Mahabharat - Episode 77

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The day hangs heavy on India
I have stopped counting the corpses
I don't even look at the wounded now
I, who never wait for anyone ...
... am waiting for this war to end
I am counting the days and the moments
War rages all through the day
The arrows and spears fly
Sparks fly from the clashing maces
Hall-dead warriors are unable to ...
... save themselves from approaching chariots
Their screams are lost in the thunder of chariots
What was once a living creature ...
... becomes a corpse in just a moment
The Sun sets and the warriors...
... wait patiently for the dawn
The rising Sun ...
... like the setting Sun ...
... Looks bloodied by war
Then the arrows begin to fly about again
When even you and Sage Drona cannot light ...
... the combination of Krishna and Arjun ...
... who can stop them?
You have debarred the only warrior who can do so!
Arjun's death is essential for our victory
You will not kill him ...
... nor will you allow Karna to light
He will not light under my flag
If you doubt my loyalty to Hastinapur ...
... you can choose another Commander
I did not say that, Grandsire
I cannot even think of that
Your greatest fault is that you do not think
If you could think ...
... you would have accepted Krishna's request
You are responsible for this heap of corpses
Now go away and let me light
Be assured, as long as I hold this bow ...
... your army will not be delegated
Why doesn't the Sun set?
Yesterday it set when I didn't want it to
Today I want it to set and it won't!
The Sun will not change its pace for you
Forget the sun and look to your enemies
Who will recognize ...
... whose blood has fallen?
Blood will mix with blood
Death will stand silent
My respects, Uncle!
What's wrong?
All day I heard the sounds of war ...
... and wondered who was winning
Then I thought ...
... with Grandsire's boon of wishful death ...
... only you could win the war
It is this boon which has created a problem
He won't kill the Pandavas as none can kill him
Were it not for this boon...
... we would have nominated another Commander
This son of Ganga, the best among Indians ...
... will not let us lose the war but ...
... he will not let us win it either
What's the point in having a Commander ...
... who will neither lose nor win
I did not want to make him Commander but ...
Sometime words like ''but'' stand before us ...
... and we have to confront them
Had you appointed Karna as Commander ...
... then you would stand alone in the battlefield ...
... with your friend, brothers and Uncle
The other kings of India would not be with you
What can I do? Arjun's death is essential
Grandsire will not kill Arjun ...
... who has killed so many of our warriors
I would myself kill Grandsire Bhishma ...
... if I could appoint another Commander
I want to win this war
I cannot win it without Karna's help
If Arjun is the problem, Karna is the answer
If you want Arjun nullified ...
... then think of ...
... who can be appointed Commander ...
... instead of Grandsire
We need not even think about this
If the Pandavas wish to win this war ...
... they must find a way to eliminate Grandsire
Why should we do their work for them?
Besides, Krishna is with them
Let them think of a solution
They, too, confront the same problem
The problem of Grandsire Bhishma!
Looks like you have decided to lose this war
How often have I said he is not your Grandsire ...
... but your enemy
All those who side me Evil are your enemies ...
... Man's enemies and my enemies
Do you know how many of your soldiers he has killed?
You are indebted to these soldiers, Arjun
If you will not kill Grandsire then ...
... I'll kill him and fullil your debt
Welcome O Krishna!
You have broken your vow to release me from like!
By doing so, you have honoured me
Look I have set aside my bow and arrows
I'll be honoured in the Three Worlds
Let your Divine Weapon be the messenger ...
... of my release from this like
Forgive me O Lord!
O Krishna! You are bound by your oath that ...
... you will not light this war
If you raise a weapon in this war ...
... History will never forgive me
My Lord! Save me from this taint
I give you my word I'll light sincerely
Raise your bow, Grandsire
O Lord! Il this Sun does not set for some time ...
... I promise I'll end the war today
This war is being fought for Man's welfare
Hence, it cannot violate the laws of Nature
So, let the sun follow the laws of Nature
It seems you did not listen to me carefully
You have to merely do your duty
You may light the war but cannot control its result
So, Arjun! Fight and leave the result to me
Don't look at the Sun but light!
As you order!
My respects, Grandsire!
Are the wounds very deep?
You cannot see the deepest wound
You stand beneath the mightiest tree in India
Where will you go without it?
Forget this sweet talk
These wounds mean nothing
Nothing is lost yet
Make peace with them
Return Indraprasth to them
Even if I lose Hastinapur ...
... I'll not give an iota of land to them
Now I am certain that I cannot win ...
... as long as you, Sages Drona and Kripa are with me
What are you saying Duryodhan?
If these three warriors were not with you ...
... you would have lost the war long ago
Maybe you are right, Uncle
But had they wanted I would have won the war
My army knows that its Commander will not kill ...
... the Pandavas whom they are lighting
No tree will cut its own branches
I love you no less than the Pandavas
If it were not so you would not live ...
... after insulting me thus
Like the Pandavas you, too, are protected by my love
No weapon can pierce this protection
So, accept my blessings and go and rest
You have to light tomorrow
- One request, Grandsire - No!
As long as I am the Commander...
... Karna will not light under my flag
Can I ask ...
... why you are punishing Karna?
He has insulted my teacher Parshuram
No disciple of his can be so indecent
He called Draupadi a whore in open court
A man who cannot respect a Woman ...
... will not light under my banner
If that's a crime then we are all responsible
I and even you!
Duryodhan did not mean it, Grandsire
Please don't call me Grandsire
These relationships have no meaning in this era
They are mere words, used as insults
The meaning of what Duryodhan just said ...
... was exactly what I understood
Waging war for you is a punishment for me
Now go!
Leave me alone with my guilt
But Grandsire ...
It's my bad luck that I am your Grandsire
Had we not been related ...
... I would have forsaken you
Time and again you have insulted my age
Swallowing this poison of humiliation ...
... I live for Hastinapur
None among you is worth living for
If you doubt my loyalty appoint someone else
Appoint someone else?
So that you can light for the Pandavas?
That cannot be! That never will be!
Your loyalty, your belief, your Soul ...
... may be with the Pandavas but ...
... you'll have to light for me
My respects!
My respects!
My respects!
These wounds ...
Even you won't listen to me now!
Let these wounds be
They will heal on their own
As you order!
Welcome Brothers!
I was searching for Duryodhan and Dushasan
But you also must be destroyed
Can't your eyes see anything good?
Can you only see the defeat of my army?
Can you only see Arjun, Bhim, Nakul, Sahadev ...
... and Yuddhistir light this war?
Have my sons forgotten how to light?
Grandsire, Drona, Kripa, Shalya, Ashwathama ...
What are they doing?
They are lighting but ...
Don't use words like '' but'' in my presence
They have always gone against me
I must go to Gandhari
My lord!
Where's your hand, my dear?
What happened in battle today?
In battle ...
Ten sons ...
What happened to our ten sons?
They died in battle!
Our ten sons!
Which means this great war ...
... is about to end
I had a dream last night
I was standing alone in a forest
All around me lay green trees, chopped down
You came to me and said:
Let's go Gandhari!
I asked:
Who has cut these green trees?
You replied :
I have cut them
I asked:
How many did you cut?
You replied :
One hundred!
I was frightened
I grabbed your shoulder ...
... and asked : Have you cut trees ...
... or killed my sons?
You did not reply and ..
... I woke up
Are you saying that ...
... I am responsible for my sons' death?
No, my lord!
I am not saying that
I only told you of my dream
I ran away from Sanjay to come here ...
... hoping you would understand my pain ...
... and give me courage
However, if I am alone even with you ...
... then it only means ...
... that I am truly alone
Go to sleep!
Dream of something else
I shall return to hear of it
My lord!
Only the two of us are ...
... alone and unhappy
A lather who has lost his sons...
... should not be alone
None will understand your language of tears
Hence, sit here!
We both have to weep!
One has to pay back ...
... for one's own Sin
If one has sown Evil ...
... the fruit will also be Evil