Pottery Barn Kids: How To Create Holiday Tree Ornaments with Melanio Gomez

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Pottery Barn Kids How to create Holiday Tree Ornaments with Melanio Gomez
Hello my name is Melanio Gomez and I'm a stylist at Pottery Barn Kids
the joy for me this time of year is decorating Its the one time you can go all out one of my favorite holiday handmade ornaments is the paper pinwheel
and what you are going to need to make that is 2 rolls of paper that are different colors
a pair of scissors, a hole puncher,a stapler,some string and a hot glue gun
The first thing you would do is take your two different kinds of paper and cut them by 2 inches by 20 inches
The next step is to staple it together at the ends. After you staple them together
fold them on to one other alternating the colors, then once its folded you open it up and fold it on to itself
and it creates a pinwheel the glue gun holds the center of it together
and put a hole punch in between then take your string run it through that hole and hang it on your tree.
Natural elements like pine cones and cinnamon sticks can enhance your holiday tree.
Gather some pine cones and head for your local craft store and get ribbon, floral wire and even cinnamon sticks you are also going to need scissors and wire cutters.
What you are going to do is your going to take the floral wire and wrap around the base of the pine cone
and then twisting it to the top so it hangs vertical.
What I love about floral wire is that its the same color of the tree and if you use it for your ornaments they stay secure especially if have children and pets
take a bunch of cinnamon sticks and take the floral wire wrap it around gathering it, so its tight and you twist the wire on top
take the ribbon and tight around the bundle you don't have to tie a bow you can just do a knot
then you can hang directly on your tree the inspiration for the gift wrapping comes from the tree and all the ornaments
for example: the plaid from the stars, the santa, the tree skirt and the red velvet garland
there is so many fun ways for you and your family to wrap presents I've taken five different ribbons and mixed and matched them.
I've layered them. I just used simple twine I did a simple knot and I combined two without a bow which makes it perfect for stacking
a great way to display your gifts is these galvanized buckets that we bought at a local hardware store.
we decorate them with tape and since you are going to be separating your gifts anyway, each bucket can be for each member of the family
arrange your gifts in the bucket and place it around your tree skirt