Google Mobile Maps with 3D buildings

Uploaded by googlenexus on 07.12.2010


I'm Ken, a product manager from the Google Maps
for Mobile team.
Today, I'm going to show you how Google Maps on your Nexus S
lets you explore the world, right from the palm
of your hand.
Let me show you.
With Google Maps, you can explore the world in 3D.
Tilt to see 3D buildings in cities around the world,
and rotate to get a new perspective.
Let's center the map where I am with the My Location button.
Tap it again to enter compass mode.
Now the map automatically rotates to face the same
direction that I'm facing.
Use the search bar to search the map for anything from
addresses to specific place names.
I'm getting hungry.
Let's see if there's any good restaurants nearby.
Use the Places button to quickly search for nearby
places by category, and see results, right in Google Maps.
Open a place page for helpful information like hours,
pictures, ratings, or reviews.
Rate places yourself to get personalized recommendations
in your search results.
This place is recommended because my friend Matt
shared his ratings with me.
Let's check it out on Street View.
I recognize this place.
I can get there with driving, transit, biking, or
walking directions.
I'm driving, so I'll use Navigation for free
turn-by-turn voice guidance.
Of course, Google Maps let you see map imagery, and view
helpful layers of information, including live traffic
conditions, satellite imagery, and even where your friends
are, if you choose to turn on Google Latitude.
To quickly use maps features like Navigation, Places, or
Latitude, you can use their icons from the app launcher,
or add them right to your home screen.
You can also add the Rate Places widget to your home
screen, and quickly rate when you're at a place.
Start using Google Maps on your Nexus S, and you'll never
need a paper map again.