Towson University: Bridges Juried Art Exhbition

Uploaded by TowsonUniversity on 01.08.2012

Hi, I'm Professor Christopher Bartlett.
I'm the director
of the Towson University art galleries
and my role in this show
is to curate MathArt exhibition
I was also a juror
together with a panel of
jurors from the Bridges Organization.
It's the largest international conference on mathematical connections
to art, science, and music.
And so, we bring together people from all of the world and all across America to present
ideas about those concepts.
Well, we try to pick out
obviously, things that would have a definite
mathematical connection.
My thought on it was to get as many media
represented in the exhibition. So we had a broad range of work.
It represents about
90 artists from
more than 10 countries and all across the USA.
Naturally, the majority are mathematicians
who are interested in art.
But, we still have a big contingent of artists
who have ideas and
and concepts that they incorporate into their art work
from mathematics.
This is very special because this is an unusual event in that we've got a
month-long exhibition
and also
the conference only exhibition which is in our gallery downstairs.
And, by the way, it was here in 2002, so it's our ten year
anniversary at Towson University.
They're all over the world
and I think we're just lucky to be able to host this here.