Failed marriage between Belgium farmer and Filipina lady Part 5.

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The two farmers are very proud on their young woman.
The family does everything together.
Working, and also shopping.
Lisa goes to the village for the first time.
On the public market she recognizes a part of her homeland.
They really enjoy to buy the groceries.
And everybody here know Joël and Mark.
Nobody is surprised about the prominent group.
How much do you need? - Is that smelly fish?
Well, if you leave them for a week or three....
They feel like they feel in the Philippines if they are buying their smelly fish on the market.
Lisa also. - Yes, she is happy.
She is here. She has happy days and hot nights with Mark.
What can she expect more from life?
Happy days and hot nights. That is everything what live is all about.
Over here there is only a market every Saturday, but in the Philippines there is a market every day.
Every day.
Everything needs to be sold. Everybody goes to the market.
Every day. So the mothers with their big...
With their daughter they are looking for a husband. To find a husband for their daughter.
But yes.
They don't marry anymore there. They don't raise a family anymore.
They make love as in the Koekkoek (don't know what he means with that, sorry) - Also in Belgium.
Would you like to stand here on the market in a stall?
I would for sure! I did that in the Philippines.
What did you sell then? - Tomatoes, onions.
A little one, just as here Tomatoes, onions, garlic
Do you know garlic? Garlic?
And a lot of other stuff. I forgot.
Come here for a moment.
I was planting on the mountain where I lived.
Tomatoes. - For a little pocket money.
For smelly fish. - And a little for make up.
Do you miss that? - Yes, I miss that.
I am here in Belgium. What can I do here? To farm.
Work on a farm.
A few weeks after the arrival of Lisa from the Philippines, life at the farms took it's usual course.
The godfather enjoys his new status. He is criticizing everybody as usual.
She eats with her hand, then she puts her hand in her hair again.
On what other places she put her hands?
She is clean, stop nagging.
What is that? - What does he need?
I told Mark: wash your hand before you are eating.
And for....
...sleep you take a bath....
And you change your clothes.
He also. He always carries the prosthesis.
Prosthesis? What is that?
The teeth.
The tooth I had made in the Philippines.
But if they hurt to much, what then?
No, you have to wear them everyday. Can you take them out?
Can you take them out Lisa?
To take them out? Yes, you can take them out.
You may listen to your wife,
But the man also needs a bit of freedom. you may not... to strong.
If you are always dressed nicely then that is good of the woman.
On a farm there is work to be done.
To learn that the Filipina's don't need much time.
Luckily the work is simple.
Like to put the tobacco leaves on a skewer, to dry them.
Work is work. If you don't work you get nothing.
If you only lie on the couch just watching TV...
...then there will be no food on the table. Nothing.
Hard work.
As always, it is Joël who keeps an eye on the progress of the work.
He is the boss, and gives the instructions, in Flemish and a bit of English.
The language is no problem at all.
They understand Dutch quite well.
They learn faster then my dad and me together.
To talk is no problem.
They talk a lot to each other, sometimes to much, if we go away.
Then they do not give us enough attention.
As well as my father's wife to him, and my wife to me.
They can say all kinds of things about us. We don't understand it.
But maybe I'll speak Tagalog in a few years.
In the rare occasions that their husbands are not around the girls like to talk about the Philippines, their family and their feelings.
I'm glad that Lisa is here.
We can talk to each other as Filipinas.
I can trust her.
The other Filipina's in Ieper don't want to talk to us.
I can give her advise. And she me.
I want to help my family, so that my brother and sister...
....go to school.
Mark promised to help me. It was all right with him.
In the Philippines the salaries are very low.
Here you can earn much more.
When I worked in the Philippines, I earned 22 peso ($0,48 USD) per hour.
That is very little.
She does miss her family. From time to time she calls hem. That is normal.
But if they are here for some time, I expect that they'll call less.
She did miss her family the most when she was just here.
But after one or two years....
she will miss her family less.
It is normal that you miss your family if you are far away from your home country.
...but if time passes it will fade.
Little by little.
It is very difficult to adjust here.
They are always they are always fighting and bickering.
They both have....
....a difficult character.
All other people are open. You can easily explain something to them.
But to explain something here is very difficult.
Sometimes I don't understand him. He gets very mad sometimes,
....for no reason at all.
Sometimes I'm very afraid.
I've to adjust to their character.
I don't understand them. We are not even together for two months.
And the language is very difficult to understand.
It sounds so different then Tagalog.
It is so cold here. I'm not used to it.
I really try to adjust.
But I'm not even two months here and I don't know them well yet.
Give me another rope.
We have enough anyway. - She says she is happy.
I can not believe everything.
Just put it against it Mark.
I'm not going to creep on it. Put it neatly next to it. - It's already next to it.
I miss my family so much. It is so far away from here.
To get there, you've to fly for 18 hours.
I'm very happy. I have a good wife.
And a child later on.
That is everything I want, for which I long for in life.