Constipation: The Facts

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Hi, I'm Doctor Group.
What is constipation?
Millions of americans exhibit constipation symptoms ranging from then
normal bowel transit time
to full chronic constipation
on a regular basis.
I personally feel the majority of people
have constipated colons to some degree.
Constipation is so prevailant
and widespread,
it should be listed as an epidemic.
Whether you think so or not,
you're probably constipated,
according to the true meaning of the word.
The shocking truth is
the medical definition of constipation is just plain wrong.
The medical definition of constipation is:
that passage of small amounts
of hard dry bowel movements,
usually fewer then three times per week.
Now, for the real definition of constipation,
if you are not having
a minimum of two
easy to pass bowel movements daily,
then you are constipated.
because waste is accumulating in your system.
Even if you're going pretty regularly
you could still
have pounds of hard, compacted fecal matter in your intestinal tract.
Many people suffering from constipation
feel like they have
incomplete bowel movements
and this causes them to strain even more.
can lead to anal fissures, or hemorrhoids over time.
Some common symptoms of constipation
can include increased bowel sounds,
bad breath,
and even skin blemishes.
You might be surprised to learn bad breath is a commonly overlooked symptom
of constipation,
but it makes perfect sense when you think about it.
After all, the mouth and stomach are connected.
A digestive tract that's sluggish,
gas is rising up from the stomach or intestines
could cause the mouth to have a putrid oder.
Skin eruptions or blemishes can also be a sign of constipation.
Constipation could cost acne or even worsen
skin conditions.
Individuals who are constipated are typically backed up
with fecal matter.
Many people ignore their constipation,
because they have lived with it for so long, they're used to it,
but it's one of many
precursors for all bowel disorders,
and other diseases even in the body.
It can cause bowel obstruction,
which is characterized by tender stomach, maybe even sometimes vomiting.
Ironically, constipation can also lead to episodes of diarrhea.
Paradoxical diarrhea occurs when
soft, liquid waste matter passes around the impacted matter lodged in the colon.
X-Rays that are sometimes performed during the stages
of constipation
can reveal the location of the impacted fecal matter in the bowel.
The good news is
by keeping the intestines cleansed,
people did not have to suffer from constipation any longer.
believe nearly every disease,
known to humans,
is caused, triggered, or amplified by toxic exposure
and frequent constipation.
This is why it's so important
to reduce or eliminate the amount of toxins
entering your body on a daily basis.
To learn more about the individual toxins that can cause constipation,
and how to safely and easily detoxify these toxins from you body,
home, and work environment,
using organic and natural methods,
please visit global healing center dot com (
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