Tito's Storyline 023 (English Subs)

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I believe the salary we're offering you is very reasonable, Victor. -Reasonable? It's more than what the position deserves, Cristóbal.
Well, and the bonus I asked you for? -There's no bonus, Victor.
I already got you the best health care, even dental care for you and your son. I doubled the salary offering.
Well, I need that bonus. -I already told you, there's no bonus.
Well, I don't accept then. -Ohh, perfect.
I'm very sorry then, Victor. Have a good day.
Look, for me. Look, I'm going to accept just because I appreciate your gesture.
Just because of that.
Oh, Sarah, I like you a lot. Better yet, I don't know if I should put back that apartment hunting for Cristóbal.
Let's hope not that your plan succeeds and we won't see each other ever again.
How much insecurity in your charm, darling.
Hide! Hide!
Oh, I just love how you dress. -And me? Do you like how I dress?
How are you, Yaya?
That's what's called 'coming out of the closet', right? -Are you guys going to ever explain to me what relationship you have?
Oh, darling. First condition to work with me, When you're silent, you look much prettier.
He can start when you say so. Thank you very much. Victor's hiring is in the hand of the corporate that will handle the hotel.
And? -It's time to stop doing Samaritan deeds.
I'm trying to straighten everything up that Catalina Lucero ruined with her gossip on TV, Tito.
Is it just me, or has the scandal gone down? -Well, I think people get tired of always hearing the same thing.
By the way, how is the apartment-hunting going? -I wanted to ask you if we could leave some else in charge of that.
No, No. No Tito, who else other than you, that knows me so well, am I going to trust with something so intimate.
No, no, no. Leave whatever other thing, and take care of that.
Do you really think it's necessary to be dressed like this to find you a love nest with Cristóbal.
No, we can improve the wardrobe, don't you think? -Well, even dressed like that...
your scent of variability can still be tasted, darling.
You're a tiger.
Our little tiger, right?
Oh my, the three musketeers in their adventures.
And what are you doing dressed like that, Bruno? Don't you think it's kind of...
And can you explain what you're doing here, Catalina? -I told her to come, Bruno. Is there a problem?
I have amizing news for you. But we would have to see how you'll handle it.
I really hope it's good, because the expectations went down for the Cinderella-Parker Affair in Queens.
But first answer me something that really intrigues me. I don't understand this threesome.
What are you guys playing at? Do you have fun with Bruno dress up gay like that. Does that turn you on?
I'm designing a collection for men, and I need him as a model. But the important part here is the big news that I have for you.
I might even help you rating go up. -Let's see, and what is that big news?
Marisa Luján came back to work at the hotel. And who knows if it's with a raise and a better position.
What to you think?
Is there a way that you can make the scandle go up again? I need to ruin Marisa, get her out of this hotel for good.
I don't want her to even find as job as a street cleaner.
I could personally help you out with something. -I'm not going to confront my bosses for a maid, Sara.
It's not good for me to harm Senator Parker anymore. I think I reached my limits.
Well I have some friends in advertising for your segment. I can promise to help you with that, but destroy her.
YOU don't give me orders, Sara. Don't you think that in all of this, you win more than I do?
Why? Are you still interested in Cristóbal? I thought you were over that for OTHER interests.
Well, my interests are very varied. Bruno, when you take that costume off, call me.
Yaya, go do what I told to do. -Yes, boss. I'll take care of that.
You're very tense. Why don't you relax?
Do you want me to for you? -Not at all. The only that's of use to me right now is Cristóbal.
Get out of my sight.
Sara, do you really think it was smart inviting Catalina here? -It's just that I let myself get carried away by desperation.
Trust is, is that I worry that all points I won with Cristóbal can be lost with the return of that woman.
Well I sincerely think that every one of those points should be directed towards another target.
Do you know what I found out about with the contacts I made in the Lincoln center?
What? -Amelia Parker is trying to organize another of her beneficiary diners.
And guess what?
She had to cancel it.
She was only able to summon 20% of the guests. -Wow, New York's high social class avoiding Amelia Parker.