Two Questions for Athiests and Agnostics

Uploaded by joshlewis on 19.06.2012

Hey, I'm Josh and I have a question for athiests and agnostics. I'm a Christian, and I need
your help because I have a blind spot here and I'm hoping you'll respond with a video,
if you would. Just use and your webcam. Or whatever you want, really.
That's just a suggestion. It's pretty easy.
Here's the premise: I think it's important that everyone is able to talk about their
personal faith, whatever it's in. But I'm seeing a lot of people shut down those conversations
because they're percieved to be impolite or undesirable or whatever.
So I've got two questions. I want to know, One, if any Christian has ever tried to talk
about their faith to you, how did it go? Was it a positive or negative experience, and
And Two, what could be done better by Christians in those kinds of situations? What goes wrong
and what goes well? Whether or not you've ever talked to a Christian in the past about
your faith or their faith or any such subject.
I think we have a lot to learn about how to do a good job talking about sensitive topics
like faith, and I want to learn from you. So please, upload a video just like this one
so we can all see each others faces, hear each others voices. Please be calm and kind,
if you would, and let's have a discussion. Thank you.