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The World at 8 Number one in Nationalist News
Headlines today the 20th August. Wife of Communist party leader receives suspended
death sentence A total of 13 arrested so far in connection
with oil executiveís death Europe is burning whilst the EU fiddles!
Euro zone finances in brief. Christian girl 11 ñ arrested in Pakistan
Pussy riot put behind bars ñ if only for their name!
Thought for the Day ñ Twitter, Tweeting and Troubles!
And finally ñ Dairy Queen kills Samurai sword wielding robber!
The death sentence suspended for 2 years says that justice has been done for the British
businessman killed by the wife of communist party political leader Bo Xilia. Gu Kailai
has admitted killing Neil Heywood. Suspended death sentences are normally commuted to sentences
of up to 25 years or life in prison, subject to good behaviour in prison for two years.
. This statement came from Tang Yigan, an official
with the Hefei Intermediate Court in eastern China and followed earlier comments from witnesses
who had attended Monday's closed-door hearing. Zhang Xiaojun, a Bo family aide who admitted
to helping Gu with Neil Heywood's murder last November, received a nine-year jail sentence
and four police officers who worked under Bo Xilai in Chongqing†and were tried earlier
this month, were found guilty of covering up†the killing. They are named as Guo Weiguo,
Li Yang, Wang Pengfei and Wang Zhi ñ†and were sentenced to between five and 11 years
in jail. Tang said at a media briefing it remains unclear whether Bo himself will be
implicated at a future date.
Two more men have been arrested for being involved in the murder of a wealthy oil executive
ñ Carole Waugh. Waugh- 50 was found stabbed to death in a car on the 2nd August. . A 55-year-old
man and another aged 39 were arrested in central London on Monday in connection with conspiracy
to commit fraud, Scotland Yard said. Both were bailed to a date in early September pending
further inquiries. Two men have already been arrested on suspicion of the murder - Rakesh
Bhayani aged 40 and Nicholas Kutner aged 47 have been accused. Bhayani and Kutner are
also accused of fraud worth about £280,000 by ëfalse representation following transactions
associated with Waughís identityí. Carole Waugh had lived and worked in Libya
for a number of years but returned to London in 2008 and would regularly visit relatives
in Durham and Cumbria. Her former boss, Stuart Anderson, told journalists she had fled Libya
after being threatened by someone in Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime but a Scotland Yard
spokesman has said inquiries ëare focused on Londoní. So far 13 people have been arrested
in connection with the inquiry into her disappearance. At least three women have tried to pose as
her since she vanished, police have said. Scotland Yard has investigated links to dating
sites and appealed for information about the blue Volkswagen Golf in which Waugh's body
was found.
Forest fires are raging in Greece. The Island of Chios has been badly hit and remote historical
areas and forests have been engulfed in flames. 17 fire engines tackled the blaze with around
40 volunteers helping out as well. Chalkidiki has seen its ancient monastry community uprooted
on one of its three peninsulas. In the last seven days fires have also raged in the Canaries
killing wildlife and spouting miles of ash and smoke into the air. There are also forest
fires ablaze on the Spanish mainland. Tourists have been warned over the escalating fires
in the Canaries after 2 fire fighters were killed last week. Last month Portugal and
Croatia were also hit by wildfires. A W@8 reporter commented ëand still Merkel fiddles
whilst Rome burns!í
The Eurozone crisis is going from bad to worse in laymanís language! In financial terminology
the W@8 has summed up a short list of what is currently going on.
* Finland is preparing for a break-up of the Eurozone
ï 'Ä100bn bill for UK' if Greek crisis causes Eurozone break-up
ï Fuchs: banks could handle a Greek exit from Eurozone
ï Spain's bad bank loans rise to record high and the Mayor of Madrid has stated that ëit
seems "seems inevitable" the central government would apply for some kind of international
aid package as the country goes through a deep recession and borrowing costs soar. Meanwhile
Merkel is still making the Greeks suffer whilst ëmulling overí easing Greeceís bailout
terms. Some reports have said that in a carefully thought out study, it could actually be the
Germans who bring the Euro to a crashing end.
Pakistani authorities have arrested an 11 year old Christian girl after she was accused
of blasphemy and is being detained in the capital Jalalabad. The child is accused of
desecrating pages from the Quran officials have reported on Pakistani television. A Police
officer, Zabi Ullah, said on Monday that the girl was arrested on Thursday after hundreds
of neighbours, angry over reports she had allegedly burned religious papers, gathered
outside her house in a poor outlying district of the capital, Islamabad."Some Muslims from
the area claim the girl had burned pages of the Quran, and we are investigating, and we
have not reached any conclusion," Ullah said. Whilst another official reported that she
had a bag of partially burned paper inside but none were from the Quran.
There are reports on whether the child is mentally handicapped or not and her age ranges
from 11 to 16 years but she was unable to speak when brought to the station. This presenter
says, ëthey need ProFam out there. She is probably in shock and if Christian, I doubt
if her safety is guaranteed if returned home unharmed, which is unlikely. Poor little girl,
where are her parents?í...
The Russian Courts have sentenced the 3 members of the anarchistic band ëPussy Riotí to
two years in prison for their anti religious demonstration inside a Church of all places.
The band that has been set up to draw attention and self publicise themselves in and outside
Russia- have been dealt a fair deal. A W@8 reporter commented ëThey are supported by
all the Lefty Liberal twats around the world but if this had happened in Yemen or Pakistan
in a mosque, they would have been killed without trial. These people choose their targets carefully;
they would not dare to upset the militant Muslims. We Christians should be more militant
and not so turn the other cheek ñ nowadays which gets you nowhere. Good old Putin, I
like that man!í
Thought for the Day ñ Twittering and more!
Now I am unashamedly a Facebook virgin ñ havenít got a clue and have so far avoided
twitting, tweeting or airing myself on the waves of the web apart from the W@8 ñ which
suits me very nicely thank you! I have never had the urge to reveal my true character in
all its ghastliness since enraging the mighty left with a short documentary which has gone
into the annals of ëa thing never to be mentioned!í I was described in one of these mailings as
an idiot looking for a village and to some extent they were absolutely right! I know
now that anyone trying to take on the media in any shape or form is sadly doomed to failure
and at best ridicule. The national media and by that I am including
television, papers and the web in all its glory are no go areas for all nationalists.
Not only are we banned from TV and papers very effectively by the National Union of
Journalists for one but they have strict guidelines on how to tackle us. I have taken some of
their statements on ërace reportingí and ëreporting racist organisations. Statement
on race reporting The NUJ believes that the development of racist
attitudes and the growth of fascist parties pose a threat to democracy, the rights of
trade union organisations, a free press and the development of social harmony and well-being.
It also states: The NUJ believes that its members cannot avoid a measure of responsibility
in fighting the evil of racism as expressed through the mass media. The next one even
has me puzzled: Immigrant is often used as a term of abuse. Do not use it unless the
person really is an immigrant. Most black people in Britain were born here and most
immigrants are white. Then we have the ëReporting racist organisations and this is really Marxist
inspired, roll up Mr Stalin your ship is in port! ëWhen interviewing representatives
of racist organisations or reporting meetings or statements or claims, journalists should
carefully check all reports for accuracy and seek rebutting or opposing comments. The anti-social
nature of such views should be exposed. Then we have the British Association of Journalists
who do not seem to have an agenda so set out but who do encourage a large student membership
with employment details as well as membership details. They still profess to ëpublish the
truth etcí and are clearly failing in that one because the truth does not fit in with
their overall agenda which is Marxism and globalism, not democracy or freedom of speech
in any shape or form, well not if you are a white person or a nationalist ñ you are
simply not entitled to be heard. So it is with this in mind that many of us
fly to the web with twitters, tweeters and Facebook. But you can meet your waterloo in
these places just when you think it is safe to go back in the water, out come the sharks!
In fact I am seriously considering emailing Peter Hitchins and telling him to listen to
the W@8 because he seems to come out with the same ideas a couple of days later and
it could save him time. I am starting with the Wikileaks debacle which
is currently occupying the space the Olympics occupied for some weeks. Julian Assange who
is Australian should be sent to prison. It is simple. In June 2010 US soldier Bradley
Manning leaked government files to Wikileaks. July 25, more than 91,000 documents most of
them secret military reports about the war in Afghanistan are posted online, October
23, even after Assange is questioned by Swedish police, 400,000 classified Iraqi military
files are released. He was refused bail even though there were security pledges from Jemima
Khan, Ken Loach and John Pilger real motley load of leftist luvvies. On Saturday senior
diplomats privately condemned the Ecuadorian government which they said ëhad been captured
by left wingers who regard Assange as a hero because they hate the United Statesí. Well
what a thing. The trouble is with the web and anything connected to it is that once
something is on it you cannot remove it, it is there for eternity and we nationalists
know only too well what that can lead to, lost jobs and more. The Wikileaks fiasco has
cost around £1m so far and it will get more ñ can we afford to pay for this idiot and
the fellow idiots who support him? If all the secrets of the first and second
world wars were out there for all to see, none of the allies would come out of it shining
any more than the Nazi regime did. Bombings of certain cities in the UK and Europe that
did not need to be bombed but still resulted in saving the lives of hundreds of troops
to name but one secret.
Now we pass to Twitter and the internet ëtrollsí pointed out by Jeremy Clarkson. I like poor
old Clarkie, he speaks his mind and that is not a good thing in the media nowadays. He
has described Britain as ëa nation of 62 million complete and utter bastardsí and
he has a point. When you say something on line about death or something sad that has
affected you or your family, you are opening the door to ridicule, not sympathy. As indeed
Clarkie has found out to his cost. These people that hover unmercifully over their keyboards
are not nice people. This is why most of them are stuck raging at the screen for most of
the day or night, they do not have lives ñ they have keyboards and have keyboard will
travel, well at least into some poor buggers brain.
The one thing about the papers is that the journalists are not generally unidentified,
they put their names to what they write, and they are honest enough in that. But these
people who say the most terrible things to total strangers do so under the guise of anonymity
ñ which is cowardice on an enormous scale. These ësocial networkingí programs started
out with the best possible intentions, making a dollop of cash around people ësocialisingí
on line. Some years ago, no harm done but gradually over the years it has changed drastically.
Now whether this is a reflection of our society and the global society I do not know, but
I think it must be relevant because a computer is just a machine and just does what it is
told or what is entered into it. . We have internet sexual grooming, we have
unspeakable and depraved porn open to children and indeed featuring children, we have acts
of cruelty perpetrated on children, animals and adults, we have freaks of nature and humanity
and I am not talking about physical attributes here ñ in fact Sodom and Gomorrah would have
found a home on the web! It is any wonder that when a person writes
about the death of a family pet that they receive no sympathy at all? No, he receives
a general attack of sheer nastiness. Liz Jones another journalist has suffered as well and
no longer operates on Twitter. In fact her statement is really indicative of the internet
trolls ñ ëThey are self appointed thought police, wanting everyone to be humble and
uncritical and unchallenging of the status quo. Isnít it interesting that the Russians
and East Germans had to employ people to do this for them, when now the general British
public are doing that job for freeí. You have to acknowledge that is a truism!.
I am not suggesting that all people writing on these sites are trolls but I would think
you have to be very careful of who you associate with in real life. If they are on one of these
Roman gladiatorial sites, which is what they are in my opinion, up there with the X Factor,
Big Brother and that Essex tripe ñ anything you do or say could end up being placed before
millions of people for their input ñ not a nice thought!
The sad fact is that the more we devolve as human beings the more manmade machines take
over the cultural and social aspects of our society or rather what used to be ëour societyí.
You can say through a machine all sorts of filth which you would be prevented from in
putting on a banner and demonstrating in person. You can stay in and not socialise with your
fellows but replace them with cyber mates on line ñ you need never go out of the house
to have so called friends. In fact nowadays, shopping, finding a mate, going to a cinema
or concert, ordering takeaway food, making a bomb, getting radicalised and forming mobs
and riots can all be done over the social network. What fun, you need never lack social
mobility at least in one room!
Ever wondered why our high streets are empty? Our malls not much better? Restaurants and
pubs closing and giving way to takeaways? Attendances at meetings down? Most cities
and villages dead in the water at 9.00 at night? (That is apart from teeny clubs and
drinking holes that vomit out their clientele all hours) The dual evils of social networking
and immigration. It is the immigrants who buy up defunct restaurants and pubs and turn
them into takeaways, immigrants who buy local shops and turn them into Halal food stores
and clothing shops for their own. Now I am not suggesting we go back to the Stone Age
I think computers are a wonderful invention, but as my dear Mother used to say ëgive something
to the masses darling and they will cock it upí and she didnít have the problems we
face from our cyber trolls and our enrichers! It is difficult to suggest that governments
take the cyber trolls in hand because they and I would bleat about ëfreedomsí but in
faith we have all lost our freedom of speech if it has come down to writings on a screen
which are untraceable but can have devastating effect on those reading them. There is no
freedom in that, it is more like an Orwellian nightmare. You simply cannot rely on human
beings to keep standards and once they slip, they are gone forever and the media they choose
becomes soiled and unusable. Facebook shares have slipped and £2,2billion
wiped from its value. Following its listing those who invested before flotation include
Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and U2 front man Bono have been banned from selling their shares
to sustain a 91 day lock up period to provide stability for the shares and this has now
What was that about global domination and ultra right wing Zionists? If people thought
what their usage of certain things meant in money terms and who it funded would they think
before they use? NO!
And finally, A Las Vegas robber with a 3 foot long Japanese
Samurai sword was shot dead on Sunday by a Dairy Queen clerk ñ police have reported.
Metro Police said that the unidentified and unnamed man walked into the Dairy Queen fast
food eatery at about 12.19 pm and the employee apparently fired at him twice hitting him
in the chest. The alleged robber was pronounced dead at Sunrise Hospital, the TV station said.
The Las Vegas Sun reported police Lt. Leslie Lane said he didn't think the employee, whose
name also wasn't reported, would be charged. This presenter knows there is a joke about
fast food and swords but just cannot think of it! Perhaps kebab comes to mind? There
is an old western adage ëdonít take a knife to a gunfight.
------------------------------------------------------------------ You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne
Mozar and I wish you all a very good night. W@