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BETH HOYT: You guys, hold your horses and
put down your Slurpees.
Save the Supers is coming up.
BETH HOYT: Hello, everyone.
Yes, everyone, even those few in the
world who are not watching.
I love them, too.
I love everyone.
I'm like Gandhi, but I'm taller and I wear contacts.
It's me, your host, Beth Hoyt.
And we've got an exciting show today.
First of all, obviously there's this guy--
on a computer behind me.
Who is that?
It's not awkward.
That's Troy Hitch, the creator of My Damn Channel's famous
You Suck at Photoshop series.
Say hi, Troy.
TROY HITCH: Hi, guys.
BETH HOYT: OK, that's enough, Troy.
Troy is currently participating in a Reddit AMA.
You can find the link in the description below.
But he's going to be talking with us later about all things
Photoshop-y, the run down of his favorite moments from the
series, and he's going to answer your questions and your
comments and all that jazz.
Troy, what do you think about jazz?
TROY HITCH: I like bebop.
Yeah, that's enough.
More Troy soon enough.
But first, I've got a funny story to tell you guys.
BETH HOYT: What is that?
Is that-- it is.
You guys, It's our series premiere alert.
You guys, we have a series premiere.

What's so funny?
OK, we've been waiting a long time for this.
We've got the world premiere of a brand new My Damn Channel
original series.
This is going to be good.
It was created by and stars Sandeep Parikh from The Legend
of Neil and The Guild.
We're very proud to show it to you.
You guys, here is episode one of Save the Supers.

-Welcome to America's Bank.
Can I help you?
-(LAUGHING) All right, everybody.
You know the drill.
This is a stickup.
(LAUGHING) So no funny business or I'll kill you.
You can bank on that. (LAUGHING)
Because it's a bank.
It's funny.
-The joke's on you, Jokester.
-Fleet Foot!
-Speed up, speed out.
Get him, boys.
-We're not your boys, guy.

-Where are my henchmen?
-Morph Man, wrecking ball.

Ha, ha.
-Don't count your chickens, Super Force.
-Seriously, dude?


-Another super villain defeated by the Super--
-Time to go Night Knight.

-Guys, stop.
I think he's dead.
-He's still moving.
-World Man, no laser eyes necessary.
-Laser eyes activate.

-Let's get started.
Everybody-- everybody settle.
-God, these cameras love me.
Welcome to World Man and Friends.
-OK, let's not address the cameras directly.
We're doing more of a documentary of the entire
Super Force.
-What channel is it on?
-It's for the internet.
-The internet?
-My kids love internet memes.
That's what we should do, like that chocolate rain guy.
If I had a hero of my own, it'd probably be the
chocolate rain guy.
I mean, he's like the Jackie Robinson of the internet.
Uh, Morph Man is correct.
Let's all focus.
As you guys all know, the government funding, which was
recently cut in half, has been cut in half again.
-Now we have nothing?
-That's not how fractions work.
-Are you sure?
-Uh, let's come up with some fundraising ideas.
-I have a solution.
I have been developing a process whereby I take our
super DNA and I make a super DNA soup.
Then I inject the soup into a bovine uterus where it
gestates into a super fetus.
-It doesn't have to be a bovine uterus.
It could be any robust uterus, really.
Preferably one that's immortal.
-Ew, no.
OK, this is, like, the fifth time you've asked to use my
uterus as an experiment.
It's not happening.
-That's going to save us a lot of cash, going in-house.
So I'm going to take that as a maybe.
-Yeah, let's just stick to money-making ideas.
-Oh, yeah.
I just don't see how making a super baby makes us money.
I just don't get it at all.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): How does a super
baby make you money?

-I have an idea.
Fleet Foot.
-I think we should revisit internet memes.
I was looking on Wikipedia, and it was talking about how--
(SINGING) Never going to give you up.
Never going to let you down.
Rick rolled.
-Yeah, I think we're just getting a little off-topic.
-You're off topic, Mermaid.
It's a sad, cold tampon of a day when criminals make $7
billion a minute--
-Yeah, that's not an accurate stat.
-And we superheroes are left groveling for loose internet
change like retarded beggars.
-Sorry, mentally retarded beggars.
I mean, can you believe that we have to do a song and dance
while these billionaire crack dealers buy and sell islands?
It's ridiculous.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): It's ridiculous.
-In conclusion, I think we should steal from the mob.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Steal from the mob.
-Robbery is a crime, no matter the victim.
You're out of my DNA soup.
I didn't want to be in your DNA soup.
Oh, I'll be in the soup.
I'll make sure of it.
Without me it's like chicken soup without the chicken.
There's going to be a whole load of
World Man in that soup.
-God, stop saying DNA soup.

-Great, Morph Man's leaving and-- can we just
get one good idea?
Like, one usable--
How about someone stop joy-riding in my InvisiJet
when you can already fly?
Actually, that's a good idea.
I mean, jet fuel's really expensive.
Let's just do the super baby.
-Not happening, OK?
That's not going to happen.
I don't hear you coming up with any ideas.
-All right, listen.
Since we can't seem to avoid
destroying property on missions--
-Our job here is done.
Morph, lead the way.

-Speed up, speed out.

-Oh god.
-Well, the only thing that's going to cut the budget enough
is to let one of us go.

OK, you know what?
Uh, why don't we talk about anything else?
How about we--
-Super Force.

-Fuck you, crime.
Don't say that line.
Fuck you, crime.
MERMAN (OFFSCREEN): It's not about how you're saying it.
Just don't say it.
-Fuck you, crime.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Ew, that robot just barfed.

BETH HOYT: Yes, I love it.
Save the Supers.
This is going to be a fun one.
I think I could join their group.
I mean, I understand money's tight for all of them.
But I will work for free.
I'm already a superhero, basically.
I'm Mega Beth.
BETH HOYT: And my super power is to make you look at your
computer screen and go--
are you doing it?
Did I do it?
You're my Beth Heads.
I have another superpower.
BETH HOYT: I can make the ukulele sound depressing.
OK, see?
You're crying on your vacation because you are broke.
You didn't think it was possible.
Mega Beth.
BETH HOYT: You could be drinking a Mai Tai right now
and this would still be depressing.
I can't pay the bill on this Mai Tai
and it's 12,000 calories.
What else can I do?
Um, I can order, Zappos shoes off my phone right now.
BETH HOYT: Oh, actually, you know what?
That's an app.
And you know what else that's called?
That's also called an addiction.
BETH HOYT: Anyway, that was just episode
one of Save the Supers.
We've got a lot more in future weeks, including appearances
by Felicia Day, Seth Green, and Kelly Hu.
This weekend, Sandeep and the cast will be at Comic-Con.
And he's going to be on Spike TV's coverage of Comic-Con
dressed as his Merman character and hanging out in
the Fan Lounge.
You can follow the series on Twitter.
You can follow the series on Facebook.
There's magic in the air.
OK, enough about The Supers for now.
Hey, Troy, how's the AMA going?
TROY HITCH: There's this great--
BETH HOYT: Oh, Troy?
Sorry, focus on the AMA.
This isn't your segment yet.
We're going to be with you in three minutes.
Can you wait that long?
BETH HOYT: OK, great.
You guys, Troy will be joining me in a second.
So get your questions into us on Twitter and YouTube because
guess what.
I have another superpower.
I can judge you if you don't participate in the wonderful
give and take that is our show.
Don't make me judge you.
BETH HOYT: Send in your questions and
your comments now.
Up next is one of your favie faves.
It's from the Daddy Knows Best series starring The League's
Steve Rannazzisi.
Here is "Special Brownies." Enjoy.

-You're making Jack's brownies?
-I am indeed.
I am.
-And I made a batch for myself.
For this guy.
-Look at you.
Yeah, I'm loving this, by the way.
-This is, uh, masculinity.
-What say after I make these brownies, I, uh, get to glaze
those melons?
-So gross.
-All right.
All right, babe.
I love you.
At least we still got Daddy's medicine, huh?
What do we have here?
Mm, Colombian Skull Fuck.
Let's put a little bit in there.
That's a little conservative for my taste.
How about the Paula Deen portion?
Mix it up.
-Hey, babe.
-Babe, where are the brownies with the green top?
FEMALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Oh, I dropped it off at the
Swardsons' with Jack.
-Oh, shit.


-What the fuck, man?

-Uh, Steve.
Barbara just called me.
She was hysterical.
She said that you sprinted into her house and you were
slapping brownies out of the kids' hands.
-Barbara is such a narc, babe.
Yes, I did go over to their house, and I was slapping
brownies out of kids' hands.
But there's a method for my madness.
-I'm all ears.
-Uh, where do I begin?
I was at the grocery store, and I saw this
gigantic fatso kid.
And I thought to myself, god, this is awful.
This child obesity is an epidemic.
-So this is what it was all about?
-Did you do something to these?
-No, I just--
I probably added too much oil.
Or pot.
-Are you kidding?
-Yeah, good.
Oh, look at that.
-Oh, they're gone.
-Oh, good.
-I am.
Let me see those hands.
There you go, Doubting Thomas.
-Yeah, I guess, uh, I'd like to see that other hand now.
-No, Steve.

-Hey, man.
Someone just threw away some pot brownies.
Can you believe it?
-Yeah, man.
Those are my pot brownies.
Did you eat them all?
-No, man.
There's more in here.
Come on in.
Just-- god, just find me one.
-Hey, this is some good weed.
I'm fucked up.
-Oh my god.
Do you have anything to wash this down with?
-I got a little bit of mine here.
GABE DELAHAYE: And you're watching--
MAX SILVESTRI: Silvestri, Max Silvestri.
GABE DELAHAYE: --My Damn Channel
LIVE with Matt Silvestri.
MAX SILVESTRI: Gabe Delahaye.

BETH HOYT: Yay, Daddy Knows Best.
I know you want more of that series, so check out our Daddy
Knows Best playlist on YouTube.
Also, yay, this guy.
Look who find out--
TROY HITCH: Fan-dande.
BETH HOYT: Thank you.
Look who found time in their busy Reddit AMA schedule to
join us and correct my wordage.
It's the creator of You Suck at Photoshop, Troy Hitch.
BETH HOYT: How is this AMA going?
TROY HITCH: It's very exciting.
Lots of questions coming through.
I think I might have actually deleted some things
BETH HOYT: That's exciting.
That keeps it exciting, though.
TROY HITCH: I don't know computers.
I don't get the technology.
Mr. New to Technology sucks at Photoshop.
OK, for the few people out there who aren't aware of your
show, how about you fill them in?
TROY HITCH: You Suck at Photoshop--
BETH HOYT: There's like two people who don't.
Greg and Chris, right?
Because that's who we're going to talk to?
BETH HOYT: Yeah, the cousins.
TROY HITCH: Guys, listen.
It's very simple.
You Suck at Photoshop is a tutorial series.
But the guy giving the tutorial, Donnie Hoyle, his
life is unraveling.
And the story comes through the tutorials.
And he hates himself, hates everybody.
And Photoshop's the only way he can cope with the world.
BETH HOYT: How did you come up with this idea for this?
TROY HITCH: Well, we were actually doing a couple of
incredibly popular series for My Damn Channel at the time.
And they were both live action.
It was very exhausting.
And we were coming up to a deadline.
And we had nothing.
And so we'd always talked about this idea around the
angry Photoshop guy.
BETH HOYT: So you had this character in mind?
TROY HITCH: Yeah, for about a year actually.
And so in a panic, I got in my car, drove
through Covington, Kentucky.
And I found this old, beat-up '80s Vanagon on the side of
the road and took a picture of it.
And two hours later, the world of Donnie Hoyle was born.
BETH HOYT: Covington, Kentucky-- the place where
dreams are born.
That's what I've heard.
TROY HITCH: I think you might have heard it a little bit
Some of the words are different in that phrase.
BETH HOYT: Oh, sure.
Oh, OK.
TROY HITCH: We have a meth problem.
And OxyContin So thanks, Beth.
TROY HITCH: Covington's struggling, don't you
We're going to try and get ourselves together.
BETH HOYT: I hope you do.
So then you went home and you had this photo.
Did you script that episode?
It sounds very improvised.
TROY HITCH: That one was very, very improvised.
Most of them are.
Yeah, so that one just was kind of like, wouldn't it be
funny if this guy's just having problems with his wife?
And so let's see how that plays out.
And got it in around three minutes.
And it was working.
And it has such a trajectory.
Donnie's gone a long ways from being in his basement and just
working out.
Now he's a world traveler.
He's everywhere.
TROY HITCH: This new season, we found him in a mountainside
monastery in Bhutan.
BETH HOYT: We sure did.
BETH HOYT: So we've got the premiere of the latest You
Suck at Photoshop right now.
Can you just give a quick recap of where
we are right now?
There's so much going on.
Well, Donnie was most recently abducted from the bazaar in
Istanbul, Ended up in a tomb in Egypt.
And he was liberated by an old friend.
OK, you guys.
So check it out.
And when we come back, Troy is going to count down his
favorite moments in You Suck at Photoshop history.
But first, it's the latest You Suck at Photoshop.
This is "Zoomify."
DONNIE HOYLE (OFFSCREEN): My name is Donnie, and you suck
at Photoshop.
And I think it's about time you told your parents.

Everybody's been sending me notes saying, Donnie, you
never inspire us.
We need to be inspired for--
to be good at Photoshop.
Well, how's this for some inspiration?
You were trapped in a tomb, and an old friend and her two
dwarven, adult twin, racing-champ sons somehow
miraculously found you and rescued you.
Her sons are small enough--
significantly smaller than the average adult human-- to be
able to negotiate the narrow passageways to find you in the
treasure room where you were apparently being detained.
And they--
they took you across many miles to where they live now
in Greece and race cigarette boats professionally on the
How's that for inspiration?
And you just-- it's time now.
You've lived there for a while and the food is questionable.
And it's just, it's time--
it's time to move on.
It's time to get onto our journey of revenge.
And you just need to find a way to say goodbye.
DONNIE HOYLE (OFFSCREEN): Because even though you've--
You, you, you care for this person and you, you--
they saved your life--
DONNIE HOYLE (OFFSCREEN): --and you need-- ah.
Where are you and the twins?

You just need to go.
And so you've decided that the way you need to go is by
kidnapping the two sons and their boat and
convincing them that--
um, that there's a heightening clinic in Canada and that they
need to take you there immediately.
And so you can-- you're on your way.
And what you need to do is you need to say goodbye.
You need to say goodbye in only a way that Photoshop and
you can be able to do it.
DONNIE HOYLE (OFFSCREEN): So let's open up Photoshop.
And I've got an image of my current location that I was
able to download on the internet.
Even while racing in this boat.
And this is an enormous file.
It's very large.
It's got a lot of data.
As you can see, it's a very detailed, nautical map.
And it's impossible for somebody to be able to see in
a size that we could send with such terrible connectivity out
in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.
So what we need to do is we need to use a tool that's
going to allow this person to see this--
this image the way we need them to.
And we're going to use this tool call Zoomify.
I know.
I know what just happened.
A little part of you started crying inside.
Donnie, why are you doing the hard stuff?
I'm doing the hard stuff because you need to grow up!
So what we're going to do is we're going to put-- we're
going to be somewhat caring because this person was kind
enough to save our lives.
We're somewhere about here.
We just need to let her know our--
our most recent whereabouts.
And we're going to use the opportunity to do what we
weren't able to do in person and what--
honestly, because we're just simply running out of minutes
on our international, prepaid mobile phone, we need to send
the message here that says we're going.
And we're never coming back.
And hopefully this won't be too jarring coming across in a
map that will be seen in a web browser.
The hope is that maybe the small point size will delay
the revelation.
So now we're going to go to File, Export, Zoomify.
Zoomify is going to ask us where we want to put it.
We're going to create a folder called Sayonara.
We're going to keep these image tile options.
And then we can just determine what size of the frame in the
web browser.
We're going to do it at 600 by 600.
Click OK.
Now while we're waiting, Photoshop is going to think
really long and hard about what we've done here.
And it's going--
God, Bye.

And it's going to open this up in a web browser for us.
And as you can see now, we have the tools to zoom.
We can double click and zoom.
We can click and drag around on the map.
And we get all of the detail here without having to have it
in one giant file.
And we can zoom out.
And now we know that our message will be seen at the
appropriate time.
So what we're going to do is we're going to go out and
we're going to find that file.
And we're going--
it's this folder right here.
We're going to compress it.
And then we're going to throw it up into our Dropbox in a
place where we can readily let somebody access it.
And this is the time--
Oh god.
OK, so we gotta stick with it here.
We're going to right click, go to Dropbox.
Copy Public Link.
And now we can do what we needed to do a
very long time ago.


BETH HOYT: We're back.
Donnie has a lot of chaos in his life.
TROY HITCH: He does.
BETH HOYT: Troy Hitch is still here.
He was just checking on the Reddit AMA.
What are people talking about?
TROY HITCH: I just was asked favorite breakfast food.
BETH HOYT: And what's your answer?
TROY HITCH: Boo Berry.
BETH HOYT: What's that?
Is that like sweet word for blueberries?
Or is that--
Boo Berry.
It's a breakfast cereal with a ghost and marshmallow treats.
BETH HOYT: That's what it sounded like.
But it then it also sounded like in a cartoon when they
have a fake cereal called Boo Berry.
There really is one called Blueberry?
TROY HITCH: It's called Boo Berry, Beth.
It's been around for about 50 years, so, um--
BETH HOYT: Get on it?
TROY HITCH: I don't know.
Count Chocula?
BETH HOYT: Yeah, sure.
It's in that--
BETH HOYT: I know that.
TROY HITCH: It's in that--
Fraken Berry.
BETH HOYT: Captain Crunch Berry?
TROY HITCH: Franken Berry?
BETH HOYT: This is made up.
This is like reminding me of some cartoon-- it's making me
want to watch cartoons and eat bad cereal though, which I was
never allowed as a kid.
So whenever I'm near it, I just hoard it like an animal.
Like a cookie monster.
TROY HITCH: Cereal hoarder.
BETH HOYT: Cereal hoarder, yeah.
TROY HITCH: I love that show, by the way, on TLC.
BETH HOYT: Cereal Hoarders?
TROY HITCH: Cereal Hoarders is just--
I mean, what's going to happen at the end of this season?
Are they going to still have cereal?
Or, you know, an appetite.
OK, well in honor of your presence here today, we wanted
to have you count down your top 5 favorite moments in You
Suck at Photoshop history.
Let's do it.
What's number five?
TROY HITCH: Number five is--
TROY HITCH: Ah, "When Donnie met Sandy." Sandy showed up on
Donnie's Facebook page looking to have him hot up her profile
pic so she could go land some college boy beef love.
And Donnie--
that set them off on a rolling,
adventurous romance together.
BETH HOYT: It sure did.
BETH HOYT: Mama liked her Facebook.
There she is.
TROY HITCH: And now she's left stranded in Greece.
So the story continues.
BETH HOYT: It can't always end happily.
Number four.
TROY HITCH: Number four is "The Emergence of Ronnie Cox."
Ronnie is the output of season 2, the sperm that Donnie
claims is not his because he's infertile.
But we're not sure because how is it possible for a
four-year-old to have such mad Photoshop skills?
It's got to be--
it may be in the DNA.
BETH HOYT: Your show is so good at setting up mysteries
and never solving them.
TROY HITCH: And never solving them.
BETH HOYT: But in a good way of just letting it--
TROY HITCH: Agatha Christie always said,
never solve your mysteries.
You know what else she said?
Oh, I can't say it here.
It's dirty.
TROY HITCH: She was--
BETH HOYT: She was quite the--
TROY HITCH: Dame Christie.
She could really, really roll with the big boys.
BETH HOYT: I feel like I babysat Ronnie Cox because
that's when I started working here and doing this show, was
when we started doing You Rock at Photoshop.
I feel like I babysat Ronnie.
TROY HITCH: Love Ronnie.
BETH HOYT: Number three.
TROY HITCH: Number three is the explosion of the Ronnie
sperm turning into all kinds of fan participation.
It was some of the most exciting parts of the
experience of doing You Suck at Photoshop.
BETH HOYT: How cool.
TROY HITCH: Yeah, getting all these people, like thousands
of people taking a lot of their own personal time to
Photoshop this Ronnie sperm into all kinds of different
wacky situations.
BETH HOYT: What were some of the coolest ones?
TROY HITCH: Well, there were a lot of political
things at the time.
I believe it was 2008.
So there was, in fact, a lot of controversy around where
the sperm was showing up.
BETH HOYT: I have some images happening in
my head right now.
Yeah, I know what you're talking about.
BETH HOYT: You guys?
What about you guys, huh?
number two is?
TROY HITCH: Number two is--
BETH HOYT: There he is.
TROY HITCH: Dane Cook getting shot in the face and killed.
Dane Cook died at the end of season two.
It was a--
BETH HOYT: He died.
TROY HITCH: No, Dane Cook died at the end of season two of
You Suck at Photoshop.
A lot of people thought that Donnie was Dane Cook.
And actually--
BETH HOYT: Or David Cross.
TROY HITCH: Or David Cross.
And David Cross also showed up in an episode sort of
But Dane Cook was a big fan of the show.
And when he found out that everybody thought that he was
Donnie, he was getting 1,000 emails a day, he said.
Are you Donnie Hoyle?
BETH HOYT: That's so cool.
TROY HITCH: And so we got in touch.
And he said, I love the show.
I'm a big fan.
I'll do anything.
And so we wrote this script.
And we thought, let's blow everybody's minds and make
them think he's Donnie Hoyle.
And he did it.
It was awesome.
He shot it in LA and we built a set in Covington, Kentucky.
And we matched it all together, and it was great.
And you Photoshopped it, as you can do?
TROY HITCH: Well, it's like--
BETH HOYT: I assume everything is Photoshopped.
Yeah, it's Photoshopped.
BETH HOYT: YouTube and Photoshop.
MERMAN (OFFSCREEN): Yeah, we used Photoshop to cut the
video, Beth.
That's how you do it, guys.
I know because I suck at Photoshop, as you
tell me all the time.
Number one.
Number one.
TROY HITCH: Uh, number one--
my favorite moment in You Suck at Photoshop history is when
Donnie got the courage to--
his wife had finally left him--
sell his wedding ring on eBay.
And we actually made in live production while Donnie's
uploading the ring.
It really did, Ring of Infinite Sorrows was the
listing on eBay.
And we had people bid the ring up to $800.
They had 50,000 people come and look at this thing.
And then they left all of these questions for Donnie
which were really funny.
Like, how can you guarantee that my sorrows will be
infinite if I buy this ring?
And so it was fun.
It's so much fun to have fans that totally come along for
the ride and love to play in the sandbox with us.
BETH HOYT: That's great.
So many of them are out there right now.
I hope.
BETH HOYT: That's so fun.
I love when fans get involved with that kind of stuff.
TROY HITCH: They're the best.
BETH HOYT: I didn't realize the first time I went on eBay
that you had to--
I just like to set myself up to make myself
sound like a moron.
But I didn't realize that you had to buy it
after you bid on it.
So I bid on something and was like, I'll
think about that later.
TROY HITCH: They almost called it eBuy.
And then--
BETH HOYT: They should have for me.
TROY HITCH: And then they were like, you know what?
Let's take a chance.
I think everybody's going to get it.
And boy, did they blow it.
Boy, did they miss it with me.
TROY HITCH: They really screwed that up.
And now look at it.
BETH HOYT: If they called it that then-- you know.
OK, so we haven't forgotten about you guys.
We're going to get to your YouTube and Twitter comments
and questions next.
But you're going to have to wait about 20 seconds.
Can you handle it?
TROY HITCH: Come on.
BETH HOYT: We'll be right back after this.
TROY HITCH: Put your diapers back on.
BETH HOYT: 20, 19.
-Darling, did you know we're live right now?
-I did.
It's fantastic, Jerry.
-You know what else is fantastic?
I had the boys in the back rig up this virtual censor bar I
can throw across your mouth if you want to start swearing.
What's your favorite cuss word?
-I'm so sorry.
I'm terribly sorry.

BETH HOYT: 2 and 1.
We're back with Troy Hitch.
And now it's time for you guys to go all Dan
Rather on his ass.

I'll get out of the way and let you
guys ask the questions.
The first one is a comment from YouTube.
This is from KodyKurth.
"Where did the idea of misspelling each
video title come from?
TROY HITCH: Well, yeah, the idea was that Donnie's a
designer type, and they are notorious
for being bad spellers.
And so that's where that came from.
And then we just decided to make it a running bit.
BETH HOYT: It's very well done.
Thank you.
BETH HOYT: Next Is a comment from YouTube that is from
"Is You Suck at Photoshop scripted and rehearsed or do
you just wing it based on some bullet points?"
TROY HITCH: Donnie's hurt is very natural, and the stories
come out pretty live.
So not a lot of scripting goes on.
BETH HOYT: It feels that way.
TROY HITCH: We definitely think about the story arc and
where we want to go.
But getting fan input is huge.
And so I always keep a lot of open gaps there so that we can
listen to the audience and make some hay.
So, yes.
Another comment from YouTube is from Odnan.
"Troy, will Snatchbuckler come back to meet with Donnie or is
he stuck in Peopleville?
How do you say that again?
TROY HITCH: Snatchbuckler.
Actually, Snatchbuckler made a very brief
reappearance this season.
I think in episode 22, 23--
somewhere in there.
But Snatchbuckler is a permanent part of the lore.
And you can expect more Snatchbuckler.
BETH HOYT: Expect it.
BETH HOYT: And this is a comment-- again, from YouTube.
Another comment.
It's from djmistigo.
Oh, hi, djmistigo.
"How many lobsters does Beth have?" Oh, that's for me.
I was so busy saying your name out loud.
Well, I have the one here.
There's a metal one.
You guys, hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
This isn't about me, but I just made it about me.
I have two.
Here's the other one.
Next question.
This is my second one.
This is from nowhouse2008.
"Whoa, Troy-- that scary.
Reddit, interview, and hairdo--
that's like 3-screen multi-tasking woohagain."
Smiley face.
TROY HITCH: Uh, yeah.
I don't know.
I wasn't sure about--
BETH HOYT: What is that you just said.
BETH HOYT: What are you saying?
TROY HITCH: I think that's what you say when you read
something like that and you don't know what it means.
TROY HITCH: I think that's what they--
BETH HOYT: If I had known that, you guys, this show
would consist of me just going, leet,
leet, all the time.
TROY HITCH: I don't know if that's the right
thing to say, though.
You might--
BETH HOYT: Oh, shoot.
TROY HITCH: You might get a denial of--
BETH HOYT: But wait.
So basically--
TROY HITCH: --service attack or something.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, you're good at multi-tasking.
I was.
And then I started answering questions like Boo Berry.
And then I got completely blown.
BETH HOYT: OK, here's another comment from YouTube.
This is from joerulz25.
"Question for Troy--
Coca-Cola or Pepsi and why?"
Because Coca-Cola was part of the whole axis
during World War II.
A lot of people don't realize that.
BETH HOYT: Well, the colors give it away.
TROY HITCH: And possibly were the
unhinging of Eastern Europe.
But Pepsi swung in and scaled those cliffs in France and
made it all better.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, little known fact.
Let's look at Reddit.
TROY HITCH: Oh, Reddit.
BETH HOYT: Because everyone wants to know
what's happening there.
What's a fun question?
TROY HITCH: Yeah, well, let's see here.
BETH HOYT: Or a serious question.
TROY HITCH: Did you ever actually
play World of Warcraft?
Snatchbuckler, of course, big World of Warcraft fan.
I did, uh, for a very brief time.
And then, my wife left, and so I canceled my account.
And I'm really hoping that she'll come back.
And if not, I'm looking forward to Diablo 3,
BETH HOYT: OK, great.
BETH HOYT: Comment now from YouTube.
"Damn Troy, do you work out?" I'll tell you what, that's
what I was just thinking.
TROY HITCH: I don't.
I have a gland problem.
Thank you for calling that out.
So actually I'm 40 pounds overweight.
Fortunately, it's distributed properly.
But I have to do some lancing,
occasionally and some draining.
BETH HOYT: It's going to be OK, guys.
Just take it easy on the Boo Berries in the meantime.
Actually, but you don't.
Eat those Boo Berries.
Eat them up.
BETH HOYT: Mm-hmm.
Another comment from YouTube.
"Question, what happened to Peopleberg?"
TROY HITCH: Peopleberg is still a very important part of
my imagination.
And I believe at some point I want to create a Peopleberg
where people really can get online, login, and spoon and
hug each other.
So someday.
I promise.
BETH HOYT: You guys, it will happen when we get there.
Let's all wait for that.
TROY HITCH: It's going to be a magical journey.
Troy, thank you so much for joining us.
TROY HITCH: It's my pleasure.
Thanks, everybody.
BETH HOYT: Any hints on where Donnie might end up?
I know you're so good at keeping it mysterious.
But anything--
TROY HITCH: Donnie is on a collision course with
destiny right now.
He's about to make it, as you saw in the episode, racing on
a cigarette boat to Canada.
So hold on to your pants, you sons of bitches out there.
Donnie's going to make it back, and he's going to
encounter Ricky Cox.
And there's going to be a big showdown.
And it's going to blow your minds.
BETH HOYT: Oh my god, you guys.
What a feakin' teaser that was.
All right, so as long as he stays miserable.
When Donnie is miserable, then--
The world is good.
So thank you, Troy.
And remember, if you guys want to catch up on all the genius
that is You Suck at Photoshop, check out the You Suck at
Photoshop playlist on YouTube.
We'll be back in just a minute to say a proper goodbye.
But no show is complete without a fake commercial from
our friends at Captain Hippo.
And I'm not trying to put any pressure on you guys.
But if you don't watch this, you're going to hell.
So just--
this is Church.

MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Sunday, Sunday, Sunday,
prepare to be forgiven at Church.
Slap on your Sunday best, and kneel before our Lord and
Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Now stand.
Now sit.
Now rise.
Now sit.
Now kneel in one of our many pews.
Christ has died.
Christ is risen.
Won't you come again?
And remember, church is always free.
Swing by early and confess your sins.
Stick around afterwards for the Our Mother the Redeemer
Catechism Bake Sale.
Bake sale.
This Sunday, a special, glorious
performance by Pastor Chris.
He has the fingers of angels.
Don't miss it.
Don't sloth around till Christmas or Easter.
This is an event you can't miss.
Because if you do, you go to Hell.
Unless you confess your sins, then you're fine.
Light a candle, say a prayer, receive his
body, taste his blood.
All are welcome in the house of the Lord.
Except if you're gay.
Afterwards, go right across the street to the diner for
buttermilk pancakes.
So go to church happening every Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

BETH HOYT: That's it, you guys.
Thanks so much to Troy Hitch, who is back in his Reddit AMA.
He'll be answering your questions over there for a few
more minutes.
So go there after this to check that out.
Grace is back on Thursday, so she'll be here tomorrow.
I'm back on Friday to wrap up the week.
And next week, we have so much fun things happening for you.
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well as ABC's Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, will be our
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Also we'll see Luke Conard, a King of the Web finalist.
He'll be stopping by on Wednesday.
So make sure that you subscribe so you
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And never forget what I whispered in
your ear last night.
Oh, wait.
Was that a dream?
Or was that--