adidas Predator LZ Review

Uploaded by SoccerProVideo on 04.06.2012

hey, this is matt from! just wanted to let you know we got in the brand new
adidas predator lz soccer cleats, and as you can see they're are sharp looking
shoe. now, the first thing you'll notice about these is the beautiful bright blue color on the
front of the shoe that fades into a darker black on the back heel. its also where you've got the
three-stripe adidas design hugging the heel, looks really sharp along with some
bright infrared color elements that really contrast against the blue upper.
now, this predator is not made from leather like many of the other additions we've
seen in recent years. it's actually a rubberized synthetic, but if you
remember it the original predator was a rubberized synthetic and i'm glad they're
getting back to basics on this shoe.
now, this shoe has got a lot of technology on the upper, and you'll notice each of those
little elements on the top there.
now, each of these elements serves a specific purpose and adidas has
really lined it out well.
they actually came up with these elements by giving a white pair of shoes to
professional players and having them color in on the shoe what part of the shoe they
use the most,
and what they use it for.
so, you've really got some inspired design here. now, the first one we're going to look
at is on the outside of your foot near your little toe. this is the dribble element. it's got
some fins on it and it's really going to help you control the ball when you're running up
the field on the sprint, especially if you're trying to change direction you need to use that
outside of your foot.
next up we've got the element right on top of your toes there at the front, now
you'll notice this has a gap in the middle of each of those little
rubberized strips, that acts a suction cup. it's really going to hold the ball to your foot
just a couple more seconds, and it's going to let you get a little bit more control
especially when you're taking down the ball through the air off of a pass.
next we've got the one right next to your big toe. now this is the sweet spot. this
is going to help you get spin on the ball, give you a little bit stronger kick, and really
help you put one in the upper ninety. it's a great element, i'm going to see this one
used a lot i think by the pros.
on the top you've got your traditional drive element. now this works the same as
any other predator element in the past. its got a scaly texture that's really going to
grip the ball, and put a lot of power on your shot when your lining one up
straight down the middle.
finally, we've got the element on the instep. now this is a memory foam pad for
touch and control. it's going to help you pass, distribute and really move the ball
around the field the way you want to. so whether you're an attacking midfielder, a
straight striker, or defender there's something on the shoe for everyone.
and it's really a great boot, extremely comfortable on the upper and the insole.
moving on to the bottom, you can see you've got your standard adidas traction sole
plate, which originally came off the adizero. it's actually a sprint frame,
extremely light, extremely durable and it's got a mi coach pod so you can put
your mi coach in there and track your stats, compare yourselves to the pros, and
just really up your game all around.
other than that, they retail at two hundred twenty dollars. so make sure you check
the link in the description,
click on through and have a look, maybe we're having a sale, you never know.