CGRundertow HOME SHEEP HOME 2 for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 12.12.2011

There are, like, a million puns I could make about this, but we’re not going to go there.
I’m not going say ewe need this baah-rilliant game. I won’t stimulate your facial cringe
muscles by telling you that you should feel sheepish for overlooking such a fun game just
because you’ve never shep-heard of it. I’m above all that stuff.
I’ll just tell you that you should play Home Sheep Home 2 for the shear fun of it.
I’m sorry. That wasn’t the right word. I meant sheer, not shear. Now they’re just
forcing my gimmick—that’s not even what I said. Besides, that’s the worst pun I’ve
ever herd.
Argh, no! They’re doing it again! Is there no justice?
Fortunately, there is Home Sheep Home 2, a sequel to a fantastic puzzle game from earlier
this year. The original got its start as a Flash game before being brought to the App
Store, where it was an instant hit, and that brings us to the sequel. More levels, more
puzzles, the same sheep.
The game is split into several puzzles, each with the same objective. Get all of your sheep
to the exit. You can control each sheep individually simply by tapping the one you’re trying
to move, at which point you can make the sheep walk, run, jump, push things and of course,
problem solve.
Home Sheep Home 2 works from the same basic idea as the first game so each of the three sheep
is different. Timmy is the smallest, Shaun is the best jumper and Shirley is the big
one. These characteristics give each sheep different abilities in certain situations,
and to reach the exit, you’ll have to use utilize them properly.
So obviously, this is really a physics-based puzzler. The weight of each sheep is a primary
concern in completing each level, and the game does a nice job adding extra stuff to
think about, as well. You may have a solution for the puzzle, but what about a solution
that lets you finish the level and get all the collectibles? They may look like stinky
socks, but they give you incentive to think up even better solutions.
Of course, for a lot of these puzzles, just getting to the exit is tricky enough. This
is a really challenging game, much more difficult than other popular iOS puzzlers. It takes
multitasking, sheep cooperation and lots of patience to figure out some of the levels,
although that could be because I’m very bad at these games.
And if Shaun the Sheep sounds familiar to you, that’s because it’s the very same
character from the fantastic BBC claymation. In fact, Shaun the Sheep can trace his origins
to Wallace and Gromit, of which his animated series is a spin-off. So there’s some quality
DNA is this sheep, which is probably why he’s such a good jumper.
There’s not much I don’t like about this game. It’s fun, it’s really clever and
I love the water-color-and-sketch graphics. It’s a stylish game, it only costs 99 cents,
it’s Home Sheep Home 2...and it’s wool-worth your time.