Left 4 Dead (Back 2 Help) - Achievement Guide

Uploaded by jaydraven1976 on 25.05.2009

For the set up
Log in a second account by pushing
the start button on the second controller.
Start a co-op game.
We're going to choose No Mercy
The appartements, and begin on expert.
When the game begins
start by incapacitating the two AI's
Once they are down
Move you're main account to the side of the building,
then move you're dummy account and jump onto the ledge
slowly begin walking off the edge.
Push the blue "X" button to pick them up.
Each time you help them up it counts
towards the "Helping Hand" achievement.
Continue for as many times as you need.
When you've earned the achievement
switch the difficulty to easy
then choose the option "take a break"
this will set your dummy account to idle.
Then make your way to the safehouse.
Once you've made your way to the safehouse
Odds are the AI have been rescued.
If this is the case,
change the difficulty back to expert
and kill the 2 AI's.
Once this is done change the difficulty back to easy.
Leave your dummy account just outside the door
and have your main account stand inside the room.
Depending on which achievement you want,
Wait for either a smoker or hunter to appear
and let them be pulled or jumped on.
Choose to save them only if you need the achievement
Otherwise, close the door and let them become incapacitated.
Open the door then melee and kill the special infected
After reviving the injured survivor
walk both accounts back inside the safehouse.
You should recieve the achievement just as they enter the door.