Roasted Scallops with Icewine Black Bean Chili Sauce by Chef Bernard Guillas

Uploaded by leekumkeekitchen on 17.08.2010

Now with these scallops today
we're going to do two recipes
One will be the kabocha, which will be your starch
and your sauce, the sauce will be...
Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Sauce will be blended
with plums, and other western ingredients
So, let's talk about it for a second
What we will add to the pan will be Balsamic
This will bring a really nice caramelized flavour to the dish
Ice wine
Usually coming from Canada
And then we will add some chicken stock
So now it's been reducing for about one minute
You can tell that the level went down, we add chicken stock
Then we'll add our plums
Guizhou Black Chili Sauce from Lee Kum Kee
So if you like it hot, indulge
Put two teaspoons
if you like it balanced, like I do
I will do one teaspoon
Then, we're going to cook this for about
I would say a solid two, three minutes...
Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Sauce
So we put about two spoons full
Tarragon is a herb from France
So I will add it to our mixture here
And the hazelnut oil
"L'huile de noisette."
Now if you do not have hazelnut oil, any other nut oil will do
If you use peanut oil or sesame oil
you will need to cut half the amount
as it will be much stronger
This is very, very delicate
And now, we puree
What I wanna do is I want this sauce to be nice and pureed
So now we're ready
So you put it into the sieve, really smooth
You want it really really smooth
And just press on it
You want the consistency of the sauce
to be able to coat the back of the spoon
If it coats the back of the spoon, it should make a mark.
This is so good!
I roast the kabocha with a little bit of oil
salt, pepper
and I'm going to scoop that flesh
and put that flesh into a food processor
I will add my secret ingredients
So you will have maple syrup
cayenne pepper
and mascarpone cheese
A pinch of salt
some black pepper
And now, we will just have to puree
Here we go!
This vanilla bean actually...
The flavour is amazing
And what you want to do is
you want to cut this pod in half.
And then with the tip of your knife
you want to scrape it
This'll be the same over here
one cube butter
A little bit of grape seed oil
When the butter will be foaming
We will be ready to cook the scallops
In the mean time,
you want to season your scallops on both sides
A little bit of salt, and pepper
It's changing a little bit of colour
It's becoming lightly brown
So when you cook scallops
you have to make sure that you leave
about one to two centimeters or inches in-between
So right now they're just like maybe another twenty seconds
and then they're ready to go to our plate
That's it
So they are cooked
So for presentation, you're going to use a cookie cutter
Take a little bit of oil
Just make sure that you grease it really well
Place it on a plate
Now we'll get our squash
And put it in the center of the ring
All the way to the top, there we go
And now with your knife
this is all about the technique...
It will be just perfect
Remove it, very gently
Et voila
And now we'll take our scallops...
and we're going to put the sauce into a squeeze bottle
So by doing so you will have a really great way
to put your sauce, look at this
As you can see, my sauce does not go all over the place
It just really stays in one single area
Clip some bay leaves
Put it right over here
Some chive sticks
So I like to cut my chive sticks to be exactly the same length
you take your vanilla beans, and put it right on the side
So you can really bring that gorgeous flavour
Bon appetit, everyone! Enjoy