Working With Windows XP User Accounts

Uploaded by HelpDeskTV on 20.09.2010

User Accounts offer a convenient 'Create a new account' link on it's home page and lets
you create a new account with a minimun of fuss. If you want to speicify any other information
about the account, including setting a password, you must make changes after you create the
To access 'User Accounts', click Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts. Then select ' Create
a new account' and enter a name for you new account. Click next to continue. Choose whether
you want this account to be an Administrator account or a Limited account and click 'Create
To change account settings or to add a password, simply click the name of the account you want
to change at the bottom of the page.
To delete the account, re-open the User Account page, click the name of the account you want
to delete, then select 'Delete the account'. Choose between Windows keeping a copy of certain
parts of the user profile, or deleting all files associated with the account.
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