Phool Aur Patthar 1966 Movie With English Subtitles Part 1

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Accused Shakti Singh.
""You don"t mend your ways, even after numerous warnings.""
""On the request of the police, you are banished from here.""
You can"t enter the limits of this city till a year.
""Who is it, constable? - Yes.""
""constable, you don"t even let me sleep.""
Where is he?
He is in his garage. - come with me.
""But, sir. His gang has informed him.""
What if he comes?
He is banished. How will he come?
""Even if he does come, this is thirsty since many days.""
""lts thirst will be quenched, too.""
You stole into my area. You hit my men.
Return the stolen goods. The account..
..of the man will be settled later.
You want the goods?
No one goes empty handed from Shamu"s house.
""Shamu, should everyone"s decision..""
"" done today, or Just ours?""
""Let our decision be done, today.""
Police! Police! come!
" Learn to love in life."
"""The one who wants to live, should learn to die."""
"""O the one who lives, don"t think about life."""
"""come, Just love here."""
"Learn to lead a colorful life."
"lf any silky hair waves on you."
"You will get the destination of love."
"Learn to pass through the roads of heart."
"Why are you silent? l swear on the colors of youth."
"Please learn to speak with your eyes."
""Shaaka! lf you don"t come, l am restless to see you.""
""And when you come, l get scared.""
Whether someone will see you.. what is this?
A dog bit me.
A dog?
Shamu had started to bark a lot. l Just taught him a lesson.
Did you kill him? - No. He was saved.
What kind of stupidity is this?
""l told you many times, not to come here like this.""
What if the police finds out?
You have a very small heart.
""Shaaka, you don"t understand.""
There are only a few days left in your banishment.
You should not take such a huge risk.
Some new plan?
l have made all the necessary arrangements.
Just let your banishment be over.
There is a very rich man. Due to his stinginess..
..he does not keep his valuables in the bank.
He has kept millions in his house.
""There isn"t any security, too.""
Where is he?
lt is a bit far away from here.
come inside. l will explain the whole plan to you. - come.
See. Only two women in such a huge house and two men.
""And the best thing is that, there will.."" a fair there in a few days.
""lf you go there during those days, none will suspect you.""
""Shaaka, if this Job is done, all of us will be rich.""
""Yes, darling. Once this Job is done..""
..we will build our own house.
""Sir, you are going so early. l have brought tea for you.""
""l"m going out for a few days. So take care of Daboo, okay.""
Don"t worry. Sir.
""How are you, mother?""
l am fine. - Did you eat?
""l am bringing it. Where will l go, if l don"t bring it?""
These kids disturb a lot. Therefore l brought it myself.
Okay sir! - Okay mother l will leave.
May God give you peace!
""Daboo, take care of her, okay?""
Sneeze now.
""l am Alokinath, from the family of physicians.""
""l can put life in dead people, too.""
""These people nowadays, run after doctors.""
Tell him to sneeze now!
Stop the bus! My village has come.
""The one who is the creator, he is the Lord.""
""Gentlemen, if you have to find out a thief.""
lf you have to win a case. lf you don"t have children.
lf your business is not working..
..then gentlemen come to me. Try me.
""Kids, clap and go two steps backward.""
""Hey! You boy who tells the state of the heart, ready?""
""Yes, sir.""
"Who are you? - Servant"
"Who am l? - Master!"
"""Will you answer whatever l ask? - Yes, l will."""
"come here. - l have come."
"Move all around. - l have moved."
"Recognize everybody. - l have recognized everyone."
"Who is this? - Gentleman."
"Excellent. Where is my hand? - ln his pocket.- Excellent."
"""Take care of your pocket, the world is.. ""
""..the market of thieves, friends."""
"can you see everything? - Yes l can."
"What is there in sir"s pocket?"
"Photo! - Whose? - of a girl!__ Excellent!"
See brothers. lt is the photo of a girl.
""So, who is this girl?""
""She is her beloved. - Who, his wife?"""
"The wife is at home. She is the other woman."
"The people who hide from their wives and chase others."
"Those sinners never find rest in this world."
""Move back, move back. A bit more.""
""Take care of yourself, brothers.""
"So the boy who knows the state of the heart."
"What"s in his heart?"
" He wishes to commit suicide."
"""He wishes to commit suicide, that means he wishes to die.Why?"""
Because he has more expenses than income."
""Why? Does he drink? - No, sir.""
""" Does he gamble or bet on horses?" - No, sir."""
"What does he do?" - "He gives birth to children."
"""What?" - "His income is 1 1 1 , and he has eleven children."""
"lt is difficult for them to give them food or clothes.."
"..yet they give birth to children."
"Such people will die a dog"s death in this world."
You take this your one rupee and eighty one paise
Here is your rupee and eighty paise. cry-face!
And here are your rupee and eighty paise.
""This is good, sir. You give a rupee and eighty paise..""
"" two people and me, too!""
Eat a little less. We don"t get rations ahead. - But! - Quiet.
""This is not father"s income, it is a sinful income.""
Everyone will get an equal share. Pull up your pant!
""You, keep the rest of it. - Okay.""
Who is it!
""Who! Shaka! Go away, go away!""
Listen. Look after the goods.
""come, come. Sit. You have met me after so many years.""
Do you remember what you did..
..when the master of the prison hit you?
You made him drink soap water with such technique!
""What did he do in the class? "children, studies are good.""
""l will Just be back", and he used to return.""
All the children would laugh. "Why are you laughing?"
"""l am your teacher, l will Just come." He would return again.""
Do you remember?
""SarJu, how is your business going on?""
O God! What are you asking about business?
Business is down.
""Whomsoever"s pocket we pick, there.."" less money and more wive"s letters.
""They say that, "l"m starving, you have given..""
""..birth to more children. Do something, do something.""
That"s what is going on. You tell me.
What did you come here for?
Me? l Just came here to look at the fair.
Go! You are fooling me. Some big house..
Are you thinking about Mr. Jeevan Ram"s house?
But nothing will work out. He is very stingy.
He sits near his safe for all the twenty four hours.
""l have been trying since a year, nothing worked out.""
""Sarakram, there is much difference between us.""
Really? - Yes. - That"s right actually.
""My love! lf the deal is struck, please remember me.""
Actually something has worked out.
Worked out? - Yes. There is a girl.
She thinks that l am a very honest man.
""Therefore l think, that if some money is arranged for..""
..l will tie up her father and confirm my marriage.
""You will do it, lsn"t it? Okay, where are you staying now?""
l am not staying anywhere as yet.
""Then, please stay here.""
""lf there is sound of footsteps, even half a mile away..""
..then it rings in our ears and hearts.
""Okay, it"s time for me to meet her. l will Just become honest.""
l will meet her and return. You stay here till then.
""l will bring something for you to eat too. Money, it"s there!""
""Stay here, okay!""
""Kamala, O lotus eyed O branch of a rose flower.""
Oh yes. Daddy was asking me about your profession.
Profession? People cut one measure..
..l cut one fourth of a measure.
One fourth? Do you deal in cloth?
O crazy girl. l do greater work than that. - What?
l have achieved you.
Why have you put on such huge stars?
""These are stars, crazy girl. These are medals.""
l come from a big family.
""Therefore, l have to uphold it"s name.""
l have to stick them on my chest therefore.
""come, please hug me. - Oh, go away.""
O my God! - Plague has struck.
Everyone leave your house and go into the camp.
Empty the village.
O my God! Plague! Dad! - Kamala!
What? plague? l am dead!
Empty the village! Plague has struck!
There is a dangerous plague in the village.
Some people are going up and some are going down.
The whole is empty.
The whole city is empty? - Yes!
Only Jeevan Ram has not gone yet.
Even his father must have left. There isn"t a bird in the town.
You won"t get a better chance than this.
Listen to this! Our chance won"t remain.
How will our chance for a chance remain then?
Make haste. l have to search Kamala too!
You go. - That"s strange. l have seen greater robbers.
But l haven"t seen an enemy of his own life.
People are dying. Therefore l "m telling you come.
""See, even the government is calling up now. come fast.""
""Sarakram, don"t speak rubbish. l told you to go.""
That"s fine. l apologize if l said anything wrong ever.
Get lost. - l"m going. A good face will be ruined.
Who are you?
Water! Water!
Who are you?
""l am thief. l came to steal, but l didn"t get anything.""
Who are you?
l am the daughter-in-law of this house. Of the whole house.
Daughter-in-law? Where is your husband?
""As soon as he saw my ill fated face, he left this world.""
And the rest of the people in the house?
Everyone has gone. Everyone left me and went away.
""And took the valuables with them, too.""
You want valuables?
Open that. Open that.
This ring?
l have nothing else expect this.
""But before taking this, please do one thing for me.""
What? - Kill me. Please kill me.
l can"t stand any more pain. l can"t stand any more pain.
Please kill me. Please kill me.
""My Anarkali, when will you bloom?""
Dare you touch me!
You haven"t even bought a key chain for me since marriage.
From where will l bring a keychain?
Everything goes in your pocket.
""And you eat my food, too.""
""Since l have come to your house, l"ve been hungry.""
Might be a thief? -At this time? l will see.
What is it?
You have to cure a patient. come with me.
Where? - Natgav.
You are taking me to such a settlement..
..there were all the villagers were left due to the fear of plague.?
No. l will go there.
Brother. l have Just married after 40 years of penance.
l swear. We are Just talking till now. l fall at your feet.
Please let me stay here.
Any problems?
""A rich daughter-in-law, whom everyone has left.."" breathing her last.
What relation do you have with her?
None. l had gone there to steal.
l couldn"t see her dying.
l understood. close this. close this.
Please don"t leave me and go. l will not let you go anywhere.
Get aside. When a thief can feel merciful..
..can"t a physician get mercy in his heart?
Whose profession is to save lives? Get aside.
O My God - come.
She doesn"t have plague. But she has high fever.
l think she has not been cured since many days.
These are the medicines.
Remember to give it to her after every hour.
And put a cloth of cold water on her forehead.
And do her massage.
""lf the fever does not come down till tomorrow, tell me.""
""lf God wishes, she will get better in a few days.i will move o.k.""
Physician! - Look after her.
Are you feeling better today?
Yes. - l was sleeping till late. l saw quite a strange dream.
As if too many birds were flying in the sky.
""l was a bird, too, but l couldn"t fly.""
""A innocent child comes, and he took me in his hands..""
""..and flung me in the air, and l started flying, too.""
lt was a strange dream.
Just look at your state.
The physician was saying that you can eat solid food now.
Your medicines are over. l will bring medicines and food.
l will come back soon.
""Kallicharan, please don"t go up right now.""
First we will have to throw the corpse of that luckless one.
You are alive still?
Hey! What is this? The cup boards are open.
All the materials are spread out here.
""Kallicharan, look into the inside rooms.""
""Go go, fast!""
""What is all this? l ask you, what is all this?""
Why don"t you say something?
Dad! Dad! All the safes inside are open. - No!
Okay. So your illness was Just an excuse.
So that we go away from the house..
..and you loot our house.
You thief! You shameless wretch!
""lt was good that we took the valuables with us, or else..""
""Or else, she would have looted us.""
""Mother, lt seems there has been..""
..a man coming to sister-in-law.
Yes. Look at these cigarette butts.
""Okay, so this is what she does behind our backs. Shameless!""
Tell me who is he? Who is he?
""Tell me, who used to come. Whom did you call?""
Tell me who is that low caste person?
Mother! - You argue with me?
Tell me! Tell me!
""lt is really a bad thing. come, l will fill it up.""
Why have you come here?
When the people from outside have begun to come.. l worse than them? - Kallicharan!
""Really, sister-in-law, l love you so much.""
Don"t you feel ashamed speaking these words?
Shame? You are saying this?
lf you had listened to me earlier.. wouldn"t have to tolerate this sadness.
Go away from here.
l haven"t come here to go today.
Don"t you dare Kallicharan!
""lf you move ahead, l will shriek and assemble everyone!""
Kallicharan! Leave me!
l have been working with honesty till today.
You wretch leave me!
Get up! There are noises of Kallicharan..
..crying from the room upstairs!
""come, come quickly!""
Mother! Mother!
""Kalli! - Kallicharan, where are you?""
What happened? - Open the door. - O Open the door!
What happened?
He had come. Sister-in-law"s lover.
She was speaking to him. l came to see.
He started hitting me. He hit me badly.
Where is that wretch? - She has run away with that rogue!
What are staring at my face? Go and call the police.
""No, Kalli"s mother. Let that luckless go.""
lt is good that the muck has gone.
But what will the society say?
We will tell the people that our..
..daughter-in-law died in the plague.
Look at him. - Keep quiet.
Why did you bring me here?
l had told you that day to kill me.
My funeral would have left from that house.
That would have been better.
A woman"s funeral is done..
..when her dignity is not safe any longer.
l used to think that l was the only bad man.
But l have come to know today..
..that there are worse people than me in this world.
Why did you help me?
l myself don"t know why l sympathize with you.
""Maybe because, our lives are alike.""
""God didn"t love you, and you were widowed.""
""The world didn"t love me, and l became a thief.""
What do l do now? Where do l go now?
come with me. - With you?
Are you scared?
""Will you not believe in me, Just like the people of the world?""
""l am a bad man, but l am not evil.""
l vow that if you come to my house.. religion will have no effect on your glory.
Please believe me. Please believe me.
What is this? l was scared. l almost vomited.
What did l spoil of yours in so many days?
l thought that it was someone else.
What did you think?
Who is this?
Jeevan Ram"s daughter-in-law.
You cleared the goods with the house?
They took all their valuables with them leaving her to die in plague.
You took her with you. A real theif doesn"t retun with empty hands.
Did l told anything wrong. - l am sorry he is my friend.
This is brother of a theif Kirakat. He is not a bad man.
""Go and get some food. - Tell me, what l can do for you.""
Nothing brother.
Did you hear? She called me her brother?
My mother never called me son.. did she call me her brother? Say something!
lt"s okay. She is your sister from today.
My sister? Okay. lt"s good. You are my sister from today.
But will you keep her here in this dungeon?
No. She will stay in my house.
Say it a little softly. lf Jeevan ram hears it..
..he will ruin all of us in a snap.
Do you know? Punishment for stealing is a year.
And to move a woman here and there is seven years.
My name is Shaaka. l will cross the whole family.
Yes brother. l can"t hear it. l will bring food.
l will bring food okay. Food.
Please come. come inside.
l have been out since many days.
Therefore the house couldn"t be cleaned.
Please sit. This is Daboo.
There are only two people close to me in this locality.
""One is this Daboo, who can"t speak.""
And another is the blind beggar woman who can"t see.
Please sit.
You are still standing? Please sit.
This room is your"s from today.
l will sleep there.
l am going to the market.
Please tell me if you need anything special.
Please bring an idol of God.
God"s idol? Okay.
Who is it? - Me. Babloo from the outside.
Sir has sent ration.
""Keep it outside, l will take it.""
Did you look at her?
How is she to look at? - O God!
ls she beautiful? - ls she young?
Didn"t we tell so? Didn"t we tell so?
What happened! O God!
You have changed this house completely.
""This is for you. You like white, don"t you?""
This is your God"s idol.
But what is the need of this in a thief"s house?
Maybe this is the house that needs him the most.
l can"t understand.
""lf she wanted to run, why didn"t she run earlier?""
Who is it?
Does Mrs. Shanti stay here?
Who are you? - l am a lawyer.
Please call Mrs. Shanti.
""What is it, tell us!""
""Actually. Mrs. Shanti"s uncle Mr. Bishandas, who had..""
""..gone to Assam on business purposes, has expired.""
And he has named his whole legacy in Mrs. Shanti"s name.
His legacy comes up to something about 6 million.
""Please call her, so that l can give her the papers.""
Why are you standing? Please come and sit.
""Kallicharan, please bring some milk and sweets for the lawyer.""
Why are you taking so much trouble.
What"s so troublesome is that?
Our daughter-in-law is a Goddess incarnate.
But since the time she has widowed..
..she stays here for six months..
..and six months she goes on a pilgrimage.
She has gone Just day before yesterday.
Yes. Just the day before yesterday.
Please tell me her address then.
l will send her these papers.
Who knows the address of the devotees of the Lord?
""Maybe she has gone to Mathura, Vrindavan..""
""Kashi, or Haridwar. Let"s do one thing.""
Please give these papers to us.
We will take her signatures on them.
Excuse me. But l can"t give you these papers legally.
Please do one thing. This is my card.
Please give me a message whenever she comes.
""Okay, l will leave now. Greetings.""
He expired leaving a legacy of six million.
lt is good that he expired. But this wretched lawyer.
What would he lose if he would come two days ago?
And what would you have lost if you..
..had kept your hands and your tongue in check?
Six million have Just come and gone with the wind.
What is my mistake in that?
You were the one who called her "luckless" day in and day out.
As if you used to hug her the whole day.
A loss of six million! Six million.
Give a report to the police.
That the daughter-in-law has run away. - Mother!
She has not run herself. That rogue has eloped with her.
She was lying unconscious.
You son of a donkey! You had something else last night.
lt Just came out of my mouth. Father.
came out of your mouth!
This means that she has not gone according to her wishes.
Okay. l will write a report with the police..
..that some rogue has kidnapped..
""..our daughter-in-law, and has stolen our valuables too.""
But where has the valuables gone?
We will Just hide some of our valuables outside..
..and tell the police that these things are stolen.
When the police will catch the two..
..we will convince our daughter-in-law sweetly.
Did you understand? Yes?
Okay. Okay.
""Go, go and bring some Jewelry. - l will bring it in a minute.""
Okay dad. lt is perfect.
""Get lost from here, you fool!""
Where will she go away from the police?
Have you seen all around?
""Yes, dad, everything is all right.""
Give it to me.
""Have you seen all the Jewelry, we will have to tell the police.""
Yes. Yes. Keep all of it.
come come!
Please sit. - Okay.
Do you have any photo of your daughter-in-law?
Oh yes. l have it.
""Kallicharan, please go and get daughter-in-law"s photo.""
Yes. l will Just bring it.
""lnspector, please take care.""
We are respectable people. See that we are not insulted.
Have confidence. We will try our level best.
This is sister-in-law"s photo.
All right. Let"s go.
""Ma"am. Ma"am, Ma"am.""
What is it?
Mr. Shaaka has come.
Bring my clothes.
Shaaka! My darling! Are you all right?
l had almost lost you. l am so happy today!
When we knew that plague had struck there and you..
..could not be found when searched we were scared.
You took so much time after getting so many valuables.
l could"t get the valuables. What are you saying?
That these rich people are smarter than us. - Means?
He had taken all his valuables with him..
..while he left the house due to the plague scare.
You didn"t get anything? Was there nothing in the house?
Something was there. - What?
The deserted map of the house.
What were you doing there since so long then?
Serving. - Serving? - Yes service.
Since when have you given up stealing
..and become a messiah?
l will tell you later. l need some money today.
""Money, Shaaka, you know your deal. Bring and take a way.""
""lf Shaaka knows how to give, he knows how to take too.""
""Shaaka, there should be no problems in accounts.""
What has happened to you?
Are you not happy that he is alive?
You can earn millions through him. Please give it to him.
Okay. But tonite"s dance should be first class.
Tonite l will dance only for him!
Shaaka! Today you will stay close to me.
""Rita, l have to go early today.""
Where? - Home - Home?
Your home is where l am.
""And where your house is, that is my house.""
""No Rita, l.. - Sabrina!""
""Shaaka, You make me wait so long.""
You can go.
""Here, take this drink. Please drink. You drink.""
l"ll change and come.
"""Drink with a glass, or drink with a chalice.."""
"Or drink from the tavern in my eyes."
"""But drink O Lover, live happily."""
"Youth is standing in your way. Please embrace it."
"""The night is wonderful, the youth is intoxicated."""
"Drink from the eyes itself."
"Understand the signs of the eyes.."
"..Loot the springs of the world."
"""l am your love, you have my promise."""
"Play on the strings of my heart."
"See this moment won"t come every again."
"The monsoon of hair will never settle again."
"""Understand what l say, you are young."""
"lt will pass like this weather."
Hey Daboo! Hey Daboo! come here!
""My love, My love!""
You drink!
""Sorry, l was drunk last night. l was not in my senses.""
So why do you do such things that you are out of senses.
A human is called human because he has sense.
What are you doing? Go to sleep.
My treasures are outside and l"m inside.
No way. l can"t sleep. l"ll sleep outside.
""l"ve been robbed, l"m destroyed.""
Hey Kalicharan. Look at this. - Where is everything?
Everything is lost. They cleaned out everything.
""What are you looking at, go call the police.""
Oh God! l"ve been robbed.
But father we have already reported it to the police.
What is happened to you?
Are you happy now?
l"ll Just look in the mirror.
Don"t look in the mirror or it will break.
""Oh my, l will..""
Where did he go? What are you doing on the floor?
l"m at your feet. - lt"s wrong.
Husband is never at a wife"s feet.
Your deserve to be seated above my head.
""Not today, not today. - No. Okay.""
l"ve to go to see Radha"s mother. She"s sick.
l"ll be right back. - Even l want to go. - Where?
l"ve been praying that if God gives my Jewelry..
..then first l"ll go to the temple.
lf you go to the temple then l"ll be arrested.
""Don"t even dare To go outside, and..""
..if anybody comes then don"t open the door.
Not even at home?
""You don"t get it yet, listen. The world is very dangerous.""
l know. l"m not an idiot.
""Oh Guudki, who is calling you an idiot?""
""My dear l.. - Later, okay. l"ll be right back.""
""Don"t be scared, okay. l"ll be right back.""
Listen. Bring me some collyrium and some chili.
""Okay, l"ll bring it. Now Go inside. - Okay l"ll go.""
There is a golden bird at doctor home.
l"m your darling and you are my darling.
ln my sleep.. - Doctor?
Who is it? - lt"s me...Mayadas. - what is matter?
""l have brought some herbs, the Doctor had asked for.""
Herbs? l have to take those herbs.
l won"t open the window you can give it from the window.
From the window? Okay.
Very beautiful. - What did you say?
The lines on your palm.
lt"s written that all your wishes will come true.
You also know how to read palm?
""Actually, hands are my business.""
Then tell me something about it.
Wow! What planetary positions you have.
Your husband will always be in your control.
Such long life.
You"ll have three sons. - Together!?
""No, no. One by one. - Then speak that way.""
You are a very talented man.
Thanks to you. - What else is written?
Only happiness is written in your destiny.
You have the habit Of sharing your food.
lf there is a single bread in your house and some one..
..asks for it then you"ll give it to him and you"ll sleep hungry.
That is my habit. Tell me what else is written?
What else should l say? lt"s written in your hands..
..that you"re destined to be a queen.
""The truth is this, whoever holds your hands..""
..he"s destiny will be wide open.
And l"ll crack open your head. Rascal.
""Say Guudki, who was that scoundrel?""
You"re calling him a scoundrel. He"s a very talented man.
He"s a talented man!
The elder said it right. That when you have money.."re mind also changes.
Today you got the Jewelry..
..and you already started your love affair.
""See doctor, don"t speak like this.""
l belong to the RaJput"s family..
..He had come here to see my hand..
""Doctor, he took my bracelet.""
He took your bracelet Or you gave it to him?
l understand everything. Take off the Jewelry.
""Sister, look who is coming?""
""Fill it, How she has covered her face, As she is a Goddess.""
lf she"s worthy of showing her face then only she"ll show it.
Look sister how she"s wearing that sari so high.
lf she doesn"t wear it high then how will she hide her legs?
""See John uncle, now this locality has become pig"s farm.""
l told you before only. lf you would have supported a little..
..then l would have thrown this trash out.
But nobody listens to me. Now all the daughters..
..will be restricted to their residences.
But who is she? Staying At house of such a man..
..she must be some..
Leaving so soon? Wait there. Look she"s leaving.
Oh Lord Rama!
Eat this up blind mother. Here.
Master? - What is it?
""The woman living in your house, is she a bad woman?""
What did you say?
l didn"t say it. The local people were saying that.
And the one who fixes tyres.. - What did he say?
""He was saying, you support me and l"ll throw out this trash.""
Who"s there? - Who"s there?
Some one help. What happened?
He is killing him. Some one help.
What"s happening? - Some one help.
Till today l"ve never said anything to anybody.
But to day l"m saying that if some speaks out a word..
..then what will be the consequences see it yourself.
""What are you doing? - Get aside, Shanti.""
""Shanti, get aside. l"ll kill this man now.""
""l apologize for this, brother.""
Now l know that for you there is no value for human lives.
l"ve been hearing insults since childhood..
..but someone insulted you that l couldn"t bare.
That doesn"t mean that For pride you"ll play with..
""..someone"s life, destroy it.""
""Shaka, by your strength you can shut every ones mouths.""
""But you cannot change hatred to love. - No, Shanti.""
""You don"t know them, l know them well.""
l know them as devils and you think that they are Gods.
These Gods of yours have been insulting me..
.. in every miserable step of my childhood. Hated me.
You also didn"t love them.
You"ll only get hatred from hatred. - Okay. l hated them.
What harm have you done to them..
..that they started to throw dirt on your pride.
You should ask yourself. Lots of people stay in this locality.
No one say anything to any body.
""Shanti, even you think that l"m a bad person.""
Understood. You slapped me because from.. they will not say anything to you.
This is your misconception.
These wolves that used talk behind your back..
..they will say it on your face..
..You"ve returned my good deeds well.
""You supported me, served me. And today..""
..l slapped you in front of everyone.
l"ll break this hand. l"ll break this hand.
No Shanti. l wish someone would have slapped me..
"" this 20 years ago, so l wouldn"t be what l"m today.""
""Shanti, when l was 5 years old my parents died.""
l was orphaned and wandering on the streets.
l had scarred my feet in the blazing heat.
l was shivering in the chilling cold.
l was hiding in the drainage in the rains.
l spread my hands and begged for aid. l didn"t get it.
""l had tolerated everything, but couldn"t tolerate my hunger.""
To fill my hunger l robbed. And got caught.
Then l got everything. Bread from the prison..
""..clothes to wear, government school to study..""
..funds donated by the rich. The world is very bad Shanti.
""Whatever it gives, it gives only after being bad.""
Go outside and see For yourself Shanti..
..thousands of children are on the streets.
Then no human will ask for them or any God.
And when these flowers will turn into rocks..
..then they will have everything. l ask you Shanti..
""..why there is so much inJustice, why Shanti, why?""
""come, eat your food. - l"m not hungry.""
""Wait! catch him, He is a thief.""
" Beneath my heart she is piercing dagger."
"Save me from these piercing eyes."
"The steps of my life are wavering"
" l"m falling down somebody please support me."
"""What great height, and these flexible arms."""
"""This blazing body, these melting eyes."""
"lf l say something then there is a problem."
"lf l hide something then there is a problem."
"lf l turn my head around then there will be Armageddon."
"lf l show face then there is a problem."
"Before this tyrant burns up my world."
Oh! sit.
"Take this flame away from me."
"""Take away, save me, save me, take away."""
"l"ve come here by my good luck."
"l wished to find someone and l found her."
"Then l found love in my life."
"""The one l was searching for, l found that friend."""
"When l found her spring also came along."
"Like finding a garden of roses amidst a desert."
"l"ve come here by my good luck."
"l wished to find someone and l found her."
"""The happiness of the world, come to me."""
"Get up and take me in your arms."
"""My dear, look closely at me. l"m yours Just, look at me."""
"This game is for you. Just look at the courage of your lover."
"You are my life and my conscience."
"You"re my hope and my wishes too."
"l know your heart well. You are also dying for my love."
"""You are very beautiful, so my evil eye should not fall on you."""
"Hide me. Hide me in your heart."
Kamla. Where are you going?
Go away. l don"t want to speak with you. - Why?
""Having affairs with four girls, aren"t you ashamed of yourself?""
Girls? - Master.
""What is this? - Master, We couldn"t trap anyone..""
"" being boys, by becoming girls..""
""c"mon, go from here.""
""Oh, God.""
""Kamla, all these are my friends.""
""Everything happened, was in search for you.""
See this bracelet..
.. dying to be worn in your fair wrists. Wear it.
No. Give it in front of my father.
l"ve told everything to him. - Really?
Kamla where do you live? - Just around the corner.
""Babulnath chawl, room no-9. - Really?""
l"ll definitely come tomorrow. My dearest Kamla.
Kamla l"ll definitely come to your home tomorrow.. l have an urgent work to attend.
Everything"s okay? - lts okay. - Let"s go.
Greetings inspector. How you came here?
""Just like this. Priest, is there a girl staying at Shaaka" house?""
Yes. A woman is staying there.
""Maqsood, catch him.""
""lnspector, there he comes.""
""Shaaka, we were coming towards you. - Please tell me.""
ls there a woman in your house?
l want to see her.
Tell her to raise her wail.
Shanti. They want to see you.
come everyone.
But how did all this happen? - l Just happened.
l was coming from the street. lnspector was asking.. there a woman in Shaaka"s house. Then what l did was..
..l came up fast started to work. - But where is Shanti?
l"ll tell you. First let me change my clothes. come off.
""Sister, come out, The procession has left.""
come sister.
""Shanti, if the police would have taken you today..""
..the l would have burn this whole world.
Every time he"s is talking..
"".about violence. Sister, make him understand.""
""You have reached here? What, you have started.""
""Sister you were so close to God, l didn"t know.""
""My work is done. Actually sister, the matter is that..""
..there is a girl named Kamla. My marriage is being..
..arranged with her. Just pray to God that it"ll take place soon.
Why are you ruining some poor girls life?
What are you saying sister? lf l don"t do it..
..then someone else will do it.
""But it"s not necessary, that person will be a thief like you.""
She will at least live with dignity in that house.
What do you mean? That l"ll not disgrace her.
She will be disgraced with you Sarakram. - How"s that?
After marriage if The police arrests you..
"""ll be imprisoned, you"ll be fed at the prison.""
""But that helpless woman, how will she survive alone?""
l"m dead. You"re right sister. But where will l earn from?
""l was born on the streets, opened my eyes on the streets..""
""..grew up on the streets, my business is on the streets.""
That"s why name is Sarakram. There is nothing..
..else for me but my business.
Trust in God and start some hard work.
Sister this also is very hard work.
lf you want to have some one then do good deeds.
""l"m telling you the truth, if you don"t stop this wrong work..""
..then you"ll never get that girl. - No sister.
Even if you get her then she will never be close to you.
Don"t say like this sister. l can leave everything..
..but l cannot leave Kamala.
""Then, swear by God in front of me that.."""ll leave this business forever.
""Okay, l swear. l"ll leave this business forever.""
But Kamla will Be mine. Won"t she?
Trust in God. - ln God?
""God, are you listening? Sister has said everything.""
""My work will be done? Okay, it"ll be done.""
He has taken the girl As well as the goods.
l"ve never thought in my dreams that..
..Shaaka would betray you.
Where would he be able to go by betraying me?
""Boss, now what will happen to that necklace?""
lmmediately call Shaaka here.
""But listen, he shouldn"t know anything else.""
How many times have l told you? l don"t like this.
l know. l also know that you love Shaaka very much.
""But Rita, Sometimes l think that..""
lf Shaaka leaves you and falls in love with some..
..other woman then what will you do?
My name is Rita. You must have understood by now.
Have you eaten? - l"ll eat after my prayers.
There is nothing for you to eat. - Today l"m on a fast.
Boss has called you.
You wait for me downstairs. l"ll change my clothes and come.
l"m going out. You eat the food.
What happened? Have a seat.
Since you have returned from your last Job you didn"t meet us.
We did some thing wrong or what? - Nothing like that.
When you were banished then you visited everyday.. you are free and you don"t show up.
Without you the charm of this hotel has disappeared.
""Here, have a drink. - Let it be.""
l understood. We are not Rita. You"ll drink by her hands only.
""Babu, go and call Rita. Love is a great thing.""
Why did you call me? - l"ll Tell you. l"ll tell you everything.
come with me l"ll Tell you everything. come in chamber.
come have a seat. Be seated comfortably.
Do you see this necklace? Sir Gopaldas is.. this to her daughter in her marriage.
""Scared? Strange, Shaaka is scared.""
lt"s worth 20 lacs. 10 lacs is yours and 10 lacs ours.
Go. l don"t want to speak to you.
""Rita, you have come at a very good time.""
Soon Shaaka is going to Be very rich in one night.
""Then Shaaka will have a bungalow, cars, servants..""
..Shaaka will be living like a king.
How"s that Boss?
You see this necklace it"s worth 20 lacs.
10 lacs for Shaaka and 10 lacs for us.
When should it be done? - Tomorrow night.
Tomorrow this necklace will be in our hands..
..and Shaaka will be in prison.
Where are you going? - To rob.
Why? - You feed me and remain hungry yourself.
""Shanti, l can"t see you starving.""
lf you have such concern for my hunger..
..then why don"t you do what l want you to do?
What do you want? - l want your hard earned money.
Today a man is respected by his money.
And from hard work you don"t earn enough money.
l will not let you go. l don"t need.. or food of such earned money.
""Shanti, let me go For the last time.""
l promise you after this l"ll leave everything.
""This house, this business, this locality.""
""We"ll go someplace far away, where no one knows us.""
""No, l don"t want any of that happiness.""
""Stolen clothes, stolen house, stolen bread, and stolen life.""
For your happiness you ruin someone else"s life..
..l don"t want such happiness. l don"t want such bread that..
..has someone"s cries and cries in it.
Shanti let me go For the last time.
l"ll not get an opportunity like this again.
l promise you in front of God. - Even l taken an oath.
l"ll starve my whole life with you but..
""..l won"t eat such bread. l won"t, l won"t.""
""Shanti, no one can stop me toady.""
l"ll go and definitely go. Get out of my way.
""l said, get out. Get out, shanti.""
""lf this is your decision, then go. But remember this..""
""..when you return, you won"t find me here. - No Shanti.""
Don"t say such things. l won"t be able to live without you.
""Lies, lies all lies.""
""You don"t love anybody, what ever you are doing.."" are doing it for your own selfishness and not for me.
Listen to me. - Don"t touch me.
Listen to me. - Leave me.
Don"t undersatand me wrong...
l hate you.
Help! Fire!
""Shanti, l didn"t steal.""
""Shaaka, what happened to you?""
The Job was not done.
Shaaka couldn"t steal. He got burned before he could steal.
""Burnt, How? - His locality was on fire.""
To save a child he got terribly burned.
What has happened to this man?
l don"t understand how did this girl change him so much?
Now what will happen?
l couldn"t get more information because the inspector was there.
""Listen, Rita shouldn"t come to know about this.""
There is no hope of his survival.
Please someone Tell me how"s my son?
""The doctor says, that there is no hope of his survival.""
Pray to God. Only prayers can save him.
""c"mon every one, leave For their homes. c"mon.""
"Please don"t t away the fire of my house."
"O the master of my fate."
"Please listen to my request."
"""l"ve come to your house with tears in my eyes, O God!"""
"l"m asking you for alms with my hands spread."
"""l ask you a simple request, O keeper of the world."""
"My boat of my hope must not drown."
"Whom should l show my pain?"
"""l"ve none of my own, O Kanhaya!"""
"l"ve not asked anything till today."
"Please give me a boon of your mercy today."
"Please take my life in lieu. Listen to this sad woman."
"""lf you ruin light of my life, you will be laughed at, O God!"""
"You will get such an answer of your good deed.."
.."Your bad deeds will never be forgotten in this world."
Shanti! Shanti!
Why are you crying? - no.
What did all this happen?
These evil hands have been purified by being burnt.
""O, she"s dead!""
She has been praying the whole night after Shaka"s burning.
""Please take my life, and spare him.""
""Poorthing, She died by her self.""
What happened Shanti?
The blind mother has expired.
No! No! Mother!
l don"t understand. When you know..
""..everything, why are you not arresting Shaaka?""
l can arrest him whenever we want.
Where will he run away from the police?
l see that this woman has changed Shaaka immensely.
l am giving him a chance to mend his ways.
""The law means to finish crime, not the criminal.""
The world has changed. l like whatever my child likes.
But please ask the brother. Yes my younger brother.
He is God incarnate.
Ever since the plague had struck..
..we have been staying with him.
l am so fortunate. l will have two..
..God like father in laws instead of one.
Hanuman Prasad! Hanuman Prasad!
He is taking too long.
""What is it, brother?""
Please come here.
l have told you so many times..
..not to call me while l"m exercising.
See. Who has come.
Okay. l will see.
What is it?
""He is the one, with whom Kamala"s..""
..proposal has been fixed. See him.
Just see him. - Why? - He is My younger brother.
See him.
l think l"ve seen him somewhere.
Maybe in some arena.
""O, you keep the hobby of wrestling too?""
Sometimes l Just wrestle.
What are you doing? Don"t you like him?
Hey say something with your mouth too.
Have you seen his eyes?
What has happened to his eyes? They are all right.
What"s right in them? The market here can be seen there.
l don"t like the boy at all.
Why would you like him?
You want to tie my flower like girl to that rich old BaJrang.
Brother! Don"t say useless matter - l can understand everything.
We are leaving on your food.
Therefore you can"t like the boy whom we like.
Brother! - l understand your greed very well.
""But remember, while l am alive..""
..l won"t allow my girl"s life to be ruined.
""Set up, Brother! - Hanuman!""
Where are you going?
Kamala let me go. Otherwise Hanuman..
..uncle will burn our city Lanka.
Don"t feel bad. Dad will arrange everything.
Will he? Keep these bangles.
""Not now, when you come the next time.""
When l come again. lt is still going on. l will go now.
You go.
Hey! come here. - Yes sir.
What is your name? - Sarakram.
Where do you stay?
Don"t you know? l stay with Shaaka.
l am his brother-in-law. My sister is married to him.
What Job do you do? - l have come here in search of a Job.
""can l go sir. - go, - yes sir.""
""When l finished the business, Police began to ask name.""
lt became better that hand not go to head.
l will keep this here. Yes. lt"s hidden. No one can see it.
""Sister, you have starved me since.."" have given me a vow. l am starving.
l don"t have a single rupee.
""Whomever l go to ask For a Job, he kicks me out.""
lt seems they recognize me.
""Sister, do l look like a thief?""
Why is he sleeping till now?
What happened to him?
""God has given him a rebirth. He was burnt. - burnt, how?""
There was a fire in the locality. While saving a boy..
He does such selfless work.
What is his state now?
l am hungry. Shanti l am hungry!
""What is the matter, sister?""
We have not eaten since four days.
There is nothing to eat?
Don"t worry. Your brother is alive yet.
Shanti! Shanti!
Take this medicine.
Give me something to eat.
The doctor has refused. Take this medicine.
See this. Make something quickly!
""Feed him, eat yourself, and give something to me too.""
l am very hungry.
But where did you bring all this from?
From the shop!
But you didn"t have any money.
What about money. lt is in someone"s
""..wallet in the morning, and someone else"s in the evening.""
Money is magic.
You stole again!
What are you talking about?
l"ve brought it on credit.
""Who will give credit to you? - swear to you, sister.""
""Actually, l stole from a man.""
l put a letter in his wallet..
..that l will return it to him in 15 days.
l will steal someone else"s purse and write a letter to him.
l will return all their money in the end. Our credit will go on.
The poison that l had thrown away from my house..
"" have brought it back again? Lift all this, and take it.""
""l don"t want it. - What are you talking about, sister?""
You have betrayed my faith.
No sister. Even l feel like crying.
""Okay, l will give back this material.""
She is strange. She should have worked in the police.
There would not be any thieves.
First she used to nag and stopped the business.
""Now she tells us to return the materials, okay.""
What if l"m caught while returning the goods?
There is not other way left. come.
Till when you will test us. We will die starving..
..but won"t eat the bread of pity.
""No, You can"t starve till The time we are there.""
""Yes, - Bring the goods, keep them inside. Keep them inside.""
""Moove here, - What is happening?""
""Sister, we know everything.""
Please don"t be scared.
How are you?
l"m fine. How"s child?
She"s well. She was forcing us to take her with us.
l didn"t bring her. She has become very weak.
""Sister, if you need anything else, Just tell us.""
Yes. Think of us as your own.
""We are your own, dear.""
You are standing here..
""..and talking, go inside and make "chappatis",go do your works.""
""Speak softly, - l will speak softly, but you do your work.""
Take this offering. By God"s mercy..
..there are not even burn marks on your hands.
You have cleared off The blots on my heart.
How will the scars On my hands stay then?
Please give me the offering.
"lt"s Holi!"
"Holi has brought thousands of colors."
"Some for the mind and some for the body."
"Some single men are filling their water pistols."
"Some are coloring with excited eyes."
"""Some wet bodies, and dancing minds."""
"My hearts leaves for my sweet hearts."
"Flirting feels sweet in love."
"The fair hands rain color."
"""Look at these colors, how they have come up."""
"""For the eyes, they are putting up scenes."""
"No one recognizes the color of the body."
"The whole world knows this."
""No one recognizes the color of the mind."
"""Anklets ring somewhere, someone"s heart flutters."""
"Such happiness for life!"
lt"s holi!
No - What happened?
Maybe she isn"t playing Holi because of your sickness.
""Please forgive us, Please forgive us.""
lt is the color of your mind. Maybe this was God"s wishes.
l know that l am not worth you.
l even know that l am saying what l shouldn"t.
l swear that l will walk the path that you lead..
..and will serve you throughout my life.
Please accept me. Accept me Shanti.
""Yes, quickly! See. - Boss!""
l didn"t have These hopes of you.
Shaaka got burnt and you didn"t even tell me.
""Rita, Many things are better not said.""
l didn"t understand.
lt is better if you don"t understand
This was not the answer to my question.
""Rita, l have hidden Many things like these.""
Which things?
l will tell them when the right time comes.
What about time. l will myself go to Shaaka and find out.
Rita! lt won"t be good if you go there.
l know my betterment very well.
""Shaaka! What happened to you, are you all right?""
The Boss is a very bad man. He didn"t tell me anything.
Please forgive me.
l couldn"t come earlier. l won"t let you stay here.
come. l have come to take you away from here.
come with me.
Drink this milk.
""Who is this? l ask you, who is this?""
Who Shanti? Answer me. Why don"t you tell me?
l will tell you. come with me.
No. l want to ask him. Who is this wretch?
You wretch
Don"t make noise. People will gather.
l will kill him.
""lf the police come to know, it will be very bad.""
""Leave me Boss, l will kill her.""
come with me. l will tell you everything.
""Take the car back, Driver.""
Shanti. You know what l was.
You know what l am.
lf the rock from the road is put up in a temple..
..then he has no other shelter other than the temple.
Don"t think that l am wrong.
l have full faith in you.
call Mr. Jeevanram that he should come immediately.
Whatever it is. The girl was very beautiful.
That serpent will be at your place.
Ramu has come.
Greetings sir!
Have you made him understand everything?
Have you understood everything?
My profession is to understand.
""This is to pick up the girl, to stop Shaaka.""
You will get more When the work is done.
can l have a cigarette?
There are people out there too.
Listen. Nothing should happen to Shaka.
Where is Shanti?
l am Shanti. What is it?
Shaka was working in the rocks.
The rock fell on his leg. His leg has become useless.
He is taking his last breaths and calling you.
Take me to him. Take me to him.
Please come.
Where is she going? What has happened?
""One, two, three, four Rupee and seventy five paise.""
Our account is not done too.
Will you not complete it?
l have finished all accounts now.
You have finished them?
l have Just started it.
l have left this business forever.
You leave it too.
Should l leave it?
Yes. - Okay go.
""Shamu, let me go home.""
She has not eaten anything since many days.
""See, l have earned money..""
Shamu! You ruined my hard earned money!
Give me. Give me my labor!
""Shaaka, leave me!""
Wait Shaaka. The boss must have taken her away.
Who? - The one whom you gave your money to.
What are you saying?
Really. Go home and see.
Shanti! Shanti!
Where is Shanti!
She was running Away with some man.
All of us saw her. - yes!
He had gone behind her.
Maybe he wishes to say something.
What happen? - come with me.
Where is she? Where is my daughter in law?
l had told you. No one can steal..
"" Shaka from me, till l"m alive.""
Wretch! l will finish your dignity and life.
come on.
No! - What no?
""l wanted to see, what is so special in you..""
..that you changed Shaka.
What charms!
Where will you run away?
You are at such a Place where one doesn"t..
..know the address of any body till miles.
""Your fate is good, that l liked you.""
""Everyone likes one"s, but can"t got him.""
""l want Shaka, because l want money.""
""Rita wants Shaka, because she wants only Shaka.""
""You want Shaka, because you need love and support.""
l can give you everything. come close to me.
You will have to stay here throughout your life.
""Either according to your wishes, or mine.""
No! Help me!
Did you think about your life before this dare?
""Shaka, l have not shed any blood since many days.""
Beware! Don"t even take a step ahead.
We are dead! come!
come on.
What did you do?
""Shaka, You won"t understand.""
l will take you to the doctor.
No. There is no time for that.
come closer to me. come close to me. closer.
You wanted to separate me from Shaka.
Shaka is mine. Nobody can snatch him from me. Nobody.
Shaka. Jeevan Ram has come with the police.
You take Shanti from this side and go.
Go Shanti. - come sister.
""lnspector, Boss has Killed Rita and run away.""
He has already got the punishment.
He is the one. l recognize him.
Where is my daughter-in-law?
""Shaka, where is she?""
l don"t know.
Everything will be Found out in the court.
Where is Mrs. Shanti?
""l am asking for the last time, where is she?""
""Did you see, Judge. Even after such coaxing..""
..the accused doesn"t answer.
l request the court to keep this in mind..
..before deciding this case.
That the accused is a hard core criminal.
""He has no feelings for the court, law or humanity.""
He has done a greater crime that theft and murder.
He has kidnapped a virtuous woman.
Stolen goods can be retrieved.
But the accused has Stolen the dignity of a house.
That can never be returned.
The court can"t Return the stolen dignity.
Therefore l request the court to..
..give the accused the harshest punishment.
So that others tremble and none commits such an act again
""Accused Shakti Singh, the court asks you for the last time.""
Where is Mrs. Shanti?
""l am here, Mr. Judge.""
""My daughter-in-law, My child, where were you?""
My name is Shanti.
""lf you permit, l would wish to ask them something.""
What is the relation between us?
Daughter in law.
What is the other Name for a daughter in law.
What is the relation between us?
""Daughter in law, my child, My dignity, my everything.""
The Goddess of my house.
""Brother in law, what is the..""
..relation between us? - Sister in law.
What is our other relation then?
That of a son and a mother.
No. Don"t lnsult the word mother.
Was l not your mother When you tried to rape me?
Was l not your dignity when l was yearning..
..for a drop of water in plague?
When you left me for dead?
Was l not your daughter-in-law when you..
..called me luckless the whole day?
When you used to hit me mercilessly?
Then what right do you have on me?
l ask you. When this brother - in - law..
""..wished to ruin the sacred relation, where was mother..""
""..where was daughter in law, where was daughter..""
..where was your respect?
""Judge, this man who is very bad in your eyes..""
""..had not saved me, that day..""
""..a daughter in law, a mother and daughter..""
..would have been fallen in the eyes of the society.
Every woman in this World would tremble..
..hearing the names of in-laws.
A woman goes to her in-laws with hopes and dreams.
l had such hopes and dreams too.
""But, these people insulted me and tortured me.""
Do you want to see what they have given me?
This is what they had given me.
""This is their symbol of dignity, which..""
..have never gone out of my life till now.
""Judge sir, lf this man is bad, Whom the lawyer..""
..wants to harshly punish..
""..if this man is bad, in whose house.."" dignity was more safer than my own house..
..then these people who torture..
..the daughter-in-law of the house and call..
..her mother and daughter in the outside world..
..are worse.
""Look at this kid, ask These locality people and lnspector.""
""He risked his life, and saved her.""
""lf he is bad, then l pray to God to give birth.."" bad men like this again and again.
So that innocent girls like her..
..and sad women like me have their dignity intact.
l have never said it. l say it today.
""Shaka is God, Shaka is my God.""
We have come to Know that Mrs. Shanti..
..ran away from home according to her own wishes.
But l can"t understand what the need to steal was?
Whose proof is this bangle!
This bangle is from that Jewelry which..
..the police found in his house.
""Since Mrs. Shanti is not in her senses, the court is adJourned.""
This angles find from your house.
""lf you have not stolen, where did this bangle come from?""
""l will tell you. come, doctor come.""
""Take this Sir, count this. - who are you?""
l am the physician from the neighborhood village.
My husband! - set up.
Where did you get This Jewelry from?
""Sir, when they left the daughter in law..""
..l cured the daughter-in-law.
""When l went to see her again, They were talking.."" hushed tones that they will hide this somewhere..
..and tell the police that this person has stolen Jewelry.
They said that the police will arrest Shaka..
..and we will get the daughter -in-law.
""l married in old age, therefore my wife didn"t love me.""
""Lookiing for an auspicious time, l took the Jewels.""
And l cleared one bangle out of it. Which is with you?
What was the need of all this?
Maybe because They had come to know..
""..that after Shanti"s Uncle"s death, his legacy to her..""
..he had left all That is Just about near 6 Lakh.
Who are you?
l am Shanti"s Uncle seth Kishan das" lawyer.
And l had gone to their house one day.
They told me that she Had gone on a pilgrimage.
But lnspector Told me something else.
""Shanti had not gone away, but run away from home.""
""Jeevan Lal, his Wife and his son..""
""..who tried to fool the court, the court orders..""
..court proceedings against them.
""The physician, his wife and his friend has accepted their crimes.""
Take them in custody.
""What, in a procession? - set up.""
This is proved By the statement given.. Santi singh and the witnesses.
""That, the accused Sahkti singh, Shaka is innocent.""
""So, the court releases him respectfully.""
Are you scared yet?
You came too?
Oh! You all arested also. - yes master.
""Okay, l will come back And look after you.""
""Sister, l"m going. Look after Kamala.""
""Hey Shaaka, look after my wife.""
come. - who is this? Just a minute.
Kamala l will be back..
"" a few time. Sister, Just l go and return.""
come on - The papers of your legacy.
""Lawyer, l don"t want this legacy.""
Give this to all those kids who are orphans.
So that another flower doesn"t become a rock.