The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 08

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So that's what the chair does.
The chair is the interface with your consciousness.
So when you understand that your consciousness is interfacing
through the chair, that helps you get to a point in yourself
where you can see that the chair is a psychic amplifier.
That's what it does.
The chair's function is that it takes your natural,
innate psychic function and makes it vastly more powerful.
[Audience member asks about the Philadelphia experiment.]
The Philadelphia experiment was the result of the testing of
high-energy arc welding on the creation of very large
battleships by the US Navy in World War II,
surrounding Norfolk Naval Air Force Base,
which I used to be right near in Virginia Beach.
What they found was that, when you got this,
this was the highest arc welding ever done,
like a big bolt of lightning, and it pinched
time/space into space/time.
So you get this black hole in the room.
And then, actually, they were having tools disappear.
So the tools never came back and they realized there's something
here we can use.
And they actually designed it into something that they put on
the ship in the hopes that the ship would be able to be
invisible like the tools became invisible.
What they didn't realize is that they were going to jump from one
place to another.
And it had a devastating effect on the crew.
Anyway I don't want to spend all of our time just going through
this old material, so we are going to get back to the chair.
We're going to get back to the point that they could actually
create a wormhole with the chair,
with the psychics exercising their
consciousness in the chair.
They had help from, apparently, ET's from Sirius,
in designing the chair.
And the chair allowed them to send people through time.
There were multiple wavelengths that the chair cranked out
on graph paper, okay?
Some of those wavelengths were corresponding to a natural
20-year harmonic in the earth's vibration.
And that 20-year harmonic as it turns out,
if people were moving through time,
which is one of the things they found they could do is send
people through time, this wave would tell you exactly
where you were in time.
Depending on where up and down it was.
So what they found that was so bizarre was that at December 21,
2012 -- they could calculate it down to the day,
that's how precise this was - that, for some reason,
all the graphs, all the waves would go into
a complete flat line.
They no longer moved up and down like before.
They went flat for like seven or eight seconds.
Then they are asking the guys that went through these
Stargates and were traveling into the future,
"What happened to you"?
Every single time that somebody tried to hit 2012,
they said the same thing.
There was this thing they called "the bump".
It actually hits you like a bump.
You actually feel like you've slammed into something.
And as soon as it slams into you, you have the most
incredible religious experience you can imagine:
Cosmic Consciousness.
Your consciousness just blasts into this wonderful place where
you have awareness of no space, no time.
All knowledge is available to you.
Ecstatic God-Consciousness; you could be the galaxy;
you could be a sub-atomic particle; you can go everywhere;
do everything and there is no sense of it ever ending.
So when it finally stops, you just can't even believe that you
are back to who you were before.
[Audience: Like what happened to Jodie Foster.]
Exactly what happened to Jodie Foster in Contact.
That's the Zero Time.
And -- Daniel doesn't agree with me on this -- but I believe that
2012 is our Zero Time reference.
By the way, Daniel did say that the Stargates are real;
that there's one main Stargate per planet;
that they dug them up from ancient Atlantean technology.
They actually buried it under the ice in Antarctica because
they were concerned that something would come through
that could damage human life.
So that is real.
Stargate SG-1, all those television shows,
of which there's ten seasons.
The first and second year of Stargate SG-1 are remarkably
loaded with real stuff.
And there's even an episode of Stargate
called "Wormhole Extreme".
And you remember that one...where they're making a
fake television show about a real Stargate program?
It's like this inside tongue-and-cheek joke.
And everybody watching the show kind of knows,
"Okay they're telling us something here;
there's something real behind all of this stuff".
Well it's true.
Why do they do that?
That's a very good point.
The reason why they do that is you hide the truth
out in the open.
So that, if I go into this lecture and I'm telling you all
this stuff, you can say "Well he's just into Stargate;
he's just watching television shows".
In fact this is really cool.
One time I was sitting down with Daniel one day.
And we're talking about the Looking-Glass.
And this has a little orb that appears when you are looking at
a particular place and it's a ball of light.
So they gave it this really weird name.
They call them the "Outer Band Individuated Tele-tracer".
[Audience laughter].
Outer Band Individuated Tele-tracer.
And they shortened it to the word "O.B.I.T."
"Outer Band Individuated Tele-tracer"
an "O.B.I.T.", right?
So then we're thinking "All right,
this is what they always do.
They hide this shit out in the open.
Let's go Google Outer Band Individuated Tele-tracer and see
if there's anything there".
I couldn't believe it when we went on Google after he had just
told me this.
He had no idea either.
And - boom -- Outer Limits.
There is an episode of the Outer Limits called "Outer Band
Individuated Tele-tracer".
And it's all about this stuff.
There was a show, he was actually really interested in me
too because I seemed to have some sort of psychic connection
to these things.
He says to me one day, "What do you think
a T.V.G. is"?
I said "Time Vector Generator".
"How did you know that?
You're right"!
I don't know.
So I did not go to Montauk; I've never sat in the chair;
somebody asked me that: "Were you in the chair"?
No, no, no.
I was just very, very fortunate by some kind of crazy
synchronicity to meet this guy.
I wish he would go forward, but he doesn't want to.
He did tell me, by the way, that they have found
life on other planets.
He said that the moon, Io, around Jupiter,
has little creatures crawling in the rocks;
he said that Mars once had a civilization;
that they've actually had astronauts on Mars;
that they have a photograph that he saw of these astronauts
waving with a big pyramid next to them.
They actually have underground bases on Mars.
There's a technology we've learned about from other
witnesses now called a "Jump Room".
Where you walk into the room -- it's like an elevator -- the
doors close...poof...
you suddenly feel really sick to your stomach,
the doors open and -- boom -- you're on Mars.
Just like that.
No time has elapsed.
So these technologies already exist.
And I would certainly like to have one.
It would be a lot easier than taking an airplane flight.
If you can get over the stomach thing, I guess.
So then again, all gate travel is much better
than using a ship.
It's a much preferable method than travelling by a space ship,
because you go a lot faster and you go a lot farther.
And you can reverse-engineer it by taking the seat out of the
ship, which is what they are doing here.
Have these seats ever shown up in films,
so that they can hide them out in the open?
Well check this out, there's your seat.
Now this one doesn't actually have any consciousness
interface, but some of the other ones do.
Total Recall: jump rooms to Mars, civilization on Mars,
underground city, pyramid at the end.
And, once again, you have a chair that has a strong effect
on your consciousness.
In Stargate SG-1: they have the chair of the ancients and O'Neil
sits in it and it activates and amplifies his consciousness,
which allows him to defeat the evil fleet of the Goa'uld by
shooting balls of light at them.
Minority Report: here you have people sitting in chairs,
floating in water and they are psychic and it is amplifying
their psychic ability, which Tom Cruise is then able to
manipulate on a screen.
One of the things that Daniel told me is that,
out of all the waves that this chair cranks out from the ships,
that it also includes visual images from your pineal gland.
And they can space them out and look at them,
just like in the movie.
So this may have been designed to set the precedent so that
some day they could actually create
a Department of Pre-Crime.
And what also is very interesting is that the witness
testimony we have of people going through these wormholes
shows us that it looks like little light bulbs lined along
the sides as you go inside.
So, that right there, is not an accident.
[Inaudible audience question]
Jim Marrs has been talking about pre-crime in Britain he said.
Okay, X-Men is another one.
Do you remember Cerebro?
Where he wheels up to this thing?
It is actually the antenna at Montauk,
except that it's an octahedron -- two Egyptian pyramids
base to base.
But the same basic idea; there's the chair in there.
You put this little helmet on, this is where you sit.
And, then, it amplifies your psychic ability;
that's what allows him to be able to find the missing mutants
when they go missing; it's what allows them.
Remember that one scene in X-Men where -- one of the whole movies
actually -- the plot is that there is an evil force that can
harness his consciousness to get him to run the chair and
basically kill everybody who's a mutant on the planet