Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks (Episode 8: Flip Case Control App Review)

Uploaded by Lucidmike78 on 06.11.2012

hello everyone welcome to galaxy note 2 tips and tricks episode eight and
today i have a cool app to show you guys
let me show you something i have just like uh... generic case on here but i'm
going to close the flat
and then i'm going to open it up again
as you noticed
i did not pushed the power or home button
this um...
this app that i'm running in the background uses proximity sensors
here closest to the head peace
or headphone there
and um...
when it senses that uh... you have to close a flat turns off the screen
that's saving your battery
so uh... the app is called
flip case control
and he has uh...
uh... on the google play store call
flip case control trial so you definitely try that out you could try
out for twenty four hours
and see how you like it
he notes that the dark cases it has uh... hard time sensing the proximity
so it does not work and he says you need to put a
you know white a piece of paper here so that it senses when you close the
case well that does not seem to be a problem with any of the cases i've
tried to see I do have a dark case
and uh... this is is generic one not the samsung flip cover
and when i close it
you know it's not really its not tight fit just like samsung flip cover
but once again
no problem
the problem that you'll run into though is that say that you're used to holding the
in this way
you know not all the time but sometime maybe you'll do this and as you can see
i'm blocking
these three sensors here
and uh... the phone will likely turn off when you do that
and uh...
you know i think it is a small price pay for this app
and that uh... i don't think i'll have a problem
grabbing my phone another way
and uh... it's not like the best way i'm holding it either right
screen so
adjust my grip
whenever i see this being turned off but uh... yeah i did something that you'll
see yourself are having trouble with
and then um...
to get this uh... at to to get an app like this working i believe he's using on all
three sensors here
not maybe not all the time but sometimes you know just a camera uh... light
sensor and proximity sensor
and uh... you know just by having to power that on sometimes or maybe having
to power on the
proximity sensor all the time you're drain some battery but
is uh...
less battery drain than having your screen on sometimes when you close to
cover and forget to turn it off
uh... might think ah... you know that
i think it makes sense uh... i think you'll
definitely end up saving some battery and uh...
by using this app but
keep in mind there is some extra power drain going into the sensors
when the phone is
when the phone is turned off
and uh... you know I guess one more benefit is that these uh... super hamlet screen
if you've ever visited like a cell phone carrier store and you see
models that are year old
that the screen even though it's very hard to burn in
it does still burn in like you'll see a pictures of icons that just like

burned into the screen so
if it gets a just a a little bit of that beautiful screen of mine just by using
an app like this
he says he could see
i have my samsung flip cover on now and let's see how it works and I'm going to open it
turns on the screen
hoply turned off and now turn back on
so yeah it seems to work fine but i'll see this uh... and I'm noticing that it
works about ninety eight percent of the time and
you know the two percent time uh...
now i think uh... there's a little bit more fine tuning to do but a
it think it still works great
so definitely check it out and and uh... you might save some
so anyway i think this app is very good especially for me because i often
forget to turn off the screen when it closed a
case and it is probably because we'd been conditioned all their lives after
using something like a refrigerator
that their lights turn off when we close the door
unfortunately that doesn't happen when you have a cover tap case so i think this app
is great for that purpose
that's the end of this episode i hope you got something out of it
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