Warning! The dangers of herbal colon cleansers.

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Hi I'm Dr. Group, welcome to my video questions and answers blog
this question comes from Aida t.
and Aida says, Dr Group I tried to find information on your website about the
other products you suggest for colon cleansing
it basically describes Oxy-Powder
please let me know about them and why the other products are not explained
looked at massive amounts
of colon cleansing products
and the problem out there is that ninety nine percent of those
colon cleansing products and the reason why we don't carry any other
colon cleansing product is
because 99% of them are made of herbs
and to this day i have not been able to find a fully organically certified
herbal colon cleanser that doesn't contain any damaging herbs to the
intestinal tract
as matter of fact i wrote an article called 'warning: the dangers of herbal cleansers'
you know a lot of herbal cleansers contain three dangerous herbs one is
psyllium, one is cascara sagrada and the the other is senna
these are all
could cause damage to the intestinal lining over time
be aware of all these mucoid looking ropes that are being advertised
everywhere online i mean we personally
mixed some of these concoctions together in house and we formed the same
you know mucoid plaque
you know lines that people are holding up over the toilet online
let's take a step back and see ok what does psyllium do, psyllium is going
to be taken inside your body it's going to expand and it's gonna take
water from your system
sure it might grab some of the compaction, it might scrape
some of the stuff from the sides of the walls but
what is the psyllium made of. all you're doing is just causing a bulking system
going in your system you don't get the deep cleansing you don't get the oxygen
that is delivered through and oxygen cleanser and
to top it all off, you're probably adding more toxins to your body. most of the psyllium
is imported from china and india
and the toxic
substances of the toxic water runoff from the cities
is being used to irrigate
these psyllium products and herbs in china and india
they're containing arsenic, the number one cancer-causing agent known to man,
pesticides, insecticides
rocket fuel, chemicals that we don't know about, prescription
medications that are getting into the water systems.
Look we have to trace all these things back to their sources and you know when
you're growing herbs using contaminated water it's a bad situation
so to answer your question why do i not have other colon cleansing products on
my website?
There's only one that i trust, and that's Oxy-Powder and that's the only
one that i've been using with my patients you know when i used to see them
it's the only one that i recommend
and to this
day and time i have not found an organic herbal
colon cleansing products anywhere
that would meet my standards of
being able to cleanse the colon
and besides that
i believe that your colon should be cleaned
at least twice a week
you know think about it. your colon is exactly the same as your skin. your
intestines is made up of the same tissue- epithelial tissue
if you were to take
every single thing that you eat on a daily basis and drink and smear it all over
your skin
you know that would be pretty nasty and your skin would start to
degenerate and
there would be all kinds of lesions on your skin and everything else if
you never took a shower
the whole problem is what why we're dealing with so much disease today
is that our intestines are not being given a shower and we're just
feeding and putting garbage into it
so if you wash your intestines twice a week like you wash your skin and every
day by taking a shower
that is the ultimate secret of getting these toxins out of your body
as fast as they're coming in
of course you know what we really want to do is reopen our elimination
routes which are
exercise which opens up our respiration and our sweating
and you know
have regular bowel movements through defecation, urination and menses in women, those are
our elimination routes, we want to have our elimination routes open
and then when the cleanse
change our dietary habits, clean our living environment so we're not taking
in as many toxins on a daily basis as were eliminating i mean that's really
the whole thing we have to eliminate
more toxins from our body
on a daily basis than we're taking in
so that's why i don't have any other colon cleansing
on our site. hope that helps
hope you have a great day. that's aida.