Schneck Medical Center-24th Annual Quest for Excellence

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Seymour, in southern Indiana, is found halfway
between Indianapolis and Louisville, Kentucky.
It lives in the long, rich tradition of small town America.
[Meyer] It's a very nice, family oriented community.
It has a population
of approximately 22,000 individuals.
A rural community, agricultural based,
also medium industry based, as well.
And economically it has done well over the years.
So has the non-profit Schneck Medical Center.
With a 93 bed primary care and specialized services hospital
in Seymour proper, plus three convenient care facilities,
Schneck-- having a workforce of nearly 850
and 150 affiliated doctors--
serves a population of 125,000 people spread
across a four county area.
It has served that area since 1911.
[Meyer] We celebrated 100 years of anniversary here
at Schneck Medical Center.
Mrs. Mary Schneck donated five thousand dollars
to the community in 1910 and if the community matched
that amount of money then she would provide it for a hospital.
The community did-- and so did Mrs. Schneck, who,
beyond her monetary gift, donated the land
on which the Center was built.
Thus, a close, mutual relationship between facility
and town was established.
That relationship, as, vibrant today as it was then,
is a central factor in Schneck's culture and existence.
The organization's new cancer center is a perfect example.
Constructed based on the result of a community needs assessment,
the center was paid for with a donation of $250,000.00
from employees and approximately 4 million dollars raised
by the community through the Schneck Medical
Center Foundation.
No longer would people have to travel far for cancer treatment.
[Meyer] For many years we have done chemotherapy.
The community wanted us to raise oncology here.
It certainly has helped with the patients and their families
in not having to travel a great distance for their service,
they can have it right here in Seymour, Indiana.
Schneck's Simulation Lab is right in Seymour, too.
[Meyer] Our Simulation Lab has enriched our educational
process here.
We can duplicate those things that happened
in the Emergency Room, happened in the OR,
happened at the bedside without a real patient being involved.
Important as the Lab is to Schneck, it is also one
of Center's strong ties to the community
because it is made available to local nursing homes,
the Red Cross, clinical education centers
and high schools and Emergency Medical Services
for their respective training needs.
But. the relationship between Schneck
and its community is hardly a one way street.
The Center's "Patient First" culture
and high performance levels in all areas measured
by the Hospital Consumer Association
of Healthcare Providers and Systems, known as HCAPS,
have resulted in a gratifying degree of patient loyalty.
The Schneck Medical Center's market share in the county
where its primary facility is located exceeds 60 percent
for in patient care, 70 percent for outpatient care,
and 80 percent for ambulatory care.
Not only that, patient satisfaction surveys reflect a
year to year favorable performance meeting
or exceeding top 10 percent or top 25 percent levels on 9
of 10 Press Ganey measures.
Press Ganey is a company
that uses innovative data collection-- and other methods--
to help health care organizations improve outcomes
in all performance areas.
The Schneck Medical Center may be a small facility serving a
small town, but that town, its people, and the people living
in the surrounding area,
are getting big health care service--
big and excellent and community-oriented.