.
For the time being, I brought some Christmas goods, so have a look!
If you want to run an event correctly then you need to start off by developing the atmosphere!
And she's increasing the amount of junk in here again...
Where does she get all this stuff from?
This room needs an influx of some festive spirit!
Didn't you do stuff like this as a kid, Kyon?
Whether I wanted to or not, my wonderful little sister would make me help her decorate her room for Christmas.{Christmas was said, either by decorations or for Christmas. fix @ TL}
She's turning 11 this year, but somehow she still believes in Santa.
You should learn from your sister's innocent heart.
Dreams start by believing.
If you don't, even wishes that can be granted won't be.
You're putting it on now?
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
When in a village, follow the village rules.
It's Christmas, so we have to follow the rules of Christmas!
There aren't many people who don't enjoy having their birthday celebrated.
Even Christ would be happy to see us having fun!
Who's going to be stuck cleaning that up?
Me, right?
I figured as much.
Not that I care, but from the outside that'll be backwards.
Oh yeah!
I've got an early present for you, Mikuru-chan.
Ta da!
Suzumiya-san, please wait!
Come on, take it all off!
It must be hard for Asahina-san,
but it puts me at ease to see Suzumiya-san enjoying herself like that.
Because there's no closed space or avatars?
That's right.
My compatriots and I prioritize that over anything else.
Thankfully, the frequency of occurrences has decreased since spring.
So they still appear every now and then?
Only rarely.
These days they only appear between midnight and sunrise when she's sleeping.
She probably creates them unconsciously when she has bad dreams.
Awake or asleep, she's such a troublemaker.
Not in the slightest!
Three years ago when we started observing her, before she entered high school,
I wouldn't have been able to imagine her laughing happily like she does now.
After she met you, her spirit transformed to an astounding degree compared to how she was in middle school.
Is that so?
Suzumiya-san is clearly changing.
And in a good way, too.
After all, everyone else is changing too.
Me and you and Asahina-san.
And probably, Nagato-san as well.
That's surprising.
He's also noticed that Nagato's been changing bit by bit?
You can come in now!
Hey Kyon!
Don't peep!
A fake that surpasses the original before my eyes! St. Asahina has arrived!
Kyon, you pervert!
You're 2,005,600 years too early to be peeping at Mikuru-chan's panties!
You did that deliberately, right?
It was deliberate!
Like hell it was!
That was an accident!
An accident!
I understand...
I'm sorry as well.
Wow, this is quite something.
I'm sorry that nothing more poetic comes to mind.
It suits you very well.
Mikuru-chan is ridiculously cute, right?
Have a little more confidence in yourself.
Until the Christmas party, you're going to be the SOS Brigade's exclusive Santa Claus!
Aren't you glad to have such a privilege?
I-It's an honor!
You can stay dressed like that the whole time until the party!
And like that, December 16th passed.
The dawn of December the 17th.
A Christmas party, huh?
That's definitely something Suzumiya would do.
It's going to be in the clubroom?
Just make sure the teachers don't find out about it.
There'll be trouble again if they do.
I don't suppose you want to come?
Oh, but I'm afraid I can't, Kyon!
I don't have the time to attend some lame party that day.
What's that gross laugh for?{_}
I have plans that day.
Only unpopular people would spend Christmas Eve at a party at school with weird friends.
Unfortunately, I'm no longer a man of that clique.
Don't tell me...
It is exactly as you think!
On the 24th, Christmas Eve, my calendar has a red heart marked on it!
Ah, I'm sorry, I really am!
I really must apologize!
Who is she?
A first year in Kouyouen Academy.
I guess I should decide where and how to spend the time with her!
How troubling!
Nothing special happened after school that day, and we spent the time putting up decorations in the clubroom.
Sign: Pure Student Life
It didn't occur to me this year, but next year we should also have a party for Buddha and Muhammad's birthdays.{It's Muhammad more or less acc. Wiki}
Otherwise it's not fair.
They would just laugh at the sight of us nonbelievers celebrating for them.
What does everyone want for food?
Hot pot? Sukiyaki?
Crabs are no go.
Picking out the meat from the shell is annoying.
Why can't crabs make their shells edible?
I want to know why they didn't do anything about that during their evolutionary process.
That's exactly the reason why they developed shells.
They didn't undergo natural selection at the bottom of the sea just so you could eat them.
Haruhi, we're out of tinsel. {__}
Pick some up on the way home then.
Whatever we decide on, it would be best if we book a reservation as soon as possible.
Otherwise, there won't be any space left anywhere.
No need to worry about that, since we're doing it here!
Hot pot?
We already have everything we need.
All that's left is the ingredients.
No alcohol though.
I've sworn not to drink again for the rest of my life.
Hold it right there.
Open flames aren't allowed in this building.
It's more fun to do things like this in secret!
If the student council or a teacher discovers us, I'll just show them my magnificent hot pot.
And then they'll be so overwhelmed by the taste that they'll tearfully allow us to continue.
Make no mistake,
it's perfect!
Now everyone, it's time to work!
Let's liven up the room with some festive decorations!
We will definitely make this party a success!
Now then...
That was probably too long for a prologue.
However, all that just happened really was just the prologue.
Now comes the real story, starting tomorrow.
What is it, Kyon?
I'm at the store, what color do you want?
What do they have there?
It might actually have started this evening, but that doesn't really matter.
The next day was December 18th, a day where even the mountain winds seemed to freeze.
The day I fell into the black sea of despair,
and the day I was plunged into an abyss of horror.
Let me say this beforehand:
it was no laughing matter for me. {: continue sentences, syntactical-deductive}
Wake up!
Shami~ Shami~ breakfast time!
Yo, Taniguchi.
Oh, Kyon?
What's up? Caught a cold?
I wanted to stay home today, but my old man wouldn't let me.
That's pretty sudden after how lively you were yesterday...
What are you on about?
I was feeling pretty bad yesterday too.
Weren't you all happy about your Christmas Eve plans?
Well, you just need to get better before your date.
You're never going to have a chance like th—
Date? What are you talking about?
I don't have any plans for Christmas Eve.
What happened to the Kouyouen girl?
Don't tell me you got dumped last night?
Seriously Kyon, what are you on about?
I don't know anything about that.
I see.
It seems his date plans really did go out the window.
After flaunting it in front of me yesterday, it must be pretty painful to even face me today.
I see, I see...
Don't worry about it.
How about joining the party in our clubroom after all?
You can still make it.
First I've heard of that.
Is that right...
So basically, the shock was so great that nothing I say is getting through to him.
I'll back off then.
The eternally grand flow of time will heal all wounds.
I was shocked.
The cold had suddenly turned into an epidemic in class 1-5.
Taniguchi had headed straight for the nurse's office and hadn't come to class since.
Even more shocking was the fact that the seat behind me had stayed empty since first period.
Had the cold kept even Haruhi home?
Was this year's cold really that serious?
I find it hard to believe any virus exists that's brave enough to invade Haruhi's body.
Not to mention how unbelievable it would be for her to succumb to one.
I haven't really had any chance to use the pool. {check. 水に入る機械は中ないんだよね}
It's all been weight training. {check}
I guess that can't be helped.
Looks like this chair's empty today, so I guess I can sit here.
The cold's spread everywhere all of a sudden, huh.
There were plenty of people with it already a week ago.
A week ago?
It doesn't look like it's the flu.
It might have been better if it was though, since they have medicines to target that.
The cold was already going around a week ago?
Plenty of people have been staying home sick.
Haven't you noticed?
I totally didn't notice.
It's been getting worse since the week started.
I hope they don't cancel classes.
I get the feeling they would cut into our winter vacation to make up for it.
Taniguchi's also been looking pretty terrible lately.
His dad's policy is to cure colds by working them off,
so he wouldn't let him take a day off unless he had a 40 degree fever.
I could be wrong, but I thought Taniguchi started looking bad only today...
No way!
He's been that way since the start of the week.
He didn't participate in yesterday's gym class either.
What's wrong?
You're not going to eat?
What on earth does this mean?
Don't tell me this is some omen that will spell trouble for all humanity besides Haruhi...
I was right.
My instincts can always be trusted.
There was no question that it was an omen.
What my instincts didn't pick up on was who the trouble would target.
It wasn't all humanity besides Haruhi.
The weight of this situation was coming to bear on just one person.
I shouldn't need to say who—
I was left standing in my bewilderment as the rest of the world left me behind.
Good morning!
Your cold got better?
I heard you were taking the day off...
You're not overdoing it, are you?
Are you really okay?
You do look less pale though...
I felt a lot better after getting an injection at the hospital this morning.
It's pretty boring at home so I figured I would attend afternoon classes.
Give me a second, I'll be right back.
Ah, I should move.
What's with that weird look?
Is there something stuck to my face?
Sorry, I'll clean up right now.
Don't worry about it, I'm just putting my bag down.
Oh, okay. Thanks.
Take your time.
Why are you here?
What do you mean?
Is there something weird about me being here?
Or do you mean it would better if I stayed sick longer?
I don't care about your cold.
That's not what I mean!
You're acting really weird...
You've been saying strange things all day.
Maybe you should—
Doesn't anything come to mind when you look at this person?
You must know who she is, right?
She shouldn't be here!
What do you mean shouldn't be here?
She's always been in our class.
It's pretty rude to forget your classmate's face after she takes a couple days off.
I haven't forgotten.
That's the face of the person who tried to kill me.
I get it!
You must have taken a nap after lunch.
Did you have a nightmare or something?
Why don't you go wash your face?
I'll lend you my handkerchief.
I don't need it!
I see...
I don't know what else she might take out along with her handkerchief...
More importantly, tell me what's going on!
Why did you put down your bag at Haruhi's desk?
This isn't your seat.
It's Haruhi's!
Who is this Haruhi?
Do you know her, Kunikida-kun?
Haruhi-san, huh...
I don't think I've heard of that name.
Haruhi is Haruhi...
You've forgotten who Suzumiya Haruhi is?
How on earth could you possibly forget her?
There's no one with that name in our class...
And this seat's been Asakura-san's since our last switch around.
Are you confusing her with someone in another class?
That's not possible...
The name doesn't ring any bells...
That's not possible!
That's not... possible!
Maybe she's a first year?
Kunikida-kun, could you take a look inside my desk?
The class register should be in there.
Okay, sure.
Pinch my cheek please.
I want to wake up.
You sure?
Yes, hurry!
Hey, you know who Suzumiya Haruhi is, right?
I-I don't...
I've never heard that name.
Asakura was supposed to have transferred!
Don't you remember?
What are you talking about?
She's always been here...
You must know who Haruhi is!
I-I don't...
That seat belongs to Suzumiya Haruhi, right!?
That's Asakura-san's seat...
What on earth...
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it...
Let's go to the nurse's office.
It might be the onset of the cold...
Haruhi's gone?
No one remembers her?
How could that be?
Doesn't this world revolve around her?
She's supposed to be a troublemaker on a universal scale, isn't she?
Not here...
She would be in the clubroom during lunch.
Oh yeah, Koizumi!
Where's class 9?
What happened to class 9?
This is beyond Koizumi...
Does this mean a whole class of people have vanished?
What is this?
What on earth is happening?
Hey, you...
Class has already started, you know.
Damn it!
Someone who shouldn't be here is here,
and someone who must be here isn't.
If I haven't gone crazy, then it means the world must have.
Who did this?
Was it you, Haruhi?
Nothing from afternoon classes sunk in.
I was afraid.
Not so much of Asakura Ryouko,
but of the fact that Haruhi and Koizumi weren't in this school.
Before I realized it, school was already over.
Everything I heard, including Kunikida and Asakura's concerns, passed right through my head. {check}
I don't even remember how I answered them.
Oh yeah, have you decided what you're going to write for your first good luck kanji of the New Year?
Not yet...
Whenever I think about it, I can never decide...
Then how about I think up one for you?
It's fine...
I'll figure something out for you!
Haruhi isn't here!
And Koizumi's entire classroom is missing!
I haven't checked on Nagato yet,
but Asakura's here, and the whole school's acting weird!
You're my Asahina-san, right?
Right? You are, right?
You're the Asahina-san that came from the future, right?!
I don't know what future you're talking about...
P-Please let go...
Slow down, kid!
You can't just jump out of nowhere like that.
You've completely frightened Mikuru.
That hurts!
That hurts, Tsuruya-san!
Huh? You know me?
Don't tell me... no way...
Who might you be?
Have we met somewhere?
Do you and Mikuru know each other?
I don't know him!
You must be mistaken...
Are you okay, Mikuru?
Please stop this, Asahina-san...
I'm fine...
It's all good then.
{\an8}Though you really are popular...
Saying I've mistaken her for someone else...
How could that be?
{\an8}Maybe you really are too cute.
{\an8}Oh stop that.
{\an8}I mean look, you get weirdos like this chasing after you.
There is a way to find out whether this person is the Asahina-san I know!
{\an8}No, I'm really not that cute...
There should be a star-shaped mole on your chest around here!
Could you show it to me?
Hey kid, you can't let your obsessiveness show like that.
Mikuru's delicate, after all.
If you try anything like that again...
you'll be feeling my fury.
Wait up, Mikuru!
It's over.
In more than one way.
I'm running out of options.
I don't know her home phone number.
I don't know her address either, so I can't look it up.
I could try visit her, but come to think of it, I have no idea whereabouts she lives.
There's only one more lead left.
My last resort, the final absolute line of defense.
If this were to fall, it would all be over.
She's here!
Why is she wearing glasses?
Why does she have that expression?
Tell me...
Do you...
...know who I am?
I do.
Actually, I know a bit about you too.
Will you hear me out?
You're not a human, but an organic android created by aliens.
You can use magic-like powers that have saved us many times.
Like the home run bat, and the entry into the cave cricket closed space.
That's the you that I know.
Am I wrong?
Why is she apologizing?
Why is she saying that?
I know that you're a student in class 5.
I see you every now and then.
But I don't know any more than that.
This is the first time I've talked with you here.
Which means you're not an alien?
And does the name Suzumiya Haruhi mean anything at all to you?
That's not possible!
Come on!
You must remember repeating summer vacation 15,000 times!
Please remember!
The world changed between yesterday and today.
Instead of Haruhi, Asakura is here!
Who's responsible for this player substitution?
Was it the Integrated Data Sentient Entity?
Asakura's been resurrected, so you must know something!
She's the same as you, right?
What's she plotting?
You should be able to explain!
That's the way it's always been!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to attack you.
I just wanted to confirm something...
Damn it...
It's game over.
If this is some psychological attack, it's a resounding success.
Very commendable.
So, who's behind this?
The Integrated Data Sentient Entity?
Some new enemy of the world we've never encountered?
This is just a Literature clubroom.
It looks just like it did that day in May when Haruhi dragged me in here and we met Nagato for the first time.
No, that's wrong.
That computer's the one thing in the room that looks suspicious.
It isn't the same one that Haruhi stole from the computer club.
She really isn't the Nagato I know after all.
The one I know wouldn't make that expression.
Would you mind if I used that for a bit?
One moment.
She must be moving or deleting some files.
I'm sure she has things she doesn't want others to see.
I know how she feels.
I myself have an Asahina-san picture folder I wouldn't want anyone else to see.{myself is used for emphasis, but it is used at the beginning to emphasise the "I"}
Go ahead.
Sorry for the trouble.
I couldn't find any files related to the SOS Brigade,
nor the folder of Asahina-san pictures I had hidden.
I couldn't access the SOS Brigade website either.
There was no proof here that Haruhi existed.
I was looking for a message from Nagato to appear, just like that time Haruhi and I were trapped in closed space.
That's what I hoped, anyway.
Sorry for intruding.
Was that all?
I couldn't find what I was looking for.
Please take this, if you'd like.
{\bord0\shad0\fnNyala\fs45\be1\1c&H000000&\frx6\fry0\frz359.575\pos(979,202)}Club Registration Form
I'm glad I've already suffered through numerous absurd incidents, at least.
If I hadn't, I have no doubt I'd be running to a counselor for help right now.
Where on earth is she?
Where is that idiot living out her life without care?
Damn it.
Why do I have to look for her, anyway?
Welcome back, Kyon-kun!
Dinner's going to be ready soon.
Dinner time, Shami!
Dinner, dinner, dinner~
Dinner, dinn—
What are you doing?
Do you remember Haruhi?
Or Asahina-san, or Nagato, or Koizumi?
We played baseball, went to an island, and made a movie together, right?
I don't know them...
When did we start keeping this cat?
Who brought him here?
You took him in last month.
You got him from a friend who moved abroad, right?
Right, Shami?
Give Shami back!
I have something to discuss with him.
Go outside for a while, right now.{@SOMETHING'S WRONG HERE, the workraw just slows down for some unknown reason}
You're going to talk with Shami? Really?
It's cold!
Kyon-kun's head has gone funny!
Now then, Shamisen.
I told you before to never speak again.
But I'm taking that back now.
Rather, if you would talk to me now, I would be very relieved.
So talk, Shamisen.
Anything is fine.
Philosophy or natural science, anything you want.
It can even be a hard topic.
Please talk!
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Are you unable to talk, but able to understand me?
If that's the case, put out your right paw for yes and your left paw for no.
I thought as much.
I've come to realize one thing.
This is not a world where cats can talk.
Rather, it's weird for Shamisen to be talking in the first place.
So really, this isn't weird.
This is actually normal for this world.
Is that really the case?
December 19th.
Starting today, class time is shortened.
The cold had spread throughout the entire school.
Are you awake today?
I guess.
But you know, just having your eyes open doesn't necessarily mean you're awake.
Absorbing what your eyes take in is the first step to understanding your surroundings.
How is that going?
Do you have a grasp of your surroundings?
I don't know if you're playing dumb or what, but I'll ask again.
Didn't you try to kill me?
Maybe you really should go to a hospital.
Before it's too late.
{\1c&H222222&\be1\1a&H22&\bord0\shad0\fs60\fsp5\fnI Hate Comic Sans\pos(976,513)}Noncombustible Can bin
How about we put it this way.
Let's say there is a very unfortunate person somewhere.
But he wakes up one day to a world that has completely changed.
Let's say the world has turned into an indescribable utopia,
and he encounters absolutely no misfortune anymore.
In the space of one night, someone whisked him away from hell and brought him to heaven.
However, this person did not wish for that to happen.
He was taken by someone he doesn't know, whose identity remains a mystery.
He doesn't know who did it or why, and no one ever figures it out, either.
In this case, should this person be happy?
Until now, I've had my nerves rattled constantly by Haruhi dragging me into bizarre incidents.
But all that has nothing to do with the current me anymore.
In this world there is no Haruhi and no Koizumi, and Nagato and Asahina-san are ordinary humans.
There are no aliens, time travelers, or ESP.
On top of that, cats can't speak.
It's a perfectly normal world.
What do you think?
Should I be happier in the world before with Haruhi, or the one without her?
Am I happy right now?
After school, I walked towards the Literature clubroom out of habit.
Every day after class, I would normally head to the SOS Brigade,
drink tea served by Asahina-san, play games with Koizumi,
all while listening to Haruhi spouting nonsense.
Even if you want to call that a bad habit, I find it hard to stop after all this time.
But the atmosphere today is a bit different.
What do I do with this?
Nagato probably gave this to me yesterday in the hopes that I would join the Literature Club.{I would -> I would Kyon speaks more formally in comparison to other characters.}
Even in this world, it seems the Literature Club doesn't have any other members.
Is she just trying to get new members?{__}
I wish the days where I could drink tea served by Asahina-san would hurry back.
Come in.
Was it alright for me to come?
I see.
Even though I'm here now, I don't actually know what I'll do next.
Are those books all yours?
Some of them were left here from before.
I see...
This is...
This is borrowed.
From the public library.
I see.
Hey, have you ever tried writing your own book?
I just read.
If the file she had hidden yesterday was perhaps something she had written, I'd really want to read it.
I wonder if it's science fiction?
It wouldn't be a love story, would it?
Did you write this?
"Program run condition: collect keys. Deadline: two days."
Did you write this?
It looks like my handwriting,
but I don't recognize it.
I don't remember writing that.
I see.
I thought as much.
It's fine.
It's better for me that you didn't.
Sorry, just talking to myself.
You left a message for me after all!
I can treat this as a present from you, right?
A hint for how to resolve this situation...
That's okay, right?
Two days?
Today's the 19th.
Can I count that starting from right now?
Or is it from yesterday when the world changed?
Assuming the worst case, that means the deadline is tomorrow.
I don't really get it, but it seems I have to collect some keys to start some program.
But what are the keys?
Once I collect them, where do I exchange them for my prize?
If I start that program, will the world return to the way it was?
Besides, "key" is way too vague to begin with.
They're probably not the kind for physically unlocking, but something like a "keyword" or a "key person" kind of key.
But even then the range of possibilities is too wide.
Is it an item or a word?
Can you carry it with you or not?
I wish you'd let me choose that kind of information as optional addons, Nagato...
Key, key, key, key...
It's no good.
I totally don't get it.
Is the Nagato here just incredibly shy?
Or is she just not used to being watched?
Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to join the Literature Club here and continue living in this world without Haruhi.
Yeah, right.
I can't just give up so easily.
I haven't had a chance to eat Haruhi's home-made hot pot yet,
and I haven't burned Asahina's Santa outfit into my memory yet either.
I'm going home now.
Don't tell me... you were waiting for me to say that?
I'm walking home with Nagato.
I don't remember ever doing this.
Hey, Nagato...
Um... do you live alone?
She's probably wondering how I knew that.
I've actually been to your place countless times.
Though even if I told you about it, it would all be unintelligible nonsense to you as you are now.
If you live alone, why not keep a cat or something?
Cats are great!
Sometimes you get the feeling they understand what you're saying.
Pets are prohibited.
Ah, I see...
Will you come?
My apartment.
Go ahead.
Sorry to intrude.
What is it?
Ah, nothing...
Is she shy, timid, or aggressive?
I have no idea anymore.
The layout of her room's changed a bit too.
could I take a look inside this room?
Go ahead.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
I've met you before.
Outside school.
Do you remember?
At the library.
In May of this year.
You helped me make a library card.
I remember...
It was the first SOS Brigade mystery search tour.
If I hadn't done that, you wouldn't have budged from the bookshelves.
But this Nagato shouldn't remember that.
Hey, Nagato...
Could you tell me the details?
I think it was towards the end of May.
I went to the public library for the first time.
I didn't know how to get a library card.
But that day, the librarians all seemed busy, so it was hard to ask them.
Also, I'm bad at talking with strangers...
As I was worrying about what to do, someone called out to me.
And then he did all the work to get me a card.
I took the card and walked away without saying anything.
That person was you.
I've always regretted not thanking you.
That's why I was shocked when I saw you at school.
Thank you.
I obviously remember that,
but there are inconsistencies.
We'd gone to the library together because we'd given up on Haruhi's mystery search.
But in your version, Haruhi doesn't exist at all.
Where did the Nagato I know go?
Now's a bit...
I understand.
Wait a moment.
Oh? Why are you here?
Same to you, why are you here?
I'm something of a volunteer.
It's far more unusual that you're here.
Did you make this?
Yes, every now and then I cook extra and bring it to Nagato.
If you leave her alone, she doesn't eat enough.
You must be good friends.
We live in the same apartment complex, after all.
So, why might you be here?
I was walking home with Nagato.
Right, I'm considering joining the Literature Club.
I had a few questions about it,
so I figured I would ask her for details, and she let me in.
I didn't force my way in or anything.
You, in the Literature Club?
Sorry, but I don't see that at all.
Do you even read books?
Or maybe you write?
I'm just wondering whether I should be reading or writing.
You're not going to eat with us?
That's too bad, I'm proud of this dish.
Sorry for intruding.
...but on second thoughts, I think I'll eat.
I'm so hungry I'm about to die.
If I don't eat something, I'll collapse on the way home.
If I went home now I think I'd regret it later.
Nagato expressing her own wishes so openly is a once in a lifetime event.
Oh, welcome back!
Food tastes better when everyone's eating together.
Oh that's right, today after school, I went to look at clothes with a classmate.
I saw a scarf that would suit you.
I thought I might give it to you as a Christmas present,
but it would be a hassle for you if you had to return it because you didn't like it.
So how about coming with me to take a look at it?
If you like it, I'll buy the same kind.
I'll think about it.
By the way, the bath...
This Asakura seems to be quite close to Nagato.
She's almost like a meddlesome aunt.
So, is it tasty?
I feel like I'm camping right outside the gates of Hell, though...
Make sure you put the leftovers into a container and put it in the fridge.
I'll come pick up the pot tomorrow, so keep it till then.
Is it okay if I come to the clubroom tomorrow, too?
I don't really have anywhere else to go after school.
What's wrong?
I was trying to talk to you before,
but you're acting like you've just seen an alien or something.
Seeing an alien wouldn't be unusual.
I saw something far more ridiculous.
Never mind.
So, what is it?
I said, do you like Nagato-san?{When dakara is said this way, imo the speaker is trying to emphasise/repeat what he or she is saying. I know it's a bit of a stretch on the tl.}
It's not like I dislike her...
She's my savior after all, the one who saved me from your knife.
But I can't say that.
I guess I was thinking too much.
You prefer weirder girls, so Nagato-san wouldn't really suit you.
How do you know my preferences?
I heard it from Kunikida-kun.
You were like that in middle school too, right?
That bastard...
Spreading unnecessary rumors...
But if you want to date Nagato-san, you'd better think seriously about it.
If you don't...
I won't forgive you.
Why are you so concerned about Nagato?
Well, it's something like neighborhood friendship?
You know, she's the type you can't just leave alone, right?
Later then!
I wanted to return home quickly and sleep.
I didn't care if it was just in my dreams.
That girl could just as easily invade someone's dreams without even thinking about it.
You're so much trouble whether you're around or not, so couldn't you just appear now, at this critical moment?
Can't you listen to my wishes every now and then?
What the hell...
I actually wanted to see Haruhi.
December 20th.
I awoke from a dreamless sleep.
It's morning!
The time limit should be today,
but I still haven't found any keys.
If I don't do something before the day's over, the world will probably stay the way it is.
Or it could get even worse.
Why did you set a deadline?
Was it pushing your powers to the limit to even set this up?
Yo, Kyon!
The next lesson's Chemistry,
and the teacher's going to pick my row for questions today.
Help me out a little.
Hey, Kunikida.
Teach this guy what you know about sodium hydroxide.
Especially about how it gets along with hydrochloric acid.
Well that's easy.
If you mix them, they get neutralized.
Which part?
This here.
Ah, that.
That's easy.
Let's see...
Do the calculation in moles first...
Oh yeah, Kyon...
Apparently you were causing a ruckus a couple days ago?
You were here that day, weren't you?
I was sleeping in the nurse's office all day,
and yesterday I didn't come to school.
What was it?
Something about how Asakura wasn't supposed to be here?
Something like that.
He said someone had been replaced by Asakura or something.
Haruhi-san, was it?
Did you ever figure out who that was?
Just forget it.
You don't mean Suzumiya Haruhi?
You know her, Taniguchi?
Ah, here too.
At least think about it a little yourself...
There's no way I'll get it though...
What did you just say?
I don't understand this prob—
Before that.
Oh, Suzumiya Haruhi?
She was a nutjob in East Middle School.
I was in the same class as her all through middle school.
Wait, why do you know abou—
You damn bald octopus!
Who's an octopus?
If I'm an octopus, you're a cuttlef— {check need some way to turn this into english}
You know Haruhi?!
How could I not know her!
I wouldn't be able to forget her in fifty years!
Anyone from East Middle School would know her.
And will you let go of me?
What the hell are you—
Where is Haruhi now?!
Will you quieten down?
You're so loud.
You're like a Taiko drum!
Did you see her somewhere and fall in love at first sight or something?
Forget about her.
She's got the looks, but her personality is messed up!
Like this one time she snuck into school and drew these weird—
I know that!
Where is Suzumiya Haruhi now?!
Kouyouen Academy!
She goes to that elite school!
Kouyouen Academy?
Was it always an upper class school?
It's just a rich girl's school isn't it?
That place has always been co-ed!
It's got one of the highest university entrance rates in the prefecture!
Are you alright?
You really must have a fever.
Hey, Kyon...
I'm leaving early.
Tell Okabe I'm about to die of the bubonic plague and dysentery and typhoid all at the same time.
Also, Taniguchi...
I messed up.
I thought it seemed too quiet, but it's still the middle of classes.
At this time of year, all high schools in the city should only have a half day, {check}
but even so, there's still an hour before school ends.
I guess I could force my way in...
Haruhi would definitely do that,
and it would probably go well.
Unfortunately I don't have that kind of confidence.
Unlike Haruhi, I can control myself when necessary.
Wasn't that girl in Koizumi's class 9?
I thought they had disappeared, but they were at this school?
At this rate there's a good chance Haruhi's here too.
I'd say a 50% probability.
If she happens to have club activities or something, I'll just have to remain a scarecrow right here.
Wait a second...
What if she's created a different SOS Brigade at this school, and spends time with totally different people...
Damn it, that pisses me off.
Wouldn't that mean that me and Asahina-san and Nagato and Koizumi are all dispensable?
If that were the case I wouldn't even be a side character,
I would be a total outsider.
I don't like that idea.
Give me a break!
Damn it!
Who should I pray to?
What should I believe?
I'll do anything.
If this anxiety would just go away, I'll do anything!
There she is.
I've finally found her...
Suzumiya Haruhi.
And she's even with Koizumi!
So in this world, they're close enough that they walk home together.
No, never mind that.
It's been a while since I've seen that expression on Haruhi.
That's how she looked when she entered high school, before she created the SOS Brigade.
Eyes like those of a fighter without peer.{@TL, does that imply "rival" or opponent?}
But this isn't the time to reminisce.
What the hell...
Come on, was I always such a coward?
What do you want?
And who are you, anyway?
I don't ever remember a guy I don't know calling me out with "hey" before.
If you want to flirt, could you do it somewhere else?
Is this the first time we've met as well?
It would appear so.
May I ask who you are?
Are you a transfer student here too?
I transferred around spring, but how do you know that?
Do you remember anything about a group called the Organization?
How might you write that?
Who said you could call me by my given name?
What's with you?
Move, you're in my way.
Don't use my surname either!
And why do you know my name, anyway?
That's a North High uniform isn't it?
What are you doing here?
Let's go, Koizumi-kun.
So annoying!
Let's go, Koizumi-kun.
What are you doing?
What school are you from?
North High?
Damn it!
Come on now!
Tell me one thing!
Do you remember the Tanabata Festival three years ago?
On that day, you drew on the school field with white chalk!
What about it?
Everyone knows that.
You weren't the only one who snuck into your school that night!
Back then, Asahina—
There was a guy carrying a girl on his back with you that night, right?
You drew symbols with that guy!
And what they said was...
"I am here!"
Now then, come with m—
Hey, stop struggling!
That hurt!
How do you know that?
Who did you hear that fro—
I've never told anyone about that.
Back then...
North High...
What's your name?!
John Smith.
John Smith...
You're that John?
The weird high school student who helped me back then...
Someone call a teacher!
Are you alright?
I've found the connection.
This is it...
I've finally found a clue.
In this altered world,
the one person who shares the same memory as me...
I met John Smith twice.
After writing the message, he called out to me on my way back home.
"Take care of the John Smith who will shake up the world!"
That's different from what I remember.
I thought I made the link, but it's been broken again?
And to say something like that, of all things...
It's almost like that John Smith was going out of his way to rile her up.
Um... sorry, but...
Could I just clarify some points with you?
You said that until now, you've been living in a different world from this one?
And in that world, Suzumiya-san and I are North High students, and members of some SOS Brigade?
That's right.
Additionally, a time traveler called Asahina Mikuru and an alien called Nagato Yuki are also present,
and I, an esper, observe Suzumiya-san along with them.
That's correct.
Pardon me.
If it's true, it would be quite shocking.
But it's rather unbeliev—
You said that when I become depressed,
I create "closed space", right?
And because of that, the universe almost got destroyed, right?
But the me over there doesn't know that.
Just me?
That's right.
You spend your days happily without a clue.
Supernatural events happen over there, right?
It sounds fun!
You believe me?
The you over there didn't believe me at all when I told her.
Then that me is a real idiot.
I'll believe you.
After all...
it's way more interesting that way!
After I met John Smith, I looked into North High.
I staked the place out,
but I couldn't find anyone that looked like John.
But that was because you weren't actually a student there three years ago!
What are you laughing about?
Anyway, why didn't you come to North High in this world?
There was no particular reason.
By the time I entered high school, John would have graduated already,
and I never did find him in the first place anyway.
And my homeroom teacher kept pestering me about how Kouyouen Academy has a high university entrance rate.
I see.
And what about you?
Same reason as Suzumiya-san.
I simply went to a school appropriate for my academic ability.
SOS Brigade, huh...
It sounds fun!
You're the only one who gets to have fun without being dragged into problems though.
Assuming what you say is true,
there are two possibilities based on your story.
The first one is that you have entered a parallel world...
Like this.
And the other possibility is that the world you were in...
...has completely changed,
with the exception of yourself.
However, both leave unanswered questions.
For the first case, where did your counterpart in this world go?
For the second case, why were you the only person unaffected by the change?
If you've entered a parallel world, then you need to find some way to return to the one you came from.
If the world has changed, then you need to find some way to restore it to the way it was originally.
If that is the case, I'm slightly bothered by the question of what will happen to the Suzumiya-san and I that are here now...
Either way, finding the person responsible for all this would be the quickest path to a solution.
Who else could it be besides Haruhi?
It might be the work of some evil invaders from a parallel universe.
They might suddenly send some bad guy to challenge us.
Now you're not even being serious.
I am simply suggesting possibilities.
For the time being, we should look for that key that Nagato Yuki-san wrote about in her message.
I want to take a look at that clubroom!
I want to meet Nagato-san and Asahina-san too!
If I'm really the culprit behind this world change then maybe I'll remember something.
Right, John?
You think that's a good idea too, right?
Wait, by "John", do you mean me?
John sounds better than Kyon, doesn't it?
Not to mention it's a common name in western countries.
Who gave you such a lame nickname like Kyon, anyway?
Alright you two, let's hurry up and go!
Where to?
North High, of course!
I'll go call a taxi!
That's totally like her.
It's relieving to see that behavior again.
I'm only paying for Suzumiya-san's portion.
Hey, are you close to Haruhi?
I suppose so.
I like her, after all.
Are you serious?
She's a very charming person.
Where have I heard that before...
But Suzumiya-san only appears to be interested in my outward characteristics.
She only started talking to me because I was a transfer student.
Though, she seems to be getting bored of that lately.
In the world you come from, Suzumiya-san didn't take interest in you for any particular attribute you had, right?
Since I met her, she's dragged me into weird events without paying any attention to anything about me.
I see.
Then the Suzumiya-san in your world took a sincere interest in you without any regard to your characteristics.
Assuming your Suzumiya-san and the one I know are the same kind of person, that is.
I envy you.
Hey you two! What are you doing?
Hurry up!
Let's go.
Come on, hurry up, hurry up!
Oh crap...
It's already way past the end of school.
I told Nagato I would go to the clubroom.
Wait just a little bit longer!
Alright, now what?
I don't really care if you barge into my school, but you'll stand out in that uniform.
If a teacher finds you there might be trouble.
That's true...
I'll explain the plan.
Come closer. that.
That's just like you.
Have you washed these properly?
Sure, about a week ago.
Now then, where can we change?
Right here.
I can't believe your legs are this long...
John, make sure you cover for us. {check}
Wait, hey!
It's fine, I'm wearing a T-shirt underneath.
I see...
All done!
Aren't you cold?
Not really.
Hey, want to put up your hair in a ponytail?
No particular reason.
I don't mind...
Though, as easy as it looks, tying a nice one is pretty hard.
But I guess this way I'll look like I'm in a sports club.
Is this good?
It's perfect.
Your charm has increased by 36%.
Koizumi-kun, are you done?
Yes, I suppose...
You look cold.
Yes, I suppose...
Suzumiya-san, if you're not going to wear the jersey, could I borrow it?
I need to use it to hide our bags.
With that, here you go John!
Now we look just like we came back from marathon training.
Not bad, right?
It's impossible to stop Haruhi once she gets going, no matter what the situation.
I'm well aware of course, and it seems this world's Koizumi also knows.
But to think we had to go through such pains just to get you into the school...
Three days ago you two were normal students here.
This place is unexpectedly shabby.
Don't say dumb things!
Nagato-san is currently waiting for you in the clubroom, correct?
Yes, let's hurry.
Hold on.
What is it?
Let's go grab Asahina-san first.
Nagato-san can wait a little longer.
Don't worry, we'll make it in time.
Alright, to the Calligraphy Club then!
Sorry Nagato, wait just a little longer!
Is Asahina-san here?
I told her not to cause a ruckus!
Hey, it's that girl right?
Is she really a second year?
No mistake, it's her.
I'm Suzumiya from the student council's information division.
Asahina Mikuru-san, I need to ask you some questions.
Please come with me.
S-Student council's information...
What's that—
Asahina-san... sorry!
Just come with me.
Sorry, I—
We'll be intruding!
Please excuse us.
Good afternoon!
Where is this?
Why did you br—
W-W-Why are you locking the door?
What are you—
Be quiet.
Her reaction is so similar to the one in the past, I could cry.
So nostalgic...
And you're Nagato Yuki-san?
Pleased to meet you!
I'm Suzumiya Haruhi.
The girl here with ridiculously large boobs is Asahina-san,
and the guy in the gym outfit there is Koizumi-kun.
Hi there.
You look so suspicious.
And you already know that guy right?
He's John Smith.
John Smith?
Just leave it at that for now.
So this is the SOS Brigade's clubroom...
There's nothing here, but it's a nice room.
It's probably worth bringing a bunch of stuff in here.
So, what do we do now?
You came here without any plan?
That seriously is your way of thinking.
Anyway, commuting all the way here is a little inconvenient, isn't it?
I don't mind having this room as our base, but it would be a waste of time making the trip here every time.
Oh yeah!
How about we set a time and meet up at the café in front of the station?
Hold on a second...
You're going to create the SOS Brigade in this world?
That's your plan?
The name doesn't really matter.
For the time being, our goal should be...
Assuming you're a slider, to get you back to your original world!
After that—
Like I said...
That gave me a shock...
It was the computer?
Suddenly starting it up like that...
Nagato-san, you didn't do that?
You didn't set it up to automatically turn on?
Wait, let me see.
What? What's going on?
Just hold on!
What's wrong?
Have you lost it?
No, I'm quite sane.
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs110\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(589,349)}{\kf167}If you are reading this,
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs110\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(588,446)}{\kf202}then I am probably no longer myself._
That's right, Nagato...
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs80\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(343,490)}{\kf200}When this message appears,
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs80\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(343,571)}{\kf337}it means that you, me, Suzumiya Haruhi, Asahina Mikuru,
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs80\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(341,655)}{\kf197}and Koizumi Itsuki are all present._
That's right.
Everyone's been assembled.
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs110\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(269,701)}{\kf60}That is the key.
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs110\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(266,814)}{\kf130}You have found the answer._
It wasn't me who found it.
I was just dragged along by Haruhi, with Koizumi in tow as well.
Though I have to say, it sure has been a while, Nagato.
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs130\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\move(775,583,-60,583,0,1000)}{\kf153}This is the emergency escape program._
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs90\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(216,713)}{\kf240}To activate it, press Enter,
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs90\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(218,799)}{\kf300}otherwise, press any other key._
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs80\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(216,686)}{\kf130}If you activate it,
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs80\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(216,773)}{\kf260}you will be given a chance to repair the space-time continuum.
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs80\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(216,869)}{\kf180}However, there is no guarantee of success._
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs110\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(235,806)}{\kf150}There is also no guarantee of your safe return._
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs120\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(218,590)}{\kf180}This program can be started
{\shad0\be1.9\bord0\3c&H766967&\fnOrange Kid\fs280\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(98,900)}{\kf140}only once.
{\shad0\be1\bord0\3c&H766967&\frz10\fax-0.12\fnOrange Kid\fs140\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(192,838)}{\kf160}Once executed, it will be erased.
{\shad0\be1\bord0\3c&H766967&\frz-10\fax0.2\fnOrange Kid\fs90\b0\c&Hd4d5d3&\pos(125,458)}{\kf350}If you choose not to activate it, it will also be erased.
Hey, what does this mean?
What kind of trick is this?
Explain this, John!
Do you remember any of this?
Are you sure?
This is a message that Nagato left for me.
I don't know what kind of device this emergency escape program is,
but there's no mistaking that this was set up by her.
If I doubt what she says then I've really lost it.
Hey John, what's happening?
You've been acting strange, and you haven't told us anything about what's going on here.
What on earth is—
Be quiet for a moment.
Sorry, I'm trying to gather my thoughts.
I see.
What is it?
I got it.
Sorry, but you can have this back.
I see.
But you know, Nagato...
I already belonged here to begin with.
That's why there's no point in me enrolling.
After all...
After all, I'm a member of the SOS Brigade first and foremost!
Yeah, of course my answer is "Okay".
I won't forgive you.
I envy you.
This is...
the Literature clubroom?
It doesn't seem like I've returned to my original world...
This is the Literature clubroom like it was just now.
There's none of the SOS Brigade paraphernalia that Haruhi brought in.
It's hot...
Damn it...
It's feels almost like midsummer—
When is this?
My shoes weren't in my locker.
And it's unmistakably the middle of summer right now.
It looks like I've been thrown into a different world again.
In that case, my top priority is to find out what the current year, month, day, hour, minute, and second is.
There's a huge timeframe difference between the past and future, after all.
So that's how it is, Nagato.
{\fs70\frz30\c&H4c5150&\pos(26,680)}Monday, July 7th
The nationwide festival of Tanabata.
{\fs170\fax0.1\frz23\c&H4c5150&\pos(0,475)}Monday, July 7th
Today is July 7th, three years ago.
Which means...
That's right...
On this day, after writing Tanzaku in the clubroom,
I went time traveling with Asahina-san and met her grown up version.
And then I helped the first year middle schooler Haruhi draw on the school grounds. {check}
After that, having lost Asahina-san's time traveling device, we went to Nagato's apartment and enlisted her help. {check}
Which would mean that right now they're here.
Two people who can help me are here!
On that Tanabata, we time traveled here and arrived at around 9pm. {check}
Not long after that, Asahina-san lost consciousness,
and in her place, a grown up Asahina-san arrived to give me directions. {check}
I could go see Nagato in her apartment now, but I can't meet her before we're supposed to have our first meeting. {check}
There they are!
What an envious situation for that other me to be in...
I really want to switch places with myself right now.
But that me at that time doesn't know another me is here.
If I change that, I'll create inconsistencies in the timeline. {check}
I don't want to mess up the space-time continuum any more than it already has been.
Here she comes.
If I remember correctly, right after that...
I knew it!
Adult Asahina-san, confirmed!
Everything's proceeding as I remember.
After that, I went to meet the first year middle schooler Haruhi,
but this me has no business with her.
Good evening, Kyon-kun.
It's been a long time, hasn't it?
I'm glad we managed to meet up.
I was worried I might have made a mistake somewhere.
Asahina-san, you knew I would....
I mean, the me right here and now, would come here again, right?
Yes, because it's a predetermined fact.
On that Tanabata, the little Asahina-san brought me to the Tanabata three years ago, which is today.
The one who arranged for her to do that was you, right?
It was necessary, otherwise this you wouldn't be here right now.
Could the John Smith that Haruhi said called out to her on her way home be...
Yes, that's right.
It's you, Kyon-kun.
This you.
It's my duty to set you on the right direction from this point onwards,
but after that you have to decide your own course.
All I can do is provide guidance.
What happened to the flow of time?
It seems like its become tangled in an incredibly complicated way. {なんだかすごくややこしくこんがらかってるようですけど}
I can't explain the details.
Classified information?
No, that's not it.
I can't explain it in any way you would understand.
Back when I first told you my real identity, you didn't understand any of my explanation either.
I would only confuse you.
I see...
You'll understand soon.
Nagato said something similar at one point,
about how computers in the future aren't like the ones now, or something like that.
That's right.
The system of computers in this age depend on networks that exist as a kind of shapeless sense within our minds.
The TPDD is the same.
That's the time machine?
Time Plane Destroid Device.{@TL: it couldn't POSSIBLY be "Destroid", wtf would that be?}
Isn't that classified information?
The rules are more relaxed for this me.
I worked quite hard to get to where I am now.
So what on earth is happening this time?
I understand that my future has been changed,
but from what point, and why?
It would be better if you ask this time period's Nagato-san for the details.
But I'll tell you one thing.
The change in the time plane where you came from happened three years from now, on the morning of December 18th.
Which means I didn't enter a parallel world, after all.
Rather, the world itself changed. {check}
That's about right.
This is the normal flow of time.
But in three years on December 18th, the world will get changed to this.
Overnight, the STC data...
I mean, the world itself changes.
It was a massive space-time quake that we detected far in the future.
We'll need Nagato-san's help to return it to normal.
And we'll also need your help too, Kyon-kun.
Who was responsible for it?
Though, I can only imagine it was Haruhi...
The culprit isn't Suzumiya-san.
But it's someone you know well.
It isn't Haruhi?
It looks like we still have a bit of time.
Shall we chat for a bit?
Back then, Suzumiya-san dragged me in before I could even tell left from right.
I remember she made me wear a number of outfits.
There was a lot of trouble, but they're all good memories.
Hey, Kyon-kun...
Someday, you'll also look back fondly on these high school days.
When it's all over, you'll feel it went by so fast,
like you were living a beautiful dream.
And when you find yourself thinking that... {check}
Did you say something?
It's about time.
Let's go.
To Nagato's apartment?
There's something you need to do before that, right?
Take care of the John Smith who will shake up the world!
Make sure you remember, Haruhi...
The name John Smith.
Please don't forget that I was here.
Kyon-kun, do me a favor.
I'm still a little uneasy around Nagato-san, even now...
Well, I kind of understand.
It's me.
Sorry, it's a little hard to explain, but I've come back from the future again.
The adult Asahina-san is also here.
We need your help.
Or rather, the one who sent me here was you.
There's already an Asahina-san and me there, right?
You have them sleeping in your guest room in suspended time—
Once again, I'm heading to room 708. {check}
Anything should be possible for Nagato.
Even in this situation, she'll do something.
If she can't, we're in trouble.
Can we come in?
Let's go.
Yes, I suppose.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
No mistaking it, this is the Nagato I know.
I suppose there's no need to introduce myself.
This is Asahina-san, adult version.
Can I look inside?
I mean...
It cannot be opened.
The structural composition of that room has been frozen in time.
It was a pretty complicated explanation, but that's pretty much the situation.
The future you sent me to this time.
We wish to normalize this aberration in the space-time continuum.
You're the only one who can restore the altered time plane to its original state.
I'll ask that of you too, great goddess Nagato!
That's my wish too!
Unable to synchronize.
I am unable to access my future space-time continuum variant.
She has erected a system barrier that selectively rejects my requests.
However, I now understand the situation.
Restoration is possible.
The space-time alteration was done by harnessing Suzumiya Haruhi's ability to generate data,
and partially altering the world's composition data.
Consequently, the resulting Suzumiya Haruhi has no powers whatsoever.
In that time plane, the Integrated Data Sentient Entity does not exist either.
Suzumiya Haruhi's powers were stolen and used to alter past memory data between this point in time,
and approximately 3 years 5 months into the future on December the 18th.
The range of the alteration was 365 days.
Wait a second.
So what you're saying is outside of that range, memories remained unchanged?
So the you right now, three years ago on July 7th, is the original you?
To restore the world to its original state, you must travel back to December 18th,
and activate the restoration program right after the time plane is altered.
You're coming too, right?
I cannot go.
Why not?
I cannot leave them alone.
The frozen me and Asahina-san, huh...
Emergency mode.
What should we do then?
Inject the restoration program into the one responsible.
Isn't there a more delicate method?
It would be bad if I stabbed the wrong place.
I see.
Yet another dangerous tool...
There's a high likelihood that it will penetrate clothing, but it is preferable if you target the skin directly.
It doesn't shoot actual bullets, right?
It is a needle gun.
The program is embedded in the needle tip.
Who do I use this on?
Who's behind this?
Who's the one responsible for this time plane alteration?
If it's not Haruhi, then who?
Your target is—
A-Are you serious?
Is that really true?
I will provide the space-time coordinates of your target.
Go ahead.
All we have to do is go there and shoot the restoration program into her, right?
As you are now, you will also be affected by the space-time alteration.
I will apply counteractive measures.
Your hand.
A stealth operation screen and a protective field have been applied to your body surface.
You too.
It's been a while since you did this to me.
I put you through a lot of trouble back then...
This is the first time for me.
Oh that's right... I forgot.
Let's go.
The real work starts now.
It doesn't matter.
Are you...
...going to wait?
In that clubroom?
I will wait.
Alright, Kyon-kun.
Be prepared to get a little timesick.
Here we go.
We've arrived.
We're at the time and place Nagato-san told us.
This is same spot where Haruhi and Koizumi had changed their uniforms.
It must be a coincidence.
It's cold!
Thank you.
Sorry for the trouble...
This is nothing.
We forgot our shoes...
I wonder if Nagato-san will take care of them for me?
I think it should be fine.
I guess so.
It's about time.
It's currently 4:18am on December 18th.
The world hasn't been altered yet,
but it will change in about five minutes.
So right now, Haruhi and Koizumi are still North High students.
If I went home, I would find myself sleeping peacefully without a clue, too.
Here she comes.
The one behind the space-time alteration,
just like Nagato told us.
We can't rush in yet, though.
We have to wait till the world is changed, then shoot her with the restoration program.
It's an intense space-time quake!
I never knew she had this much power...
The alteration of the world is complete.
She has just now been reborn.
Kyon-kun, it's our turn now.
It's me.
We meet again.
This was your doing, right?
Why are you here?
Same to you, why are you here?
I'm taking a walk.
That's not it, Nagato.
You're tired.
You've been running around at the whim of Haruhi,
protecting me, and probably doing other work without us knowing.
The weariness of it all must have built up...
The error data accumulating in my memory database will cause a bug to trigger anomalous behavior.
It is an unavoidable event.
In three years, on December 18th, I will inevitably reconstruct the world.
I have no countermeasures for it, because I do not know the cause of the error.
I do know.
What triggered the anomalous behavior that Nagato cannot understand?
What exactly was the error data that she's been accumulating?
It was the most basic of things.
Even for an AI that shouldn't stray from its program parameters, or for a robot,
given enough time, it's natural for anomalies to develop.
You won't understand, but I do.
And Haruhi probably does too.
That, Nagato, is what we call emotions.
You were designed to be emotionless, so your reaction to it was that much stronger.
Every now and then, you must have wanted to cry or scream or yell "I don't care anymore!"
And even if you didn't think that way, maybe you should have.
We should have let you.
I'm also partially responsible.
Next, pose like you're about to spring upwards!
Like this?
I came to rely on her too much, just letting her deal with everything.
More, more!
Like this?
Yes, hold that!
I figured that as long as she could handle everything, I could stop thinking.
I've been more of an idiot than Haruhi.
I don't have the right to point any fingers.
And as a result,
Nagato was driven to the point where she wanted to change the world.
Not a chance.
That wasn't it.
This was exactly what she wanted.
She wished for a normal world like this.
The answer to the question that has been bothering me for the last few days is now clear.
Why was I the only one unaffected?
The answer is simple.
She wanted to let me make the choice.
Is the altered world better?
Or is the original one better?
The choice is mine.
Damn it...
What were my thoughts originally?
What did I think of the incidents Haruhi caused, and of the various crazy scenarios I was thrust into?
"To hell with this."
"Enough already."
"Are you an idiot?"
"I've had enough of you."
I was a normal guy who got dragged into troublesome situations against his wishes.
A high school student who complained while he struggled to meet Haruhi's unreasonable demands.
That was my role.
Now then, me.
Yes, you!
I ask myself.
This is an important question, so listen closely,
and then answer.
Got it?
Here comes the question.
{\fad(500,0)}Don't you find such an extraordinary school life fun?
Answer, me.
Think about it.
Let's hear it.
Being run around in circles by Haruhi, being attacked by aliens,
hearing weird talk from time travelers, listening to more weird talk from espers,
running into countless messed up situations, {そんな非日常な出来事の数々に出喰わしたり}
and on top of that, having to follow the strict rule of keeping it all secret from Haruhi,
by keeping her oblivious to the fact that she's the cause of the whole mess.
Don't you find that fun?
Or do you think it's too much trouble and want no further part of it?
Is that right?
So basically this is what I think?
{\fad(500,0)}That world isn't interesting at all.
Is that so?
Is that how it is?
You think that Haruhi is annoying, and that everything that comes from her is depressing.
So you don't think any of that is interesting?
Don't tell me it's not true.
You know it is.
And yet,
you pressed the Enter key.
The emergency escape program.
The tool that Nagato left behind to revert the change.
You answered "yes" to that question.
Am I right?
The great Nagato went out of her way to create a stable world for you, but you rejected it.
Aren't you always constantly complaining?
Aren't you always lamenting your misfortune?
If that's the case, shouldn't you have just ignored the emergency escape program?
In that world, Haruhi would just be a normal human who bosses people around,
Asahina-san would just be an incredibly pretty moe character,
Koizumi would be an ordinary high school student,
and Nagato would just be a quiet girl that loves books.
Yes, she would remain expressionless, but still laugh at lame jokes, then blush in embarrassment.
And then as time goes by, she would gradually open up her heart.
That's the kind of person she might become.
You abandoned the chance for such a peaceful life.
I'll ask one last time.
Answer clearly.
Don't I find being with Haruhi, and being dragged into Haruhi's troubles fun?
Answer me.
Of course I do!
Of course...
it was fun!
Don't ask me...
...something so obvious!
If anyone were asked this question, and answered that they actually don't find it interesting,
then they would be a genuine idiot.
Thirty times more senseless than Haruhi.
There's aliens, time travelers and espers there, you know!
Just one would be fun enough, but there are three interesting characters!
And on top of that, there's even a maximum power Haruhi you know? {しかも、さらに超強力なハルヒまでそこにいるんだぞ?}
And there are even more mystery powers out there too! {check}
There's no way this isn't fun for me.
No matter how many times you ask me, my answer will stay the same:
Of course.
That's the way it is.
I prefer the original world after all.
This one just doesn't suit me.
I'm sorry, Nagato.
I prefer the Nagato I've known up till now over you.
Also, you look better without glasses.
What are you talking about?
Return it to normal.
Return yourself to normal.
If you ask me, I'll help you.
You don't have to use that power to forcefully change things.
It was fine the way it was.
It's pointless.
This Nagato-san is completely powerless.
She's just...
a normal girl.
Watch out, Kyon-kun!!
I can't allow you to hurt Nagato-san.
What on earth...
What on earth is this...
It hurts...
It hurts!
It hurts! It hurts!
It hurts! It hurts!
That's right, Nagato-san.
I'm here for you.
I'll eliminate anything that threatens you.
That's the reason I was created.
After all...
That's what you wished for,
No way.
There's no way she would wish for this...
Nagato's anomalous behavior...
She must have recreated an aberrant Asakura too.
That's all.
She must be Nagato's shadow... {check}
Let me send you off.
You just need to die.
You're causing distress to Nagato-san.
Does it hurt?
Relish the taste,
because it's going to be the last sensation you feel in this life.
Why are you...
I feel like I've seen this scene before...
I'm getting sleepy...
No, Kyon-kun!
I'm sorry Kyon-kun!
Stay with us!
I should have known...
Please stay with us!
That hurts, both you Asahina-sans...
Oh, I see...
This is a flashback.
It's cold.
My blood won't stop...
I'm going to die.
Sorry, I could have helped out but I held back.
Don't worry though, it hurt for me, too.
Who is that?
I don't understand...
We'll deal with it from here on.
You just sleep.
Ah... damn...
I feel like I just saw an incredibly fascinating dream.
Oh, you've finally woken up?
You were in quite a deep sleep.
I would say good morning, but it's evening already.
I'm glad you've woken up.
I really was at a loss as to what to do.
You're looking rather confused...
Do you remember who I am?
Same to you, do you know who I am?
That's a strange question.
Of course I do.
When is this?
That's your first question after waking up?
You almost sound as though you're aware of what happened.
To answer your question, it's just past 4pm on December 21st.
The 21st...
Where is this?
A private hospital.
This is quite a fancy private room.
A friend of my uncle is a director here, so we got you special treatment... the story goes.
And that is a complete lie.
I asked the Organization to step in.
You were unconscious for three days.
My superiors tore me apart for allowing this to happen to you under my watch.
I even have to write a formal apology.
Why was I hospitalized?
You said I was unconscious?
You don't remember?
I suppose that's to be expected.
You took a terrible strike to the head, after all.
Strangely enough, you didn't suffer any external injuries.
Your brain functions were perfectly fine too.
What happened? Tell me.
You fell down the stairs at school.
It was quite a magnificent fall, too.
Honestly, we all went pale.
The sound as you hit the ground was so horrific that we thought you had gone to sleep permanently.
So I fell down the stairs at school on the 18th...
It was terrible.
We called an ambulance and you were brought here, totally unconscious.
That's the first time I've ever seen Suzumiya-san go so pale.
The one who called the ambulance was Nagato-san.
Her levelheadedness saved you.
How did Asahina-san react?
As you'd probably imagine.
She clung onto you while crying and calling your name.
What time did this happen?
It was just after noon,
just as the whole SOS Brigade was about to go out shopping.
You don't remember that either?
Suzumiya-san proposed that we participate in a children's party on Christmas day that would be held in her area.
Doing whatever she wants, as always.
Suzumiya-san was to be Santa, and you accepted the role of the reindeer, after casting lots.{AURIX: throw dice. you either cast lots or draw straws.}
After that, we decided to make a reindeer costume, and were heading out to buy materials.
And as we left the clubroom and were going down the stairs,
you somehow fell down behind the rest of us.
That sounds really dumb.
Suzumiya-san said that she felt someone was at the top of the stairs.
She said she thought she saw the flutter of a skirt for a moment.
But at that point, we were the only ones left in the building.
It would seem it was a phantom girl.
We've been waiting for you to wake up so we can hear from you whether you were really pushed down or not.
I don't remember at all.
So apparently I was pushed down by a phantom girl.
I see...
At least it sounds consistent.
Is it just you here?
Why have you been looking around the room?
Might you be looking for someone?
We've been taking turns watching over you,
to make sure there was someone by your side when you woke up.
Your family has just gone back to get you a change of clothes. {check}
What's that look supposed to mean?
I was just feeling a bit envious of you.
You could call it a bit of jealousy.
That's not something you'd say to someone in my situation.
We brigade members have been taking turns,
but the leader believed it to be her responsibility to keep watch over her members.
She's never left your side these three days.
We've been worried about you,
both me and her.
And especially that distressed look she had...
Well, I'll tell you about that another time.
For now, isn't there something you need to do?
Draw on her face?
I never thought of that.
Would you like to try it?
Damn it, Kyon!
If you're going to wake up, tell me before you do!
I have to prepare myself, you know!
Wipe off your drool.
You didn't draw anything on my face, did you?
Well, I wanted to.
So, do you have anything else to say?
It looks like I made you worry.
I'm sorry.
A-As long as you understand, it's fine.
Of course it's the job of the brigade chief to worry about her members!
Hello, Asahina-san.
Isn't that a bit much?
He just hit his head a little.
I knew he'd be fine.
There's no way this Kyon wouldn't wake up.
The SOS Brigade operates all year, after all.
Of course everyone has to be present!
I won't accept some lame excuse like hitting your head or going into a coma.
Got it?
Those three days of absence are going to cost you.
There's going to be a penalty for you!
And a late fee too!
I get it.
How much will this late fee be?
Three days of treating everyone at the café.
And also...
And also?
You can dress up as a reindeer for the Christmas party and put on an act for us.
You'll keep it up till all of us are on the floor laughing!
If it's boring, I'll kick you into another dimension!
And while you're at it, you can perform for the kid's party too.
Got it?
Waking up was good in itself, but I couldn't just leave the hospital in that condition.
I had to stay another night so they could perform various examinations on me.
My mother and sister came to see me after hearing I woke up, and have already returned home.
I finally had some time alone to calm down and gather my thoughts.
If the world hadn't changed back, what would have happened? {check}
Nagato, Asahina-san, and Koizumi would just be normal people.
Haruhi would be a slightly peculiar high school student.
However, I've already given my answer.
This world is fun because it's not normal.
If it weren't, all that trouble I went through, putting my life on the line to save it would have gone to waste.
"I could have helped out but I held back."
"Don't worry though, it hurt for me, too."
"We'll deal with it from here on."
"You just sleep."
That sounds about right.
Sorry, did I make you look for me?
No way that could happen, right?
I am responsible for everything that happened.
You knew all along, didn't you?
About how you would alter the world on December 18th.
Since April...
No, since three years ago, the whole time...
I knew.
Why didn't you say anything then?
You could have told me anytime.
If you did, I would have done what I could.
Even if I had told you, once I became aberrant, I would have erased your memories regarding the incident and still altered the world.
Additionally, there is no guarantee that I did not indeed do that.
I could only guarantee that you would keep as much of your original state as possible when the 18th arrived.
You prepared the emergency escape program, didn't you?
That was more than enough.
Note: yuki means "snow"
My punishment is being deliberated.
Deliberated by whom?
The Integrated Data Sentient Entity.
There is no guarantee that I will not develop anomalous behavior again in the future.
As long as I continue to exist here, errors within me will continue to accumulate.
It is a dangerous possibility.
Tell them that's bullshit!
Pass along this message to your boss:
If you ever disappear or go away, know this—
I will let all hell break loose.
I will do anything it takes to bring you back.
I don't have any powers myself, but I sure as hell can stir up Haruhi.
That's why I've been keeping a trump card.
All I would need to do is tell her, "I am John Smith."
That's right.
I have about as much power as a sponge, but Haruhi is stupidly powerful.
If Nagato ever disappears, I will reveal everything to Haruhi and make her believe me.{NEED TO PUT HARUHI otherwise "her" could be interpreted as nagato, and the logic would fail}
After that, we would embark on a quest to bring Nagato back.
Even if the Integrated Data Sentient Entity hides her somewhere, Haruhi would be able to do something.
I would force her to, and I would drag Asahina-san and Koizumi into it as well.
Nagato is our companion.
If any of our members went missing, Haruhi wouldn't take it lying down.
That's the kind of person Suzumiya Haruhi is.
Selfish and egotistical and inconsiderate,
our nuisance of a brigade chief.
I have no idea how advanced these Integrated Data Sentient Entity guys are.
They're probably ridiculously intelligent beings.
They can probably do all sorts of amazingly powerful tricks.
And that's why I want to make it clear to them.
It should have been easy for them to give Nagato more character.
Before she became a crazy killer, Asakura was popular in class, cheerful, sociable, and even went shopping with friends on days off.
They clearly could create that kind of character.
So why did they program Nagato to be a gloomy, lonely girl who shuts herself in a room and just reads books?
Was it because she had to look like a Literature Club member?
So she wouldn't stand out to Haruhi?
Who the hell came up with that?
If they have any complaints, I will take Haruhi and recreate the world completely.
We'll make a world where you're here, but the Integrated Data Sentient Entity doesn't exist.
It would be a piece of cake for Haruhi.
We will get you back, even if we have to recreate the universe from scratch.
Tell that to your boss.
I will tell them.
Thank you.
It's morning Kyon-kun, wake up! {one day he's gonna land on that cat}
Wake up!
The following day.
I was discharged from hospital, and now it's December 24th,
the morning of the end of term closing ceremony.
Kouyouen Private Academy had returned to being an all-girl's school,
Taniguchi was back to his cold-free self,
and Asahina-san and Tsuruya-san know who I am again.
The world had returned to the way it was.
Nevertheless, I still have the choice to keep this world or not.
If I don't go back to the past one more time along with Nagato and Asahina-san, the world won't be restored.
It's just that I haven't decided when to do that.
Will I have to clean up this whole mess sooner or later?
I'm not going to second-guess myself anymore.
I chose this world.
My choice was different from Haruhi's usual subconscious rampaging.
I made this decision of my own free will, to continue running around this world like an idiot.
That being the case, I need to take responsibility to the end.
Serves me right...
I suppose that puts me right in the middle of everything now.
My time as an observing bystander is completely in the past now.
I now stand alongside the other elites of the SOS Brigade as a protector of the world.
Now, I'm going to attend the Christmas hot pot party that Haruhi organized.
Haruhi and Asahina-san were in charge of buying the ingredients.
I was supposed to have been the pack mule, but I was allowed a reprieve while I recuperate.
Rather than any consideration on Haruhi's part,
it's more likely that she wanted to keep the menu secret until the last minute, then uncover the pot and surprise everyone.
Or some plan like that.{This line isn't showing up, WHY?!}
What's going to happen this time?
It's Haruhi, so rather than any surprise,
she's probably more interested in creating some experimental hot pot never before seen in culinary history.
Good grief.
There's a spicy fragrance coming from the clubroom,
so I guess they've already started cooking.
I wonder what this sense of satisfaction I'm feeling is.
Before long, I'll have to go dive into trouble again.
I have to return to the past again and restore the world.
Oh well.
There's still time.
I can't leave it for too long, but I don't have to do it right this instant either.
Hey, world...
You can wait a little longer, right?
You're okay staying on standby for a bit before I go restore you, right?
At least...
it won't be too late if I try some of Haruhi's special hot pot first, right?
nozomu koto ha nani? watashi ga toikakeru
望むことは何? 私が問い掛ける
"What do you want?" I asked you
nani mo iranai uso de wa nakatta
何もいらない 嘘ではなかった
"I don't need anything," you did not lie
kieru sekai ni mo watashi no basho ga aru
消える世界にも 私の場所がある
In this vanishing world, there is a place for me
sore wo shiranai jibun de sae mo
それを知らない 自分でさえも
One for myself, though I might not know
tojikumeta ishiki wa toki wo musubi
閉じ込めた意識は 時を結び
A trapped consciousness, idle in time
negai wo kurikaesu mata au made
願いを繰り返す また会うまで
Repeating a simple wish: Until we meet again
Don't forget
meguru hibi no naka watashi ni nokoru no wa
巡る日々の中 私に残るのは
In these days flashing by, what is left for me?
kioku sore tomo boukyaku darou ka
Memories, or is it oblivion?
yagate sekai ni wa nemuri ga otozurete
やがて世界には 眠りが訪れて
In the end, the world falls to sleep
hitori hitori no ashita ni kaeru
一人一人の 明日に帰る
Returning, each to each's own tomorrow
erabreta mirai wo miokuru tobira
選ばれた未来を 見送る扉
From this door, watching the future you chose
negai ga kanattemo wasurenaide
願いが叶っても 忘れないで
Even if the wish comes true, don't forget
Don't forget
kieru sekai ni mo watashi no basho ga aru
消える世界にも 私の場所がある
In this vanishing world, there is a place for me
sore wo shiranai jibun de sae mo
それを知らない 自分でさえも
One for myself, though I might not know
omoidasu made wa
Until you remember...
There you go!
Thank you!
Let's go!