Cooking a Christmas Turkey : Tips for Carving a Christmas Turkey

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'm going to show you how to
make a holiday turkey. It's a mirror image of the other side. So we'll go to this side.
Let's cut that side off. Actually that thigh just kind of tore off of that side. I'll just
finish cutting through here. And with the wing, we can do the same thing. Cut back and
there's that. Flip it upright, make an incision through there for your turkey breast meat.
Then just slice straight down. There's actually a little bit of dark meat that was kind of
stuck in there still too from the thigh. So if you want to keep them separate, make sure
you keep them separate. I know a lot of people just don't care. And you can also skin the
turkey before you slice it. Some people do that, and keep the skin separate because some
people like to eat the skin you know separately. I know my wife prefers to eat the skin separate
of the turkey and she doesn't want it all sliced up into stringy bits like this. Oops, I cut the ribcage here. I'll just trim
all this back. This is all extra skin, we'll just put that back over there. And now you
just want to you know, work the carcass and really get the most of the meat that's still
stuck on there. And that's going to be everything. That's how you cook and clean the turkey.
This piece right here, the end of the tail, is of no use to anybody. You can leave it
in there while you cook it. But afterwards, I would definitely toss it. I wouldn't even
try to eat it. And also, you know, I left the neck in this one when I cooked it today.
Some people take it out. I leave it in when I cook it though but I don't ever eat it.
Some people put it in with their soups or whatever. So now if you were going to make
a soup out of this you'd dump all these onions out of the inside, make your soup. You'd have
a really fantastic soup. So that is how you cut and carve a turkey. I'm going to go wash
my hands.