Side By Side Song FUNNY & HILARIOUS! George Younce & William Gaither [HQ]

Uploaded by renatolunnon on 18.02.2011

I got to thinking
what it would be like if a guy
didn't really know the girl he was marrying, you know.
And it goes like this...
"We got married
last Friday.
My girl was right there beside me.
Our friends were all gone. We were alone, side by side.
We were so happily wed when
she got
ready for bed then
her teeth and her hair
she placed in a chair...side by side.
One glass eye so tiny
one hearing aid so small
then she took one leg off
and placed it
on the chair by the wall.
I stood there brokenhearted
most of my girl
had de-parted.
I slept on the chair
there was more of her there...side by side