Toys R Us - Seasonal Positions

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During the holiday season, it’s a really great time to get into a place like Toys “R” Us because not only is it about helping the guests find what they need but Toys “R” Us during Christmas is somewhat of a magical place.
I started there as a seasonal associate and quickly worked my way up to a supervisor and a full time position.
I went from a seasonal team member to a department supervisor to assistant store manager to a store manager.
My fellow teammates they’re really professional and the system that they have with the use of the walkie-talkies and instant guest service.
It’s a pretty tight system.
One of the most challenging parts about working at Toys “R” Us would have to be meeting that high standard of guest service all the time, every time.
Jigsaw puzzles, I’ll show you right down this way.
These are the cartridges right down this way.
When you come in on the holiday season, you clock into work and the place is mobbed and it can be a little overwhelming for us but you’ve got to just take a deep breath.
I’m constantly moving, constantly doing something so it makes the day go by a little bit faster.
Toys “R” Us is very versatile, they train you in all different departments so that if maybe someone calls out, or they assistance in a certain area, I’ll be able to help them out.
It’s fun to work around an environment where you can see kids interacting, playing with each other, having fun.
What separates Toys “R” Us from other retail jobs is the people.
We’re all about guest service.
When a guest leaves the store I want them to be satisfied.
Here you go buddy, enjoy your new DS.
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