Hitler wants to become a star on Youtube

Uploaded by FegeleinWasHere1 on 17.02.2012

My Fuhrer, what are you planning?
I am planning to become an youtube star
I would really like to have millions of blind followers and loads of money.
I'm going to make unoriginal videos who will get millions of views.
It will be great.
How are you going to become a YT star, my fuhrer?
As we speak, Steiner is searching the streets for cute animals and funny pics.
Sometimes cute animals are not enough
I highly suggest you post a walkthrough or two.
I will make an Assasin's creed 2 playthrough.
My Fuhrer, we don't want you to become like other youtube stars
Damn it Jodl, give me a reason why?
They are evil!
I refuse to listen to this rubbish nonsense!
All youtube stars are more ethecally corect than Bill Gates!
My Fuhrer, I am here to report bad bunker performance
Glitches may be experienced.
Search for an update online.
Do you have smosh on the line?
Im really eager to meet them.
Yes my Fuhrer, but I must warn you
Those guys are really nothing but trouble.
Perhaps you'd like to try another star, like hotforwords?
I think smosh is made out of idiots.
How dare you suggest this?
Maybe you want to see for yourself
Fine give me the phone
It's Hitler.
Your greatest fan requires sugestions for an...
How dare you insult me, I have better things to do than listen to you!
You listen to me good you bastards.
You think you can walk over me like that?
Prepare to be executed, you spoiled brats!
Announce Wenck.
His batalions are ordered to shoot Ian and Anthony on sight.
They think they are omnipotent!
My Fuhrer, we have better things to do than chase two men
Perhaps we could assist the civilians trapped in the war torn Berlin?
Piss off.
Fegelein got famous on YT.
He created a Vlog, in which he makes the viewers feel important.
He is now the most subscribed in all of youtube.
That fucking lucky bastard, damn him!
When I tried to create a vlog..
Everyone begged me to friking stop!
Goring, yeah...he does culinary videos...
Speer yeah, he posts various movie parodies
All the others yah yah yah
They're all more popular than me.
A glitch?
I want you all to call Microsoft Customary service
Don't let Fegelein know about this.
My Fuhrer, why would you want that
No doubt he will use it against me in his vlog.
Do you want me to make a bunker review?
Get the hell out of here!
Don't you mention that name!
Don't you dare mention that stupid name near my presence!
My Fuhrer, you managed to get negative views/subscribers.
You are now the most unpopular person on the net.
I want the following people executed: RWJ, Smosh, Ian's mom, and their neighbours.
This is a major breakdown.
All of our beloved stars on youtube are nothing but hicks
We must take drastic action now.
Silent hill parodies FTW!