Starfish Trelawny in Jamaica ~ now Breezes Trelawny

Uploaded by JCVdude on 25.10.2008

Right off the bat let me say that dollar for dollar, one of the best holiday bargains
in the Caribbean is the Starfish Trelawny if you're able to get it at a last minute bargain price
Cindy & I did pay about $500 per person plus tax
I have seen it this year, as little as a month ago for $600 per person plus tax
from Canada
and those are bargain prices when you consider again
airfare, transportation, hotel, food, drinks
It's an absolute bargain.
The resort is phenomenal and worth every penny
for your vacation holiday.
Again I've said many times if you look through our videos you'll find a lot of people comment
on them
who have been at the resort and I've seen nothing but great comments on the
Starfish Trelawny(Now Breezes Trelawny)
It's staff is phenomenal and the the amount of inclusions are unbelievable
They have a flying trapeeze, a climbing wall
sumo wrestling
pool tables in the swimming pools
Entertainment beautiful jazz playing at night while you're having your dinner
So many options at this resort
And Jamaica is a fantastic country to see.
I totally love it and Cindy has fallen in love with it too
One of the unique things, if you've never been there, what you're looking at right now-Look at this vegetation
Those are vines that have absolutely covered everything
something out for a horror movie or science fiction
I mean it's completely choking off all the vegetation
It is amazing! There's so many things to see and discover in Jamaica
That again, one week is not long enough
Jamaica is the same as Riviera Maya
It's not always sunny. Sorry to disappoint people, but it's not always sunny.
It's not only about a rainy season or a summer season rain builds up because it's in a humid tropical climate
But then, when it's pouring rain you can be out in the water playing because the air is so hot and humid.
It's just beautiful!
Starfish Trelawny has 2 waterslides. That's amazing!
It's so much fun to be at a resort that offers so many different things
And at the great price that it's availabe at many times, again it's a great resort to bring the kids to!
And a lot of people didn't do that. They had their kids therewith them.
The snorkeling
off from the resort - you have to go out by boat. They take you out. You have to register for it.
I believe that at the time that we were there, there was a $10 surcharge
But for $10, don't quote me on that, but I believe it was $10 they take you out to the reef
Then the guys just sit in the boat while you go and snorkelaround and see all sorts of different things.
We saw stingray we saw flounder we saw lobster It was just a fantastic experience
There is gambling in Jamaica so they have the slot machines
A little casino set up at the resorts
Many days the weather was beautiful and sunny but
throughout the day at different times you'd have clouds systems that would come through
Jamaica is very mountainous. It does has some rather high mountain peaks
So when you get all of this humidity, the clouds building up they approach the land, you know what's going to happen
Still again like I say, it doesn't take away from a fantastic holiday
In the middle of the resort there's a skating rink. It's made out of my nylon
and they have actual skates there so you can skate.
They've got basketball, mini golf, jacuzzi's.
There's so many things to do. It's great for families. It's great for couples.
And as I said you're lucky enough to get it at one of the bargain prices last minute deals
it's absolutely unbelievably worth it!
Even from Vancouver I've seen is go for well under $1000
Absolutely worthwhile bargain but that's not always the case and in any of these resorts
that I talk about, when I say they're well worth it, I'm talking about when they are in a $1000 range.
And I've seen some of these resorts going up for $1800-$1900 in the peak of the season
and for that
based on my experience
it's to do with accommodations then everything else that's getting to the very high end of it and a person
at that point can start looking around at possibly other options