Inside the Elmer's Test Lab: Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Filler -- Durability Test

Uploaded by ElmersBrands on 04.05.2012

Hey guys I'm David and I'm back at the Elmer's labs to hang out my buddies Van and Yogi
I don't know what they have planned for me today, all I'm worried about
right now is that they're as excited to see me as I am to see them. What are we
testing? Like I said, i have no idea. We're about to find out.
Hey guys, I'm back. Van how you doing? Doctor Y, Yogi, hey there!
All right so what are we doing today? We're testing something, what are we testing?
We're testing wood filler. What is wood filler?
Wood filler is a product that is used to repair a hole or a scratch in an article of wood.
Okay so this is our first test, and I love when we get the big machines out here that I've never seen before
What are we doing here? I know durability
What does that? What's this proving?
The durability we want to go ahead and look at is we
use a Taber Abraser tester. And what this does
is this has a certain calibration of abrasive wheels and there we're going to go ahead and
test for five hundred cycles. And that's going to simulate foot traffic. And what
we do then is just weigh it before and after.
So let's do the competitor first,
okay so we weigh it
And it's sixty point one eight now we put it on here and you

It says five hundred, does that mean it spins around here five hundred times? Yes it'll spin
around for five hundred cycles, yes.
When we put this back on the machine,
We'll have a weight on here and whatever that weight is, is how much we've lost? Yes, that's exactly right.
How much of the competitors material has come off?
That much has actually been abraded. Four Ninety-Eight, Four Ninety-Nine!
Five hundred, we made it
Point zero four (.04)
okay so let's go ahead and do the Elmer's now see
how it holds up
Fifty-Eight point Eight
Ever play records on this?
Not really no
Ok we're at five hundred with the Elmer's
let's let's wait
and his is point zero three
That's 25% better
Yes, yes because you want the smaller number Next time i'm working with wood
I'll be using Elmer's Wood Filler
And the next time I see you, I'll be right here
For more Elmer's experiments, we'll see you then