Verdades que devemos saber e crer para sermos salvos

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Moment of Reflection
Truths that we know and believe to be saved
1 - GOD
The first truth in which we believe is the existence of God.
He even showed it. Has no reason for the statement to say:
"I never saw him." It is false to say that no one saw Him. It is a sign of ignorance insisting that he never spoke.
It can not, with a phrase, destroying the fruit of a centuries-old tradition and conscientious study, profound.
I would be outraged, denying the existence of the sun.
Our reason tells us that if there were no God, the world would not exist.
If the workman is necessary for construction of a house,
with more reason you need a creator to make heaven and earth ...
At all times and in all countries, even the most barbarian,
men believe that there is God, Creator and Lord of all things.
If not God, with His power, where would the world? Out of nowhere?
But nothing, by itself, can do nothing no one can give what is not!
BUT THERE IS A GOD, nor can there be more than one, that has all perfections.
God has always existed and always will be, moreover, would not be God.
God is a most pure spirit has no body,
we can not see this life as we do not see our soul, but He is everywhere.
He sees everything, knows everything, even our most secret thoughts.
- But if God has no eyes, you see? - And see also our thoughts?
Try closing your eyes ... Do not you see anything? Even something? Do not you see anything?
Neither the furniture in your room, the people in your house, the house of thy land? ...
And that they're still far, far away?
You will say that this view is very imperfect.
It's true. But you agree that you can see without using sight.
Most perfect God can not be blind. He even knows your thoughts.
How many times have guessed the thoughts and desires of a person you looked up and read them to him in the face?
And you are infinitely less perfect than God.
God is all powerful, infinitely just, good, holy and unchangeable; possesses all perfections.
Therefore, "the first, God" - is the program of the man of faith.
Jesus said: "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar and to God what is God" (Mt 22, 21)
II - TRINITY: We believe in it!
God is not a loner, is a communion of persons. In him there are three really distinct Persons:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father is God, the Son is God, the Holy Spirit is God:
are not three gods but three Persons equal in all things, and that is the same God,
because they have the same divine nature, is what is called the mystery of the Trinity.
We know this because the same God revealed them.
Listen to Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity:
"I and the Father are one" (John 10:30).
"When the Paraclete cometh, whom I will send unto you from the Father,
the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father .. "(John 15, 26).
When Christ tells the Apostles to preach his Gospel also says clearly:
"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations;
baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit ... "(Matthew 28, 19).
The distinction of the three Divine Persons appears clear in the baptism of Jesus and more passages of the Gospel.
Also there in the sun, fire, heat and light: three things in one.
Three different things at the same time while inseparable.
Small picture, very imperfect, the mysterious greatness that is in God.
III-CREATION: We believe in Creation?
God created heaven and earth and all they contain, and created them from nothing, only by his will.
Only God who can create, because it requires an infinite power.
Create from scratch is to make anything out of nothing is;
so we can not say, for example, that a watchmaker, who made a watch, a watch created;
an architect who built a house, created a home.
No starting material, nothing is done, the need is a copper, iron another, to another wood, etc. ...
But what is impossible with men is not God, infinitely perfect and powerful ...
It took him a moment, one word, one act of his will, to do no work,
without help from anyone, no one instrument or material,
inumarável this multitude of creatures visible and invisible, physical and spiritual.
Created the Angels: The existence of angels is proved by Scripture,
speaking in them many times, and the Tradition.
The Church instituted in their honor an annual festival in October 2.
You never thought in your guardian angel who accompanies you day and night?
Jesus Himself, the Holy Gospel, speaking in his Angels more than once.
Just remember the Angel of the Annunciation of Our Lady of the Angels Grotto of Bethlehem
Angel of the Garden of Olives, the Angel of the Resurrection, etc..
God created the stars, plants and animals for the benefit of men.
He governs all things by His Providence.
Notice: The authenticity of the four Gospels can not put into doubt. It is proven:
I ┬║ - Because they date the beginning of the Church.
2 - For in the early days of Christianity, even the heretics and enemies of the Church,
attacking the Church, not only never attacked the Gospels, but even served them.
3 - I never suffered any book exams as stringent as the Gospels that have been studied more thoroughly,
word for word, by friends and enemies of religion.
This should confirm our confidence that, following the Gospel, we are actually.
(See "Unknown Treasures")
My Brothers and Sisters, I hope that this explanation as simple and accessible
all, we always confirm more in our Catholic faith
and help us communicate it also to our brothers who have lost it.
+ Blessing of God Almighty, Triune, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
descend upon you, confirm your faith and stay forever. - Amen.