Image Anime in NYC! (11.2.11 #161)

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» ♪ [Christmas music] ♫
» BRUNO: So what are we making here?
» Shari: Espresso. » Expresso.
I think I need that.
» [Machine gurgles]
» BRUNO: Mia’s excited.
» MIA: Oh yeah. Wow.
» Shari: Bon appétit! » [Mia laughs]
» ♪ [Theme music] ♫
» I haven’t even gotten to the drink yet, just the whipped cream.
» You should have seen Mia. She had whipped cream all over her face. It was so funny.
Show everybody the little mess you made. » [Mia giggling]
» BRUNO: [Laughs] Oh, you look so silly!
You have it on your nose. Can’t you feel that?
It’s, like, right here. Go look in a mirror.
Honey. What are you laughing at? » Nothing.
» It’s still on your nose.
Today might even be nicer than yesterday.
Image Anime.
Are you ready for Image Anime, Mia? » Ready.
» ♪ [Techno music with bells throughout store montage] ♪
♪ [Music fades out] ♫
» BRUNO: Look at that. I love that.
Over here we have NY Pizza Supreme,
and right here is Amadeus Pizza.
Sufficient pizza, Mia. » Yeah.
» ♪ [Jazz] ♪
» It’s Tick Tock time.
» ♪ [Music fades out] ♫
» We’re at the Tick Tock Diner in Manhattan, right near Penn Station.
This is one of our favorite diners. Got my pancakes, toast.
What’d you get, a ham-and-cheese omelet with fries? » Yup.
» Mia was just saying, every place here has their own home fries,
and they’re all different, and they’re all really good, and this is no exception.
Good, Mrs. Mia? » So good. » So good.
Thank you. » Thanks.
» ♪ [Jazz resumes] ♪
» BRUNO: And then right next to the diner is the subway. To Canal Street!
The birds are looking at me. » ♪ [Music fades out] ♫
» BRUNO: I think that guy’s feeding them.
He is, he’s feeding them! » [Mia laughs]
» BRUNO: Were you feeding the birds?
At least he was honest.
We’re on Canal Street. This is where I used to come to get all my…
I’d say art supplies, but it’s more than that, it’s all sorts of good crap, I guess.
$1 Pizza! I think I need that!
There’s a DD.
This used to be one of my favorite places.
Look at all these great things. All types of good display items.
Need an ice cube? Pretty plastics.
What do you think? I put Mia in a bubble.
» [Mia groans]
» ♪ [Bell melody interlude] ♫
» BRUNO: I don’t know what it is, but it’s cool.
» I kind of want a room like this. » Right?
Just so many cool, random things to explore.
It’s a jacket for a bicycle, I guess. That’s a cool street.
Another one of my favorite stores is Canal Lighting. It’s—
» MIA: Look at this giant— » Have you seen the bike?
Every year there’s all-new types of lighting.
Oh, look— » Oh, look at the—
» I can go crazy in here. Oh, everywhere you look is… ah!
Prickly-ball lights!
» ♪ [Energetic music] ♪
» MIA: Chili peppers. » BRUNO: Oh, wow.
You can actually buy these! » Oh, that’s awesome!
» Oh, I want that. » That would be great.
» Look, there’s more over there. Oh, here’s more cool fixtures.
Is this the greatest place you’ve ever seen? » I love this place.
» Rainbow-glitter light-up star.
Got the Power Ranger colors.
» ♪ [Music ends] ♫
» You could go crazy here.
» MIA: These rope lights are on a dimmer switch.
» Oh, I need to sit down now. Too much excitement.
Lots of fresh seafood stuff here. This is a really interesting street.
Here’s a knockoff Animus Megazord. Here are some scary Dino Rangers.
Here’s Gao Elephant and Red Wild Force Ranger. They did put chrome on ’em.
Here’s the Conga Zord with the elephant. » MIA: “Super Warrior.”
» Super Warrior with power coins. » [Mia laughs]
» BRUNO: What’d you get? » A mouse pad. » Oh, a mouse pad.
What is it, an Angry Birds slingshot? » Yeah [Laughs] » That’s kind of funny.
There’s a Häagen-Dazs on the right-hand corner. This is so cool.
Oh, it comes with the Falcon Zord. It’s got the discs, the balls.
Look at that. Oh, a mini zord.
I’ve actually never been here before.
» ♪ [Peaceful music playing] ♪ » BRUNO: Wow. Our first view.
Look at that.
This is a really nice building.
» ♪ [Peaceful music continues] ♪
» Today is a gorgeous day.
Now, how do we get back? I forget.
Look at the way the sun shines on the little grasses. Right?
» ♪ [Music continues] ♪
♪ [Music fades out] ♫
» I’m on my last battery, but I have to go explore Teardrop Park.
Mia, Teardrop Park? » Ooh, is that a slide?
» Is it? » BOTH: It is!
» BRUNO: Alright, I’ll take that. » MIA: Here I go.
» Who would ever expect this?
Did you like it? » Yeah.
» BRUNO: Hi.
Mr. Squirrel.
Will you say hi to Jerry? Hi to Jerry?
Alright, Mr. Squirrel, stand right there. Here I come.
Scary old slide!
» MIA: Alright, here I come.
» [Thump, Mia laughs]
» BRUNO: Cute little butt.
The sunset has gotten even prettier since we were at Teardrop Park.
Is this a fail?
Pimp-park? Alright, we’re looking for a subway now.
Oh, I think Mia found it.
Here is a gym, a Starbucks, Star Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, and the subway.
And we’re going ‹into› the subway.
Cory and Sharon. » [Cory sighs]
» BRUNO: And Sharon.
We got a white slice and two plains. Hi, Mia.
Well, this is Cory.
Cory hasn’t been very entertaining today ’cause we only saw him for about a minute.
He hasn’t had to punch anybody. » Not yet.
» BRUNO: [Laughs] You can go see Cory’s fight in Connecticut.
Well, maybe Cory’s being interesting for the vlog now that he’s making me go get a damn cupcake.
That stupid smirk. » [Cory laughs]
» God, what an idiot! You must be an idiot.
He’s making me go to Crumbs to get a crummy cupcake. Battery’s flashing now.
» CORY: “We launder shirts” in a laundromat. » [Cory and Bruno laugh]
» MIA: Self-service laundromat.
» BRUNO: Ooh, pumpkin! » CORY: I will buy an apple cobbler. Eat food.
» BRUNO: Mia, would you like some sesame baby ribs? Babies are very good.
» Hmm…I’m trying to cut back on my baby meat. » Alright.
» CORY: They’ll be young and tender. » BRUNO: Young and tender, hon.
» MIA: Yeah, but they’re really fatty. » Oh. Alright. Forget it.
» CORY: That’s true, but it’s baby fat, so it comes off later on.
» BRUNO: Oh, hon? » MIA: I don’t know… » Eat your babies, Mia.
» CORY: What are you doing? » BRUNO: Leaving! » No! Where’s your father?
» Coming! We have to go pack, you idiot! » Where ‹is› he? » Not here yet!
Augh! Cory! » How long will it ‹take you› to pack?
» Enough time. » [Bleep]
» BRUNO: Cory, goodbye. » CORY: Alright.
» Sharon, we’ll see you later.
Good to see ‹you›. » [Mia laughing]
» There will be more Cory in the future.
That’s Cory. And now we’re leaving.
Alright, got the room all cleaned up. Looks beautiful.
We’re leaving. » To New Jersey.
» To New Jersey. I shall miss New York, Mrs. Mia.
My dad is on his way. We’re going back to New Jersey now.
Take your little, uh… » Crumbs? » Crumbs.
Hello, Daddy! » Bruno, Hi!
You look great! » Thank you, Daddy.
» [Kiss] Your hair looks cool. » Thank you.
» Hi stranger.
» [Bruno strains]
» ♪ [Peaceful music] ♫
» BRUNO: And now we are in New Jersey. Remember in the—
» DAD: I don’t think this is the Soprano bridge. » I think it is.
Doesn’t he drive over this in the intro? » I don’t think so.
» I think he does. The one with the—
» I don’t think so. You could be right.
» Guys, does anybody know if this is the bridge? What bridge is this?
» Well, maybe it is because you went…
All those pork stores were in Belleville, and Belleville’s up this way.
There had to be 5 inches of snow— more!
» BRUNO: Here we are, Mrs. Mia. You’re adorable.
Aren’t you? Aren’t you?
» I guess so. » Yes, you are.
Let’s see the cute little face, Mia. Aw.
I don’t know what happed over here.
I guess my momma didn’t like her computer any more, and now there’s no more internet here either.
Ai! Sorry, guys. I guess we’ll be going to my dad’s office to do uploading.
We haven’t been having a lot of luck with internet since we left,
so I guess we’ll just have to move here and get our own place and have internet.
That’s the only solution ‹I› can think of. » Yeah, that works.
» Hopefully I’m on the last day of my cold. I hope.
’Cause now my whole head is all clogged and stuffy.
So I think I’m gonna unpack and try to go to sleep. Good night.
» ♪ [Theme music] ♫