Hair Management Salon Group

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wanted to be able to offer them a lifestyle that involved a good work-life balance and
a good lifestyle balance.
One of our main polices, or one of the main sayings in our business, is number 1 - to
have fun, number 2 - to make money, and number 3 - to be number one in our hairdressing community.
We measure success by the feedback we get from our clients, and we have various ways
of getting that feedback. Obviously we meet them on a regular basis because they visit
us regularly, but we also communicate with them either by phone or by text, or by writing
to them to ask for their genuine feedback as to how their visit with us has been.
I think employee engagement is absolutely vital to any business or industry because
the employees are the business, and theyÕve got to be wholeheartedly involved, well cared
for and looked after within that business.
We have some great new ideas for the future and yesterday we held a half days team training
where we brain-stormed with the whole team. There were 40 of us in a room; we were brainstorming
ideas that weÕre going to produce for our business.
Of two or three of those ideas, one of them in particular is for a client induction programme.
Sounds very posh wording but the whole idea is that when a client comes to a salon for
the first time, they are not aware of even where the loo is, or where theyÕre supposed
to sit. ItÕs a bit like going to a party where you donÕt know anyone and youÕve never
been before. So weÕre going to create a client induction programme, so that clients will
immediately be put at ease from the time they walk through the door.
Our winning policies are that weÕre always open to new ideas, weÕre always looking for
new ideas and we always communicate, or try desperately to communicate, between all members
of our team.
Winning the Employer of Choice, it was a great compliment to us to win it. It proved to us,
really by winning it, that we had been doing so many of the things that were expected of
us to win that award. WeÕd been doing them for years, and then to actually be complemented
for them, itÕs had a great affect on our team. It stroked their egos, itÕs stroked
our egos, but also our clients were very complementary when they saw it on our publicity that we
had won this award.