Holiday Celebrations : How to Find the Best Christmas Movies

Uploaded by eHow on 13.12.2008

Ahhh what to watch, what to watch. Oh hi there I'm Teri and in this segment I'm going to
tell you how to find the best Christmas movie. Now I've got a stack here that I've gone and
picked up at one of my favorite places. Your local library, it's free and they have a ton
of movies. And especially a ton of Christmas movies. So anything you are ever going to
want to watch, you can go to your local library and get for free. Now if it's not there, or
you are not close to a local library you can also pull out your trusty video card and go
to your closest video store and rent one from there. They always have the latest and also
the classic Christmas movies. Now I've compiled my list of my top five Christmas movies for
you. So if you are trying to decide which ones to rent these are my favorites. Now number
five is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, the nineteen sixty four classic cartoon movie.
Always, always good for kids and adults alike. Number four is Elf, two thousand and four,
hilarious movie with Will Ferrell. Number three is Miracle on Thirty Fourth Street,
the nineteen forty seven classic. Number two A Christmas Story from nineteen eighty three.
Ralphy is the best movie, you will shoot your eye out. A lot of these are actually on TV
as well, Christmas Eve. And of course the number one is of course, It's a Wonderful
Life the nineteen forty six classic starring one of my personal favorites Jimmy Stewart.
So that's how you find a Christmas movie.