[China] Fail Scenes Vol. 64 by 77 [HD] [subbed]

Uploaded by m4tth3 on 05.02.2012

You wasted my epic fissure block ADMIRAL!
[Never Drink Too Much Rum!]
Orge Magi has revived (buy back)
Have I been so drunk that I actually revived with empty health bar?
Bloodseeker why would you do this to me
To send you here to play with me of course
[Spiderlings Traveling Through Space]
My sons have such an ability?
[The Walking Dead Stone]
Is this fight like a man or sleep like a boss
As a supporting ES
I have to farm as well as roam
Pull creeps for the farming
Get some income first
[Farm As Well As Roam]
I messed up for once, but doesnt matter
I shall take the first blood now
Why do I keep missing...
Maybe its just not the right time
Lets clear the creeps first
Is this a psychological or physical cause
Guess I can only freak them out Krobelus): ES goes missing at anytime
[A Tutorial To Jungling With Lycan]
Yourself has to take some damage at first
Then give it to your summoned wolves
As simple as that
You need to keep roaming around
APM easily goes up to 200
Keep dodging......
Where the hell are you going
You roared so fearfully of course we would run
Landed safely
There is an old saying:
There is always a regeneration rune right after a battle
There isnt? Guess I'm unlucky this time
(Venomancer): What the hell (Earthshaker): How did he die?