[ENG SUB] YG ON AIR - bigbang cut

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YG ON AIR everyone, hello for the first time.
This is Bigbang, and we are in Japan.
- Like rice-soup it's very deep
- It has a nice nuance doesn't it - Yeah.
- Everyone, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!
Thank you.
Where is this footage going?
- YG ON AIR. - Ah.
I bought a really cute jacket.
Isn't it adorable?
Why does Daesung look so much like IU?
- IU?
"You, like me, are lonely
holding your empty heart
I know, because I've worn many clothes like this before. When you do, you need to take care of one thing
Anything scandalous, or sexual, may be offensive
I've worn something like that before and got into huge trouble
So I need to check and make sure for my little brother
Crazy- cray... It's alright
This jacket..
Aesthetically also, cleared.
- Thank you!
What do you think is lacking?
- Everything! I think everything
- I think it's the thought that we're not looking at you
Here, do it by yourself once
- I'm gonna see your acting too. In the beginning. - Let's do it like pre-debut!
Seungriya, like when we were trainees, let's go!
- Even the acting - 'Until our knees break'! yes!
When we were trainees, we literally performed every song one at a time
to see if there were any mistakes, we can focus
and it heightens the nerves..
it's like, a rule from our extreme trainee days
This way, it's not only one person criticizing
it's everyone here criticizing one person
then it gets better.
Seungri is good isn't he? our little brother.
Impressive bastard..
First practice in Japan..
..ended at exactly twelve
Japan.. is safe and there are no problems.