Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke

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Maya, bring some soda & ice. - I'll just get it, Master.
Pour it for me.
Where are you going? I think the baby's hungry.
And I want my thirst quenched What nonsense! Let go of me!
How can I? I'm too nice a man.
I... No! Let me go!
No, Master. Don't do such a thing with an unfortunate widow.
I work for you for my baby's sake Please have pity on me.
That's exactly what I wish to do But give me a chance at least.
Rascal! Let go of me.
You lift your hand at your Master? You bitch!
Let me go! Take your hands off me!
Lord! People come to ask You to fill their bag with goodies.
But I've come to empty my bag.
I can't bear, that my son be known as a killer's son.
That everyone should look upon him with hatred. That's why...
I'm returning this treasure you gave me...
at Your feet today.
Take care of him, O Lord Look after him.
No! How can I leave you like this and go away?
How can I?
A baby?
Whose baby is this? Who has left it here?
Is anybody there? There's nobody here.
Then how come this baby...
I see.
Praise the Lord.
O Lord! How strange are Your ways!
You want to test me with such temptation now?
As You wish, O Lord Praise to Thee.
Lord! I'm coming at Your door, with but one wish.
- There's just one prayer to offer. - Light a lamp in our dark lives.
Fill my empty arms with a lovely son, O Lord.
Your prayers have been heard.
Here! Take care of him.
He's a lucky boy If you rear him as your own son...
then God will give you one of your own too.
She has her own son now - Bless you both.
What shall we name him?
Jai Shankar!
Jai Shankar! What a beautiful name!
No... we'll go home now, baby Listen...
We'll celebrate our son's birthday in this very temple every year.
- But we don't know his date of birth - For us, he's born today.
You're eating before tying the Rakhi to your brother?
I'm very hungry - No, dear...
First tie the Rakhi on his wrist...
give him the sweets and then eat it Why so?
Because I'm 4 years. 3 months, 2 days and 1 hour, elder to you!
Now pay your respects to me - Elder, my foot!
If a monkey is elder to you by 2 months will you touch his feet?
You better tell her, Mom.
You cannot say anything to her.
Okay. Now tie the Rakhi on him - No!
No, my dear. Don't be offended by what your brother says.
Okay, I won't. Come along.
Put the red 'tika' on his forehead.
And now rice.
Here tie it on this hand - Give me money in this one first.
Here you are.
Hasn't your husband come as yet?
Can't you say "my brother-in-law"? - Of course not.
A man who can't keep his word is not an "in-law", but an outlaw!
There he is now.
- Good evening. - Bless you.
Are you England returned or native to believe in such outdated rituals?
Look, a man may go to any land but he never forgets his motherland.
But, don't forget, man has to keep up with the times too.
Of course. But that rule applies to common people like you.
But special ones like me, don't keep up with the times.
Instead, the times keep up with them!
From the time he was born, all that I touched turned to gold.
Previously, we had just a small factory.
Now we have many others... - My friends are waiting.
We're going to a show May I leave now?
My Rakhi present? - I forgot. Here you are.
Love is the price of life Rest is all free.
Where's Sadhu Ram Sood? Why? It's a full house...
and there's no trace of... The public may not break chairs!
My dear, They broke chairs last Tuesday
This time, it'll be bones and ribs!
You're cracking jokes, and inside, Aarti is ranting at us!
You go. I'm awaiting Jaidev Kanpuri, carry on.
Jai, sir. Jai Hind.
Come inside, sir. - Who are you? - My name is Sadhu Ram Sood.
I've seen it all, but not, an ignorant like you.
People are awaiting you most eagerly.
Please come. Welcome, sir.
What the... My seat is back there - You sit in connoisseur's heart.
And today I've done such a lot of P.R.O. Work for you, Jaidev...
My name is Jai Shankar - It's Jaidev or Jai Shankar...
Or Shankar Jaikishen, all are kings of Music. Let me introduce you.
And he's the one for whom your hearts were hammering.
Nice to meet you.
Please take him to Aarti. She's on the stage. - Right.
Come on, sir. Don't waste time. Take the trouble to move on.
What are you thinking about? I got it. Come on.
Our special guest, the heartthrob of the public is here.
Great! I've seen it all, but...
not such a Bull's eye! Miss Aarti...
this is... you know who. And this... is...
...you must've guessed it. My duty's over; Now you take over.
Thank you very much for such a welcome.
I had heard a lot about you But I'm seeing you for the first time.
But don't think it's for the last time.
I'm very fond of music. - And why not?
A woman and music are very closely related. Both have delicacy.
Flexibility tenderness.
Vibrancy, pull and attraction - Your talk is no less attractive.
Just my way of talking?
Hey mister! Without taking permission from yours truly...
where are you going? - Inside. - This is no temple...
for everyone to walk in!
You may not be knowing... but I'm Jaidev Kanpuri
Get lost! - I'm a maestro.
Do you sell something? - I'm a singer!
A Singer Machine agent? Then go to a tailor!
Don't do a farce here! - I have become a farce here!
Seeing your note I came here - Which note? I'll show you.
Here. - What is it?
A letter - Give it to me.
No thanks. I stay away from chutney for my throat.
From whom did you learn singing? - Mr. Rafi and Mr. Kishore Kumar.
You mean the playback singers? - No! The maestros of the same name.
So! You're Jaidev Kanpuri - Yes. From top to toe!
If you're Kanpuri, where is he from? - Hey! Where are you from?
This is city, that town... - I'm a maestro. - Wants to talk.
Come along with me - Where are you going?
He's not going, I am! - You can't go so easily.
I've yet to welcome you... the disciple of the great...
classical singers Rafi and Kishore and introduce you.
The programme will start soon Please sit quietly until then.
Please let me go! - Go? Only after I hear you sing!
I can't sing! I swear it Nobody can sing in my family.
But I'll cry if you wish Do cry, but in front of everyone.
Mina, open the curtains! - In God's sake! Don't do it.
Sorry for the delay. I wish to introduce a new singer to you.
This man made a fool of us, by saying he was Jaidev Kanpuri.
When the cat was out of the bag, he said... he can't sing.
But he can cry.
I think his wish must be fulfilled He must be welcomed...
in such a way, that no impostor should be able to fool us. Please.
Where are you going? Sing!
Eyes that are graceful even to the enemies
Eyes that are graceful even to the enemies
Words which depict a love story
Somebody has told me, friends
Somebody has told me, friends
Don't look at evil, speak evil and don't listen to evil
Somebody has told me, friends
Don't look at evil, speak evil and don't listen to evil
Somebody has told me, friends
Don't look at evil, speak evil and don't listen to evil
Don't look at evil, speak evil and don't listen to evil
The life should always be like this
The life should always be like this
As there is Spring forever in the gardens
This story says,
This story says,
Live & let others live
Don't look at evil, speak evil and don't listen to evil
Don't look at evil, speak evil and don't listen to evil
"Many are happiness thought of love."
"Many are happiness thought of love."
"Tales of love and loyalty."
"Listen to all of them."
"Listen to all of them."
"But keep in mind my friends"
Don't look at evil, speak evil and don't listen to evil
Somebody has told me, friends
"Bad is evil, my friends"
Don't look at evil, speak evil and don't listen to evil
Don't look at evil, speak evil and don't listen to evil
Calm down. L’ll sing again. But you have to sing with me
Don't see evil & don't speak and listen to evil.
Sing all of you.
Don't look at evil, speak evil and don't listen to evil
Don't look at evil, speak evil and don't listen to evil
If you don't mind, may I say something? Yes.
You sing very beautifully - Now, may I say something? Yes.
It's time for you to go to school. - Then get me ready.
I bathed you. Put your clothes on Gave you breakfast.
Now what else is left to do? - This thing!
This guy can forget to eat! But he'll never forget his quarter!
Here's your quarter And Mala, here's your 50. P.
How long will this go on? I get only 25 P. And she 50 P. Why?
Because you're a school kid And I study in a college...
and am elder to you - So what if you're elder?
Dad's elder to everyone. Yet, I've never seen him spend on himself.
Hey! What's this, Dad! You're drenched!
Should've waited some place. - How could I, my dear?
I had to be punctual at office. - Must buy an umbrella now.
Come, have some hot tea You may catch a cold!
You work so hard! Whole day at the office. Plus part time.
You've made yourself a machine for us! - I'm not the only one.
There are thousands who have to work like me.
You may be tired.
Does anybody get tired to work for his kids?
And even if one does get tired,
it goes when he meets his children.
My tiredness goes with this silver coin, Dad. - Naughty!
If I'm not wrong you're from central college. - You're not wrong.
Wait. I study there too - Possible.
Listen... - Listening
Can you grace my car? - What?
May I give you a lift? - I'm not in the habit of them.
Then allow me to walk with you - What? - Yes!
I'm not a loafer. A decent girl that too from my college, walks.
And I go in a car in style?
So, do you sit in my car...
or shall I walk with you?
But... - Come on.
Not at the back. Up front - Why not?
Forgive me. There's a lot of difference I mean, if you want...
people to think I'm your driver, then go sit behind.
If you've no objection, may I know your name?
Why should I have any objection? - So, what do people call you?
The name is beautiful too - What? - I am Deepak.
You will come home for dinner? I'll wait for you.
No. The conference may take time I'll eat here only. Don't wait.
Okay. - Drive carefully - Okay.
Here you are...
But the liquor can't come anywhere near your sweetness.
If only I was blessed with the "high" of your love all my life!
Do you have any doubt? - No. Not at all.
But at times I definitely doubt my own luck.
You may not know it, but true love can change even what's destined.
I don't love you for nothing A girl like you is a rare find.
But there are thousands like me lying around
What do you take me for? Am I a fool?
A woman loves just once in her lifetime.
A bud blooms just once... Eyes meet just once...
Love happens just once - Wow! How beautifully put.
I could kiss you for that.
It's so hot in here Open my zip, will you?
Such a lovely neck and so bare?
What's a dancer's income? And it's only for a while now.
It'll be full after our wedding After marriage...
I'll cover you with gold from head to toe.
But presently, take this.
I have forgotten. Tell me, who am I? - Mad man... an idiot, a heathen!
By losing my own name, I've got so many others.
Why are you after me? - Why pester a decent girl?
I say get out.
If you try and come here again, you won't go back alive!
I'm dead for years now I just have to be cremated.
Let go of me! Don't hit me!
Wait! Stop! What the hell? I'm a gentleman. Hit me decently.
Slap me, punch me, kick me Anything you like, but one by one.
Stop it! Why are you hitting me? - He was stealing my watch.
I returned it to you, now do you want a clock tower too?
Let him go. He's a decent man. We all err. I apologise for him.
So now, you do this business? - And I'm in loss too.
If I steal a thing worth Rs. 10. I've to spend 20 to return it!
If that's the case, why steal? - I can't help it.
I'm not a thief nor is my brother. Don't know how I got infected.
And at times, when I don't get a pocket to pick, I pick my own!
I've understood your problem. But worry isn't the solution.
It's a girl - Girl? - Please sit comfortably.
When you get a girl, this kleptomania will disappear.
So you've given me the remedy... but where do I get it?
But where do I get it?
There are millions out there, won't you get a single one?
I meet girls every day, but how do I fall in love?
When a girl passes by, and your heart starts hammering...
and crackling, and you hear bells ringing, you're in love.
Doctor! Help me. I'm hearing bells!
Pray that I hear the bells ring, doctor!
My cigarette case, please - How did it come in my pocket?
From my table!
Dad... Hello, Aunty. Dad...
I wanted Rs. 10. - Why? - I'm going to the movies.
Look, I don't like you seeing all these movies.
Do you know which movie it is? - Which? - "The great warrior."
You're also from a great family. See such movies by all means.
Dad... my money.
Yes of course. Here, my dear.
Wow! I hear bells ringing. My heart is hammering.
I say... - Did you mean me?
Yes. - What is it? - May I ask you something.
I've liked you very much. What's your name?
Name? - Yes.
I'll whisper it to you. My Mom's behind me.
That's great! I've seen it all...
but never a left punch like this one!
You lucky ass. Your luck is better than mine with your mate...
you're going around ringing those bells at least.
Thief! Catch him.
There, caught you! - Not me! That thief. He stole my purse.
Catch him. - Is this the one? - Yes...
But how did you get it? - I'd have got your heart, too.
You're so nice! You see there's my ring in this...
which has a solitaire in it - Happy now?
Tell me, what can I do for you for getting my purse?
Shall I? - Of course
Encase that solitaire in my heart.
Listen. For the past one hour I'm hearing some bells ring.
Are you not hearing them too? - Bells?
Yes... but, a little - My name is Sadhu Ram Sood.
And I'm Sangita. - Sangita Sood!
Wonderful. With this, our stars, hearts and joys are meshed.
With that in my, let me hold... - My friends are coming.
I see when will you meet me? - Tomorrow.
Here, at this very time - Honest?
May I go now? - Listen.
Give me a memento before you go.
Are you blind?
Listen to me, my friends My heart is trembling
I slept on the terrace last night
Somebody came to me in my dreams
And he held my delicate wrists
I swear by Lord Ram
I swear by Lord Ram
He sprained my arms & broke my bangles
Don't ask me what more he did to me.
I swear by Lord Ram
You are my friends just for namesake
Who are with me from morning till evening
You are my friends just for namesake
Who are with me from morning till evening
While I fell into trouble, I called out your names
But none of you came to help me
I swear by Lord Ram
I swear by Lord Ram
It's no longer the same colour and beauty
Nor the same heat & the shadow
It's no longer the same colour and beauty
Nor the same heat & the shadow
I don't know why I looked so strange in the mirror today
I swear by Lord Ram
I swear by Lord Ram
He spread his eyes like this on me
And embraced me like this
He spread his eyes like this on me
And embraced me like this
My eyes are trembling
And if I keep quiet, my heart also starts trembling
But if I shout, it will cause a disaster
I swear by Lord Ram
I swear by Lord Ram
He sprained my arms & broke my bangles
Don't ask me what more he did to me.
I swear by Lord Ram
Let me go! What are you doing? - I'll never let you go.
My foot!
How dare you tease a girl? - Who are you to poke your nose?
Darling, go ahead and love me - And you get lost, mister.
I know I should go, but, I simply love your macho style.
All girls here adore you! Which diet do you follow?
Face like a hero; popular style, and biceps like a wrestler!
Don't you dare touch me!
You don't like being touched? - I feel like hugging you.
You are a weirdo! - Whatever. Make me your disciple.
You're not a Master, but master of masters!
I just want one girl. Just one Teach me that magic Mantra.
By which I'll have a hold on that beautiful girl, and I'll be happy.
Make him happy! - Tell him the mantra.
Sure, why not? Let's go over there.
Come on, girls.
Now close your eyes, open your ears and listen.
Eyes closed; Ears open.
The Mantra is...
that a shameless man like you, should drown in water!
Hey! He has really drowned - Now what? Suppose he...
No! It can't be. Why are you just standing?
For God's sake, do something. Save him.
Let's remove water from his stomach. - Hold on.
What stomach? He's gone! - If he's gone... I'm gone too!
Aarti, give him the kiss of life. He may get saved.
What are you staring at? Come on. Hurry.
Hurry. I may be saved - Hey! He's fine. A con man.
A fraud! - A liar, - cheat, - A loafer.
Master! Don't leave your disciple in a lurch like this.
God has brought us together twice, and done His duty.
Now it's not proper to ignore Him like this.
We must also step forward towards our goal. - What goal?
Young hearts have just one goal Listen...
This Sunday, at 5 P.M. I'll wait for you on the beach. Okay?
I won't come Okay. - But I'll leave it to Him
He has given me life. He'll give me a wife too. I'm sure you'll come.
All of you, go at the back.
Hurry! Everything is scattered. Happy Birthday.
Greetings. - You give alms to the poor every year on your birthday.
May God give you a long life. Where's your father?
Not well. I see. Where are the things? - Here.
Come... Carry on I'll just join you.
Cover those eatables. Get some water, and Sita...
I'll look after all this. Go and say your prayers now.
Where was this plate? - In the car. - Right.
Brother. Take these flowers too.
As you wish. Dear most obedient, now run along and hurry back.
What if I hurry along and... - Now go!
These flowers are useless now. Flowers fallen at human feet...
are not offered to God May be.
But these flowers didn't go waste.
Our elders are worth worshipping too.
What is it? Why are you crying?
Tell me your woe Woe?
What will you do hearing my woeful tale?
Leave it - Okay, forget it.
Today's my birthday. Everybody's eating. You eat too.
Today, I won't be able to swallow a bite even.
Why not?
Years ago, on this very day, in a temple like this one...
fate had separated my son from me.
I looked everywhere for him, but I didn't find him.
I hope I don't die before meeting him.
Don't worry. You'll find your son.
My mind is telling me so.
Really? - Yes.
It's been years since you've separated, so he must be grown now.
How will you know him? The one who unites the separated...
...finds some way to do so
Son, you have given me hope.
May God give you a long life Come, eat something.
No, you go. Bless you. Go now
Brother, you serve them yourself.
Help! The old woman has fallen.
How did she fall?
She has a gash on her head Let's go to a doctor.
Please come.
Which "Home" is this? - This is my "Home". Come on.
This is our manager. Bitter words, but a sweet heart.
Sir, she has nobody in this world.
She had a son, who is lost. If you can accommodate her.
Obligation? Can I disobey you, sir?
Sir? - Nor sir, but son.
He's our father.
Get some tea for us all. Please sit down.
Go on. Be comfortable. Feel at home here.
How do I thank you? - Don't thank me. Bless me, Aunty.
Aunty? - Yes. I'll call you Aunty.
I want you to hear the word Mom from your own son.
It's all the same. A Aunty is like a Mom. Yes.
Now sit down - No. - Go on.
Aunty, you're serving us? And what are you doing?
Forget serving the food. She has even cooked it herself.
Look I brought you here to serve you.
Not to be served by you. We've a staff. Why do you bother?
This is no bother. You call me Aunty, don't you?
Next to a mother. Doing chores for one's own is not serving.
Sit down now. Have your meal.
Very nice! After Mom's death, this is the best food I've eaten.
I've seen it all, but I never saw such dangling!
It's 5 seconds over the time given.
And I still can't hear the bell. Let her come today...
I'll teach her such a lesson that she'll weep for hours!
Hours my foot! I think I'll have to cry all my life now.
Woe be to our foes! - Foes will tease us when Dad...
gives my hand in someone else's hand in marriage.
Your Dad will do that? Are my hands broken?
Won't I break the hands of that idiot father of yours?
You dare abuse my Dad. - You talk of abuse?
If abusing doesn't work, I won't be scared to use bullets too.
What does he think he is? - Suraj Bansi!
He says he'll get me married to someone from Suraj Bansi lineage.
That's even better. Suraj is my grandfather's name.
Bansi is my father's, and I am the lineage. That fits the bill.
Go and tell your father to make wedding arrangements.
I'll come with the fife. And, tell him, that with the dowry...
arrange for two air’ tickets. For our honeymoon...
Darjeeling will be ideal. I'll just go get some flowers.
Today they will play the fife, to welcome my dear wife.
I'll become your father's son-in-law for life.
Oh Lord!
My darling has gone? Oh, hello doctor...
How are you? - I'm just praising you.
Your remedy has cured me. I've found the bell of my choice.
You have? Where is she? - She was just here. Where is she?
You're hiding here? Why be scared to love?
Whom are you talking with? - Nobody. She's feeling shy.
Why hide from you? We've decided to get married.
But her fool of a father, is coming between us like some wall.
He wants to get this poor girl married to some fool.
Give him such an injection...
that its reaction should get us married! That will be done.
But first tell me that idiot's name and address.
Tell the doctor your father's name and address. - Listen to me...
You, Sangeeta? - You know her?
Her? I know her father, mother, the whole damn family!
So, before we meet that old man, please bless both of us.
It'll be my pleasure. - Go on...
Father! - My father-in-law? - Father-in-law, my foot!
You wait till we go home! Oh father!
I've seen it all, but, never saw such a beating!
Salam. I'm Jai's driver - Driver?
If I'm not wrong your name is Aarti - Yes.
Madam, my Master is very ill - What's wrong with him?
Giddiness; His eyes water. Heart burns; His stomach aches...
Enough! I understand. Where is he? I want to meet him.
Don't meet him, you'll feel bad. You won't recognise him at all.
Overnight he got a beard. - Beard?
If a man won't get a beard, will he get a baby?
Master is useless to love now that's why he sent me.
I'll really love you. Just give me a chance.
Good that the ape didn't come! Face like an ape, with an ass's brain.
Compared to him, you're so nice. A strapping young man!
This beard is going so well with your face.
If you allow me... may I caress it? - If you wish.
Aren't you ashamed to tease a girl like this?
Aarti... Listen Aarti.
"Don't go away my love, as I can't enjoy without you"
"Don't go away my love, as I can't enjoy without you"
"The weather is so nice and still i can't enjoy it."
"Don't go away my love, as I can't enjoy without you"
"I also agree that we are not able to enjoy at all."
"Teach your heart to enjoy itself."
"Don't go away my love, as I can't enjoy without you"
"Please release my hand and let me go, my love."
"Our youth will come to an end with this coming & going."
"Don't go away my love, as I can't enjoy without you"
"Don't go away my love, as I can't enjoy without you"
"I also agree that we are not able to enjoy at all."
"My heart is hot from the time I fell in love with you."
"If you are so concerned about your heart..."
"Why did you fall in love with me."
"Why are you repenting now as you can't enjoy at all."
"I also agree that we are not able to enjoy at all."
"Don't go away my love, as I can't enjoy without you"
"I also don't want to leave, but I am afraid of the world."
"World is only afraid of the lovers."
"Give up these excuses, that you are not able to enjoy at all."
"I also agree that we are not able to enjoy at all."
"The weather is so nice and still I can't enjoy it."
"Don't go away my love, as I can't enjoy without you"
"Don't go away my love, as I can't enjoy without you"
It's 6 months now since we've been fooling around.
Why not take some vows, and end this farce once and for all?
Great! What a shortcut you've chosen.
Which world are you in, mister? To take those few vows...
one has to go to the girl's house many times.
Go! First meet my father.
Then talk to him about us. And finally..., - Come as a groom!
When shall I meet your father? - It's vital that he's in a good mood.
When is your father in a good mood?
Usually he's very amicable. Even then, this week itself...
my results will be out. If I pass...
Don’t worry, dear. The one whom I love will certainly pass.
And the day your results are out, I'll take advantage of Dad's mood.
What are you taking advantage of now?
Remember, I'm an Indian girl.
You can take this advantage, after our marriage.
Dear you've passed in the 1 st division - Congrats, Sis!
My darling girl!
You've made my dream come true - All due to your blessings, Dad.
But I think it's all due to your Mother's blessings.
Had she been alive today, she'd have walked on air!
You've done your B.A., now prepare for your M.A. No!
I'll not go to college. I'll do a job
A job? - Yes.
You've toiled a lot for us. Now you relax and I'll work.
Silly! Your results have come on a lucky day. I'll get my pay today.
What present do you want? - You'll get what I tell you to?
Of course. Then get yourself a nice umbrella. - Yes, Dad.
I say the same. - So do I. - I don't need an umbrella.
I'll get you a lovely watch - And me? - A big earthen pot!
Okay then. I'm getting late. Bye.
Don't forget the umbrella. - I won't forget the watch, my dear.
I'm very delighted to meet a gentleman like you.
The thing is...
I mean Aarti and I and vice versa, you know what I mean.
Why don't you say something?
I know why you are keeping quiet.
You approve of me. And why not? Like Daughter, like father.
You do consent to this alliance! - Yes, I do.
You're great! Now just bless me.
Aunty, I was... - I heard it all. Tell me, who's this girl?
Not a girl, Aunty. No? - Then what is she?
I mean... She's a goddess of wealth. A miracle of wisdom...
She's a treasure of virtues - And lucky too...
To have got your love - Just give me your blessing.
Every pore in my body blesses you - I must hurry now.
Wear this coat at least.
Careful! You'll get hurt.
We'll present this umbrella to Dad from us all. - Even then he'll say.
Son, I don't need this umbrella.
In this amount, we could've bought clothes for Pappu!
You really are a chatterbo xx! Let Dad come home now.
There he is! A long life to him too.
What's the matter?
Dad! Oh Dad...
How rashly he drove the car. Oh God...
What kind of a game is this? Mom died suffering so much.
Seeing her children unhappy.
Got the umbrella, Sis. Dad's getting drenched.
According to the eyewitnesses and the enquiry, it's quite obvious...
it was an accident. And the car-report also proves you're not guilty.
Just sign this bail warrant, sir.
If Jai is needed in your investigations, let me know.
Most probably not. But the court will sound you.
Why are you so worried, son? I'm not worried about the case...
But I keep remembering the old man. What of his family?
Look son, nobody can avoid the inevitable. Come now.
I'm sorry I couldn't come, and meet your father that day.
Now you'll never be able to meet him! Never!
God knows which cruel man crushed him under the car.
I wanted to take care of him and serve him so much.
All my dreams were shattered. Everything is lost!
The shock of your father's death... Let alone you...
even I won't be able to ever forget it.
With me at your side, don't think that you're on your own.
If you need anything, or if you're in any trouble, tell me.
Then get that cabdriver over here somehow.
Who has snatched Dad from us. I'll kill him! Throttle him!
My son is not guilty at all. He tried his best to save him.
Actually, it was your Dad's fault. What? May be he was hurrying.
As it is, our people have very little traffic sense.
Thus he came under it. Even then I'm very sorry about it.
I haven't come here just to give you some lip service.
Money? So you've come to make a deal about my father's life!
Had you just consoled me, I'd have found some peace of mind.
But you made fun of our poverty by flaunting your wealth!
Take it! If your son's car is spoilt because of my father's blood.
Then get it polished with this money! Now get out!
You, at this time? - I go around with a load on my mind.
I want to be rid of it What's the matter?
I'll tell you if you control yourself. How long will you cry?
Instead of putting balm on the scars, when people rub salt into them...
what else can a poor do but cry?
Why? What happened?
The Richie-rich who killed my Dad...
his father had come today - His father? - Yes.
To get his son's name cleared To wipe our tears with money.
Maybe he thinks the bereaved feelings are his own property!
But more than him, I hate his merciless son.
Who didn't come here on his knees even once to pay condolences.
He may be helpless - What helplessness do you mean?
The car under which he crushed my Dad...
can't he sit in it and come up here?
What would have that gained? Seeing your hatred for himself...
he'd have died with shame - I think this hatred will never go.
Your father's shock has made you very sensitive.
Try to take a control over yourself
I'll come again later - Listen...
Which load do you have on your mind which you wanted to lighten?
What shall I say to that? Seeing your sorrow...
I'm carrying another load on my mind.
After hearing your statement The court has come to this decision...
that for keeping yourself morose, you're sentenced to laugh for life!
Are you listening?
Why don't you talk? O love-lorn hero...
After seeing you in this state I remembered my dream last night.
Do you know, what different forms I've seen of that hero.
All forms, from different parts of our country.
Come, I'll introduce you to them all
Just ask "Devdas what are you doing?"
I'll show you the Calcutta version.
What did you say? - What are you doing?
Awaiting death!
Now meet one from Gujarat. Ask me.
What is it? What are you doing?
Thinking of living.
You've become very naughty, sis.
Now finally one from Punjab. Ask me
Devdas... - What is it?
What are you doing?
Are you my uncle to question me so?
See? You look so nice when you laugh.
It's as though the moon has peeped out of the clouds.
Aarti also needs this mirth. Laugh and make them laugh too.
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"When you move, the ankle-bells create the jingling music."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"Your life is like the flow of river."
"Your body is the river and the mind forms the waves."
"Your life is like the flow of river."
"Your body is the river and the mind forms the waves."
"Grab the floating waves of the merry winds."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"Keep relations with your hope & break away from the depression."
"Keep relations with your hope & break away from the depression."
"Shed off your sorrows today."
"Leave behind the sad present and move towards promising future."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"When you move, the ankle-bells create the jingling music."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
"Keep on moving, boatman."
I'm very happy today, that Sangita got an alliance from our lineage.
You've arranged for the guests' snacks and drinks, I hope. - Yes.
Only the boy has to come now. You must've seen him. How's he?
I've not seen him, but my mind tells me he'll be handsome.
Nobody names a child with such a lovely name otherwise, you fool.
Sir, that boy is here. - He is?
Go and get my daughter And you see to other things.
Go fast.
This is H. H. Prince Chandramukh - Sir, we're lucky to have you here.
Please come...
Have a seat, sir - I will!
Minister! Who's this man? - This is the doctor, sire.
The girl's father. - Father? What will I do with him?
Call your daughter I will. Sit down.
Sangita dear... Sangita... - Yes, father?
This is my daughter - N... namaste.
Namaste. - S... sit down.
Very happy to see you, sir? - I'm very happy too...
To see her... Don't mind sir. He's jovial.
Never mind. Sir, have this - I will.
First, tell me, how many daughters do you have? - Just one.
One? - Won't do!
Meaning? - Minister! Tell him.
What he means is that his father's first wife...
died on the very nextxt day. So he married her younger sister.
Suppose she dies? - She won't! Her horoscope says so.
Then it's okay. - I've fixed the date too.
The 20th of this month... - That's too far. Today!
No! Now!
What now? This marriage will never take place!
Who are you?
The father ofa young, able, handsome son!
Who can't bear to see this sin! - Sin?
Yes! A great sin. Wow! Wonderful!
What a beautiful girl!
Which world do you live in? You're giving this lovely girl to an ape?
Ape? You call my fiancee an ape?
No, I'm calling you an ape! - A pedigree ape! But still a royal.
So what? My son is of good lineage from both the sides.
The father is a Surajvanshi and the mother, a Chandravanshi.
That's why this delicate bud, this.
This sugar and spice will suit in our family.
Hands off my fiancee! Else there'll be a bloodbath!
There'll flow ocean of blood here! I'm also a son of a brave man.
Not some ordinary chap!
Stop! Stop! I know you both have warrior blood in you.
But for God's sake don't turn my house into a battlefield.
It won't be decided like this - Then how?
I will also keep a test for valour,
and let my daughter choose her husband.
Agreed! - I also agree.
Two young strapping men will wrestle here for 3 rounds.
And my daughter here, shall garland the winner as her husband.
Quiet! I'll now introduce the two young men to you.
The first one is Prince Shatru Singh, in the Blue Corner.
The 2nd is, Prince Chandramukhi in the Red Corner.
I'll now request the Referee to start the bout.
Mr. Bhimsingh.
Come along, maestro.
Come along you too. Shake hands now.
Stop! I've a condition to put.
What is it? - If he goes to Heaven, I'm not responsible.
Even I have a condition. If this ape loses...
he'll play with our kids. - Agreed;
But not more than 3 please.
Now, shake hands.
Round one.
Well? Will you still marry her? - No.
Father-in-law, call a 4poster, with 4 men to carry him!
Greetings, Audit officer - Audit officer my foot!
I'm S.R.S.S. - What?
Sadhu Ram Sood, Supervisor.
Hello, sir. Well, what is it?
You are looking very handsome.
All the labourers sing your praise. They say...
there was nobody like you before, nor will there be one in future.
I've seen many places, but...
But... I have seen it all! Want a promotion? No, leave.
Given. But never butter me again. Go now.
A black smear on your jacket, sir.
Whose kids are these? - Have they done something, sir?
Not they, but you have! Why aren't they in school?
Admit them in a school - But sir... I'm a poor man.
What are your wages?
So! How much do you get? - Rs. 60, sir.
Give him Rs. 90 from now on - Really, sir?
Rs. 60 for you, and Rs. 30 for your kids.
At Rs. 10 per kid - You've got a son, friend...
There! The 4th one's here too. Make it Rs. 100 sir, please.
Okay, but see that it doesn't go to Rs. 110, next year!
What's the matter? - The day after we're having a fair.
If we get leave... - And you come, We'll be very happy.
Fairs belong to us all you'll all get leave.
I'll also come and it will really be a grand affair.
"The clouds of Spring is spread over mountains in playful mood."
"In the Spring, the Nature wears a colourful attire."
"The clouds of Spring is spread over mountains in playful mood."
"The Spring is here and making all of us playful."
"Why are you showing your love to me in front of everybody."
"Why are you showing your love to me in front of everybody."
"You need not have to bother about people around, my love."
"The garland in my hair is reaching my feet."
"The Spring is here and making all of us playful."
"Remembering someone the east-wind has started blowing."
"Remembering someone the east-wind has started blowing."
"And the rain is here to remove the thirst of an separated lover."
"Lover has brought bangles for the beloved from other country."
"In the Spring, the Nature wears a colourful attire."
"In the Spring, the Nature wears a colourful attire."
"The branches of the trees are also dancing with the air."
"The branches of the trees are also dancing with the air."
"The clouds are being carried in the palanquin of the wind."
"Seeing all these the lover is also feeling attracted towards beloved."
"In the Spring, the Nature wears a colourful attire."
"In the Spring, the Nature wears a colourful attire."
"The clouds of Spring is spread over mountains in playful mood."
"In the Spring, the Nature wears a colourful attire."
"In the Spring, the Nature wears a colourful attire."
"In the Spring, the Nature wears a colourful attire."
"In the Spring, the Nature wears a colourful attire."
You are?
I want to meet Mr. Jai - Come in.
Sit down. I'll just tell him.
Okay. Keep what I said in mind.
You! Aunty, she's that... that...
I understand Whom you don't get tired of praising!
If only your father had seen her - I think he just left.
Did you see him? - No. His back was towards me.
You both sit down I'll get some tea.
You've come here for the first time Don't know how to welcome you.
Shall I tell you? Let me touch your feet
What's all this? Fulfilling my soul's wish.
Because of you, I got a job - Congrats.
I've no right to these congrats, you have!
This job is your doing, Jai Because of you, our sinking boat...
is seeing shore in the distance This gesture will never be forgotten.
By my whole family, let alone me - What's wrong with you today?
You're crying again. What had you promised me?
Smile... Come on, smile.
A smile takes the form of tears at times I'm very happy today.
I want your best wishes.
From tomorrow, by doing a job, I'm starting a new life.
You'll get my best wishes, only when you begin your life with me.
Aunty! I must go now.
Why the hurry? Have tea. I'll drop you back.
I'll go get the keys and you...
enjoy yourself with this album. It has my snaps as a baby to old age.
Liked the young man? - May I take this childhood of his?
This is not so good. Please return it, Aarti... - No!
Aunty, keep my keepsake - That's my photo. Please give it.
No. Keepsakes can't be given - She didn't give, did she?
It's my son... My son.
My son.
But this could be a mistake.
My son... in this rich household? How?!
Lord... Show me the way...
I don't know what to do. I don't understand.
Maya? - I want to discuss something.
What's so urgent that you couldn't wait for the day to break?
I've not slept a wink last night.
There's an upheaval within me since last evening.
My mind keeps questioning me... Whose answer...
lies with you - Come clean. What is it?
Don't be offended, sir I want to know...
is... is Jai your own son?
Was he born in this family? - Have you gone mad?
How dare you ask me that! - Punish me in any way you like.
Throw me out; Even, kill me But I request you...
please answer me truthfully You're in the Prayer Room.
Keeping God as a witness, tell me isn't Jai that boy...
whom you had got from a temple 24 years ago.
Why don't you speak? Why, sir?
For God's sake, set me free from this uncertainty.
You're right. Jai...
...is the same boy
God! Thank You so much.
But how are you concerned with that child?
I'm Jai's mother! Mother? Yes.
I was widowed soon after Jai was born
And during that time, to save my chastity...
I killed a fiend - Kill?
In trying to save my chastity I had to spend years in jail.
But before that, I kept my homeless child...
at the feet of God. So that he won't be branded as a killer's son.
It was God's mercy that you took that child.
And this too is God's blessing that after many years of search...
a mother has at last found her lost son
Now, take pity on me, and, give my son back to me
Please give him back. - How? To keep him away from a bad name...
you had sacrificed mother's love And now what do you want?
That he suffer for it now? - You may say anything...
but I can't bear it any more. I just can't!
I'm dying to hug him.
I understand your feelings. And I also know this...
you're too good a being But, who can stop people from gossiping?
When they know that Jai is a son of a murderess...
will the society let him live? Today everybody's at his feet.
He's known as the only son of a rich, famous family.
He's getting proposals, from, the richest, renowned families.
Just think. If this secret is out what will be It's repercussions?
Won't your son fall a mighty fall?
Won't people taunt him and make him miserable?
You're right.
My love for him had made me selfish. - Then listen to me.
Keep this secret in the core of your heart.
Seal your lips, and... And go away from here.
What! Go away? Okay.
If that's your wish, I'll go away, in the darkness of the night.
Aunty you've over fed me so much that my clothes don't fit me!
The food's so delicious, I can't resist it.
But from tomorrow... A light breakfast and a light lunch too
See? Haste makes waste.
What happened? He cut his finger. Baby!
I want to remain a baby all my life. With you all as roof over my head.
This reminds me of my Mom. I had cut my finger, as a kid.
Mom had torn her sari in the same way as you just did.
Get some salt, please It's right here, Dad.
I meant pepper. There's a meeting today
We've little time. Eat fast I'll just finish my tea.
Sit down. I'll see to it.
Aunty. What's wrong? You're so quiet. - Not really.
I'm sure something's wrong you're hiding it from me
Tell me, what's wrong. Swear on my head and... - No.
Nothing, nothing at all - How can I believe that?
Today you have that same dejected look you had in the temple...
you're crying and say it's nothing? Tell me what's the matter.
I... - Yes, go on.
I... Please call me "Mom" just once
Just once. - Jai! - Yes, Dad?
They're waiting for you - Dad, Aunty's very sad today.
Maybe she's remembering her son. Just console her.
I didn't say anything - If I hadn't intervened...
you'd have told him everything hearing him call you "Mom."
For God's sake, before you go, please don't...
come in his presence again.
Dad! Do you know Aunty's gone? - Yes.
Where to? She got a wire. Her son is found
That's very good. But why did she go without meeting me?
You were sleeping - She will be coming back, eh?
I'm very sorry she went like that. But I'm happy she found her son.
She yearned so much for her son! - Want some tea?
What a beautiful diamond ring!
Even the Kohinoor will pale compared to your beautiful charm.
I feel very shy - What's there to feel shy about?
Today is our engagement evening - Even then... No!
Stop the boat - Why?
Stop it I say.
But what for? - We'll have coconut milk. Go on.
Look, bring your hubby along for such things. She's always bossing
That factory is his second wife! He's always in meetings and is busy
Okay, lower your volume. I'll just go and get them.
Look, dear sis-in-law... I mean, my would be of course.
After marriage, I hope your life doesn't turn out to be like mine.
That's why have a firm hold on my brother, from now only.
Oh for my sake... Have patience, please
O Rajesh.
Listen, darling... What happens to you?
I don't really know myself.
But I can't stay away from you now - That's why you've kept me out.
I can't bear this distance! I'm going to bridge it forever.
How? I've decided to divorce my wife.
"I am a beauty & he is a lover."
"We fall in love with each other in our first meeting itself."
"We fall in love with each other in our first meeting itself."
"I am a beauty & he is a lover."
"We fall in love with each other in our first meeting itself."
"We fall in love."
"We fall in love with each other in our first meeting itself."
"We fall in love."
"I will tell you how this affair of my heart started."
"I will tell you how this affair of my heart started."
"I was passing by."
"Somebody waved at me saying excuse me,"
Our eyes met and we fall in love.
"We fall in love with each other in our first meeting itself."
"We fall in love."
"We fall in love with each other in our first meeting itself."
"We fall in love."
"I got his letter after I didn't meet him for two days."
"I got his letter after I didn't meet him for two days."
"He wanted to know where I got vanished."
"That day I felt great,"
"And we fall in love."
"We fall in love."
"I am a beauty & he is a lover."
"We fall in love with each other in our first meeting itself."
"We fall in love."
"We fall in love with each other in our first meeting itself."
"We fall in love."
Today my whole body is paining! - Shall I massage it?
Whenever you have a dance The whole room is full of flowers.
Look! How lovely they are - So what?
They are flowers after all - But this insignificant being...
has brought fruit with the flowers Please accept.
Your name? - It's you who has made a name.
And won the heart of our Prince Prince?
Prince of Palamgadh - Where does he stay?
It's better you ask where is he yearning!
He's mooning over his sweetheart in the Diamond Suite of this hotel.
Meet him just once. You'll do him a great favour.
Then tell him. I'll see him tomorrow morning.
Let's have dinner, sis. - Carry on. I'm not well.
What's wrong? You seem run down lately.
Come, I'll take you to a doctor - Doctor? No.
I won't go to a doctor - Why not?
Nothing special...
What's wrong? Tell me the truth
Why are you quiet? Answer me!
You were right in saying I was playing with fire.
Deepak has ruined my life...
and left me to pick up the pieces
Hit me, sis! Hit me hard I'm worthy of that only.
It's a question of life and death, notjust for my sis, but all of us.
Please take pity on us - Don't cry
I can't bear to see a poor person weep
Tell me. What can I do for you?
You can save a young girl fate worse than death.
Accept my sister as your daughter-in-law. - What!
She did put her foot wrong, but she's from a decent family
I'm sure she'll uphold your family's respectability.
A girl who couldn't keep her own self respect? - Sir!
Even then, I pity you. I can't send you back disappointed.
Take this money.
Yes, what can't money do? Go and wash your sister's sin!
Is a poor person's respect worth only this?
If you need more, come and take it. My door is always open for the poor.
Great! How the rich heart aches for the poor beings!
A rich man's son crushes a poor man under his car, and...
his father offers Rs. 500 as consolation money.
A rich boy deflowers a simple poor girl...
his benevolent father offers money as its price!
To hell with it all! - Shut up! - Seeing the sins you commit...
God may choose to keep silent But a poor heart will always scream
What! She's two timing me? What nonsense!
Don't shout. If you don't believe, go to Hotel Plaza now.
There, in Room 302...
see your love and loyalty be ceremoniously murdered.
You'll find your sweetheart lolling in the arms of a rich young man.
But who the hell are you? - A good Samaritan.
Good, or bad, we'll soon know I'll be there just now.
Excuse me...
I want to see Jai - He's out, but his father's here.
Who is it? - Some girl wants to meet Mr. Jai.
You! - You? Why are you here?
If he's Jai's father, then did Jai kill my father?
Listen, where is Mr. Jai now? I just dropped him at the Plaza.
Don't feign ignorance. Taking a glass of water...
to the lips of a thirsty poor, and then refusing it to him...
is to be cruel, what else? The one who's suffering himself...
how can he make others suffer? How beautifully put.
Why say that, when I'm here?
Somebody's come. Must be the steward
Who's she? - I don't know her.
Who are you? What do you want?
Nothing at all
Did the fool have to come now?
But why are you disturbed? - I'm not. It all went wrong.
Let's go in - Yes, let's.
I've got you after years of penance
Don't ever leave me - Maybe you don't know.
A decent woman attaches herself to a man just once.
And never ever leaves him.
A bud blooms, but once. Eyes meet, but once.
Love happens but once!
Say that eyes meet a 100 times, love happens 100 times!
You bitch! I took you to be decent and really loved you.
But you! You betrayed my trust. Toyed with my love and money.
You bloody fraud! You're not a human but a devil!
Bless that friend who opened my eyes before it was too late.
Shame on you!
Did you really believe what he said?
I swear it to you. It's all a lie.
He did this to lower me in your eyes - I did this, not he.
To save my sister's home. He's my brother-in-law.
You too come out of this blur. A woman makes a home, not break it.
So, you too are a witness to the sinking of my life boat.
You! What do you want now? Get out!
Hear me out at least. I want to make things clear.
What you saw at the hotel, was not true, but a farce.
You rich are so fond of farce!
You killed Dad and pretended.
That was a farce too. You vowed falsely to me...
and toyed with my feelings. That too was a farce!
What farce is left now for you to play? - Listen to me.
Go away from here! I don't want to see your face!
Aarti is dead! Killed by life's cruelty.
God knows what else this unlucky soul's eyes.
Mala! Stop mala.
Let me go! - What are you doing?
I want to die! Let me go! Mala! What is it?
Why are you doing this? - I'm not worthy of living.
What happened? What's the matter? Tell me.
How do I tell you? I'm so ashamed.
Before my sister has to hang her head in shame in the society...
I should die! I should die!
Silly girl! You forgot that you've an elder brother too.
As long as I'm alive, nobody will touch you.
Now, let's go there.
No. I won't go there.
I can't show my face to sis! - Then come to our house.
I can't have my family name tarnished.
A fallen woman can't be my son's wife! - Not fallen.
But deceived! Question your conscience and answer me.
If this had been your daughter, if this bane had befallen you...
if you had to beg on your knees to save your family's prestige...
and you were scorned... What would you go through?
You're getting emotional and blabbering, young man.
Hands are shaken with equals I'll get my son married there...
from where I'll get lots of money in dowry.
Deepak is the son of the richest guy, and a known steel merchant.
Not a steel merchant, but a son merchant.
Shut up and get lost! - I'll go all right.
But if you miss this chance, you'll rue all your life.
Don't miss your chance this time Come...
make your son, a groom, and yourself a good human.
So what have you decided? - I've told you already.
Then listen what I've decided.
One. Tomorrow morning, all the city newspapers...
and wall posters will carry your story and your son's sins...
in bold black letters. Number two.
The steel factory which has turned your heart to steel too...
its factory keys will be in these hands
You mean you're JugalKishore's son?
Yes, with whom all your businesses...
and this beautiful bungalow, are mortgaged!
I'm sorry you forced me to say things, which I shouldn't have
But I request you not to make me take this step.
Bless you, kids. May God keep you both.
Be happy. May your marriage be sound.
Go and take blessings from your elder sister. Listen...
Don't tell Aarti anything about me.
On this happy occasion I wish to give a party.
You all must come But of course. Don't forget.
Of course.
Bless you, dear sis!
I'm very happy. So very happy, Mala.
May God always keep you happy.
All my woes are over today - I'm sorry I got you so worried.
But you've made all my worries go away, and brought joy!
Then on this happy event, forget my folly too.
I apologise - Oh please! You're like a father to me.
I'll never forget what you've done.
You've brought to shore, a storm battered boat.
We can't take credit for that - Tell sis about the party.
Oh yes! Tomorrow, a friend is giving a party in our honour.
You must come - Yes, Sis.
I'll definitely come.
But I won't! - Why not? - You didn't introduce me to him.
I'll do it myself I'm your brother-in-law and vice versa.
"In-law"? Sis! He's a legal eagle.
Come, Sis. - Where have you brought me?
To a party. Why?
Congratulations for Mala's wedding.
Come on in. Everybody's waiting for you
Yes, Dad? - Your sister and her husband haven't come. Just check.
Mala, I'm feeling very suffocated here.
Don't mind, but I wish to go home Oh Sis...
Try to understand Jai Your behaviour with him is...
You don't understand - I do! You blame him for Dad's death.
But that just happened He wasn't Dad's enemy.
Okay, Dad's death was to happen. But how can I forget what I saw?
Don't think he's a unloyal. He's so good.
Whatever you saw, must have been your imagination.
Mala! - He came to meet you, but you didn't listen to him.
Don't remind me of that. Shut up, for God's sake!
I've promised him to shut up! But I won't. Not now.
Sis... I had gone to commit suicide.
But Jai saved me. And all this bridal finery you're seeing...
is also because of him - What are you saying?
It's the truth...
Congratulations, Mala.
Why are you so sad? Come on.
Come on.
What's the matter? Are you angry?
Okay, don't tell me. But I know - What?
I think you're dreaming about your own wedding. Don't worry.
Your turn will come too! Still quiet, eh?
I think she's out of mood. Sing a timely song and bring her in the mood
If my song can change her mood, I'll sing all my life.
Then become the party's life. Go on...
Ladies and Gentlemen Hold on to your hearts.
My brother will now sing a heart rending song.
"This flame has been burnt to bring light."
"But if it causes a fire, what is it's fault."
"This flame has been burnt to bring light."
"But if it causes a fire, what is it's fault."
"The wind blows to cause breathing."
"But if it flies away somebody's house in the form of cyclone..."
...then what is it's fault
"The cool breeze is blowing from the East."
"The cool breeze is blowing from the East."
"And it has caused the clouds to move atop the hills."
"But instead of showering rains, if it causes thunderbolt."
"Then what is it's fault."
"This flame has been burnt to bring light."
"I am asking to all, please give me the answer."
"I am asking to all, please give me the answer."
"Does anyone know the mistry behind God's these doings."
"If we start sailing by the name of God."
"And if the boat sinks in the midsea."
"Why blame God?"
"This flame has been burnt to bring light."
"That confused mind of yours."
"That confused mind of yours."
"The indication that your questions have."
"The eyes are here to see things."
"But if they see illusion, where's their fault.'
"This flame has been burnt to bring light."
"But if it causes a fire, what is it's fault."
Sis... Are you still angry with Jai? - Listen to me.
Go and meet him. Talk with him All the cobwebs will be cleared.
What are you thinking about? Go on, Sis. Please.
Excuse me.
I've come to this party with a complaint instead of good wishes.
Who are you? A discarded woman
A helpless woman, who has come here to seek justice.
This is a party, not a court. Who allowed you in here?
Do you know who she is?
Ask me, who I am!
The one who promised me marriage and played with my feelings... Him!
And now that I am the mother of his child, he's turning away.
Bloody cheat! Don't talk to her, Dad She's lying!
Am I lying or you? God knows it. By chance those people are here...
who have seen you talking sweet nothings to me.
Well, Madam... Am I lying?
Hadn't you seen him with me at the Plaza?
Will you still say that you've nothing
I did meet you at the Plaza, but that was to... to...
It was all pretence! - This baby, with your blood in its veins,
is a lie? This blank cheque you had signed, is this a lie too?
And these ornaments which you gave, are these artificial too?
Jai... What's this? What the hell is it?
The cheque, the ornaments, this baby... why, Jai, why?
I... What shall I say, and how?
Believe me, I'm innocent. I've done no wrong!
Shut up! Everything is pointing at your guilt.
I never dreamt, that the one I thought so good...
would turn out to be a lowly and mean person.
Don't you trust your own blood?
It's my good fortune, that...
you're not of my blood.
Dad... - Don't you dare call me 'Dad'!
I didn't know, that the urchin I found in the temple...
whom I and my late wife...
reared as our own... made him an heir to our estate...
would be a blot to us one day.
That he would humiliate us thus at a party. Get out! I say, Go!
Get out! My head is hanging in shame
Get lost! You don't mean anything to me from today!
You were wonderful! Hats off to your histrionics!
Here's the reward for it! Don't embarrass me.
We're not 2 different people I think we're one...
but you don't trust me. Hence you made me sign those papers.
Those? That was at that time. What have I to do with them now?
Now, I just want your love. - Really?
Then give me those papers. Got startled?
No, not really. Actually, I tore up those papers.
Excellent! You give me a dose of my own medicine?
Don't try this act on me! Give me those papers! Else...
what are you doing? Let me go! I was just joking.
I was joking too. Now hurry up and get them.
Now talk. Do you want papers or your life?
What the hell are you doing? - You dare come forward!
Fraud! Cheat! The hands that have collected money because of me...
those hands went round my throat today?
You wanted to point this gun at me and run away.
If I want to, I can kill you with this very revolver.
If you wish to live, give me those papers, pronto!
Go! Go, I say!
Rita, you can't save yourself in this way.
Come out from wherever you are.
What have you done? And why?
Tell me why? You killed this girl.
Made my sister's life miserable. Tell me why you did all this?
Go away! For God's sake, go!
Listen. Don't torment my sis anymore.
Support Dad like a son in his old age. Now go! Go!
Somebody's here to see you - See me?
Must be Aarti. But I...
How can I face her now? - Come along.
How did this happen? You, and handcuffed?
I'm so glad you came to see me. But...
nobody from my dear ones came.
Don't cry, Aunty. Look, I can't even wipe your tears.
I heard that you found your son. How is he?
What shall I say? He has made me cry a lot!
When he was an infant...
I left him at God's feet and went behind bars for many years.
When I met him at last, I had to throttle my feelings for his own good.
And then crying at my ill luck, I went far away from him.
And today, the same son is before me in handcuffs!
And making me cry yet again - Mom! Mom!
I yearned all my life, to hear you say this.
But today, after hearing you say it, I'm still weeping.
Have you really killed that girl?
Why did you stop talking? Answer me.
My heart tells me that my son can never do such a thing.
Say that you didn't kill her. You can never do such a thing.
How can I say that Mom? How shall I say it?
Whatever I've done, is correct - Correct, eh?
I ask you, why did you do it? Why? Why?
You can't hit him. This is a police station. Not your home.
Don't stop her. For the first time in her life...
a mother is loving her son.
I've troubled you a lot, Mom Please forgive me.
Think that your son is dead! - No!
No. Don't say that - Your time is over.
Constable! Take him inside - No! Don't take him away.
God knows what animosity these bars have against me.
They always come between Mother and son, again and again!
Where are you going? - I want to meet the Master.
He's out.
It's very important Get aside, the car's coming.
Master! Save my Jai, For God's sake.
I don't want to hear anything I don't have the time. Go away!
Driver, let's go.
Do you want us to ruin our name by helping a murderer?
Jai has murdered somebody. He must be punished. - No!
Don't say that, dear He has always been a brother to you.
Tied 'Rakhi' on him for years Save him... save your brother.
That's the tragedy. That I tied the Rakhi to such a man for years!
And now... Now I'm ashamed to even call him my brother.
I hate the sight of him!
What are you doing? It's not worth keeping it here now.
Throw it out!
Don't hurt my sis, anymore. Be like a son to Dad now.
What are you thinking about? What's wrong with you?
Rajesh, I've come here, after being disappointed from all sides.
I beg you, I plead to you. Just save my Jai.
I'll go somewhere very far with him.
What's happened to you? Didn't you see today's paper?
Take this. Read about his doings.
What will I read? I know it. I know everything.
Then why did you keep that killer's photo here?
He's not a murderer - What! What did you say?
Is my son innocent? Is he really so?
Yes. If he's guilty of anything...
it's that he's an ideal brother and a very great man.
Dad didn't understand his son. Sister refused to accept him.
He was insulted But even then...
he staked his own life for his sister's happiness.
You're my mother too. Who gave birth to such a gem.
My dear... you should be proud...
that he's your brother - Then how did all this happen?
Who killed that girl? - I did!
Yes, my dear. I've killed her.
This very hand fired at her. - Don't! It's a lie! No.
It's the truth. I'm the cause of Jai's troubles and helplessness.
I've been disloyal to you. Betrayed your Dad's trust in me.
I've been fooling myself too. - Where are you going?
Where I should've gone in the first place.
Why am I being released? Who has taken the blame?
I have! - What the hell have you done?
Done my duty - Your duty is to serve Dad now.
Look after your wife. Sir, he loves me too much.
That's why he's taking the blame on himself.
You don't know how valuable your life is. No difference to me...
I'm an unknown, ostracized man.
I know what you are. You rose to Godliness in life.
But I've got this one chance to be a human and you wish to snatch it?
The statement I've made is the absolute truth.
No, Sir! He's lying! No! The statement may be true or false.
But one can't doubt your love And there's no doubt in this too...
that neither you have killed, nor has he!
As per the ballistic report, the bullet which killed the girl...
is not from this gun But, the police haven't a clue...
who murdered her, as yet.
My wife's second lover is also present here.
I've sent your sweet heart to hell, already.
I'll send you both there too Tell me, who'll be the first one?
Tell me!
Who are you? - Me?
I'm the husband of that unfaithful girl
She wasn't unfaithful She was a loyal wife.
Loyal wife? - Yes! From top to toe!
Money was her husband, and she was loyal to it, till the end
A loyal wife!
Mom! - My son!
You've shed countless tears for me Now I'll see that you won't have to.
Why would I be sad? Now that I've got you.
My life is a success now - But Mom, my life...
will be complete, serving you I've nobody else in this world.
We'll go far away from here Make a small home for us.
I'll do a job, and you rest All will be fine. Don't cry.
Why are you crying, silly? You should be happy.
God has given back your husband.
Be happy and at peace. Forgive him his error.
Brother, I... - No, don't.
Won't you forgive my sis?
Jai, I'm... - Aarti...
There's still place for you in my heart, which was always there.
Why are you crying now, Sir? Everything has turned out well.
The strayed are on the right path again, and the separated, united.
Let me go now. I'll take Mom and go for away from here.
This means you have not forgiven me as yet.
That day, I insulted you in front of everybody.
Today, I beg you in presence of everybody.
What are you doing? - Son, I beg you...
and this wonderful woman...
not to seize my right, which I've had for so many years.
To call Jai, my "son" - Don't say such things.
I had just given birth to him and left him to Heaven.
But you brought him up and moulded him into a man.
Jai is your son.
Dad! My son...