Os Barbixas - Improvável - Trailer Improvável (Bruno Motta, Marco Gonçalves e Daniel Tauszig)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 04.10.2012

Everybody will play "Trailer". They will make a movie trailer.
They will step forward one at a time, doing that trailer narration
while the others will make those scenes that make us wanna see the movie.
Anderson will be the last one. Get a sentence, it will be the movie title.
That will be the last thing you will say in the trailer.
So we know the name of this movie.
Let's see now the "Improbable Trailer", we'll be right back!
Emotional turmoils!
An unexplored place!
An unconventionally executed murder!
Love and betrayal like you've never seen before!
Unexpected summer moments!
In a movie that will rock your vacation:
That's Gosh-Darned Good, Y'all!
They will play the movie that originated this trailer.
So, all the scenes that appeared will have to be in the movie.
You have three minutes, because this isn't a feature film, but a short film.
Three minutes to tell this story, with all those scenes.
'That's Gosh-Darned Good, Y'all!', starting now!
Excuse me, sir.
Come on in, what ya wanna tell me?
I didn't mean to, but I saw the foreman sneakin' into yer daughter's room!
- Yer kiddin' me! - Daddy, that's not true!
Girl, is this man tellin' the truth?
- I wanna know right now, no sweet talk... - That's not true...
It's true, I saw him doin' it! He did the uncontrolled frog on her!
That's not true...
- You go to your room! - Lemme show you first, sir,
- how the uncontrolled frog looks like! - I'm curious, I didn't know that position!
- C'mere, lady! - Dear lord...
- Hey, let her go! - He was doin' this to yer daughter!
- I thought it was somethin' more like this... - That sideways thing...
- Oh, no... - It wasn't this one, it hurts your buttocks!
- I never did that, don't get me wrong... - I'll go there...
I'm the foreman and I need a disguise right now.
I'll search for a hairdresser, a barber, someone who can disguise me
before the farm owner finds out what I did to his daughter!
Hi, how are you?
- I'm fine. I need a... - Wow, you hair is so weird!
- I need a disguise! Some hair paint... - I don't know, let me think...
- Do it now. - We could do something up here...
- I don't know... I'm thinking! - Just do anything!
I need a disguise!
- Is it enough... - Hurry! A mirror!
One minute left.
You didn't like, is that it? You're telling me you didn't like?
Dear lord, you told him I was with the foreman, now I'm in trouble!
- I told yer daddy ya were with the foreman. - Dang... Why did ya do this to me?
- 'Cause I'm jealous. - You want me...
- No. - 30 seconds!
- I want the foreman! - I'm here!
- You naughty foreman! - So you're the foreman who's messing with my daughter!
- Oh, Lord! - Just watch what I will do to you!
No, no!
I caught your arrow!
- Now I will punish the one who accused me! - No!
On the floor! On the floor!
Well, a brazilian movie...
But the trailer made you think it was awesome!
The trailer is always good, because Wagner Moura usually appears in it!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.