Sign Making : Painting Craft Wood

Uploaded by expertvillage on 04.07.2008

Okay, now we're ready to paint, so I'm going to take my paintbrush and I'm going to dip
it in the water that I have here sitting to the side. I want to make sure, again, bristles
are good and wet. You don't want to have any dry bristles coming out as you begin to paint.
And then I'm going to select my blue paint, wetting both sides of the brush, and I'm going
to come to the middle of my piece of wood. And you just want nice even strokes back and
forth, going with the wood of the grain. You want to make sure you get a good coat on there.
It's going to take about an hour for each coat to dry, so once you get your first coat
down, you want to set it aside for an hour, and then you can come back. If you want to
put a second coat on it you can. If you want to deepen it, or, if you want to see the wood
shining through like I do you can just do the one coat. It's going to make your project
move along a lot quicker.