Real Proactiv Customers Surprised by Justin Bieber at a Proactiv Commercial Shoot (Part 2)

Uploaded by Proactiv on 01.02.2012

This one is going to be really funny.
What's up guys? This is Justin Bieber and this is where I get to direct my first Proactiv commercial. And the best part is the talent doesn't know it's me. Check it out.
[Man]: How are you. [Girl]: Good. [Man]: Good to meet you.
[Man]: Do me a favor, hop on the mark right here. Perfect. Your line is gonna be that pink dot on the mount box. [Girl]: Ok.
[Man]: So what we are going to do is we are gonna shoot some product shots with Proactiv.
[Man]: You nervous? [Girl]: Yea, a little. [Man]: Don't Worry about it. You'll be fine.
Alright guys, here we go. Stand by.
[Girl]: So I'm just gonna hold it, right? [Justin]: Quiet on the set. Ok.
[Justin]: Smile at the camera. Give me a flirty smile. Great.
[Justin]: Ok, now flip your hair. [Girl]: My what? [Justin]:Flip your hair. Yes. Now go back and grab the white bottle.
[Justin]: Ok, no the other white bottle. [Girl]:The little one? [Justin]: Yea, yea, the other one.
Now walk stage right. Great. Now hold the Proactiv up. Now wiggle the Proactiv. Now big laugh. Laughing please. Ok, cut. I'm coming out. Thank you.
You gotta make sure that when you do it, like, you gotta grab this one right here. This is the bottle your suppose to grab right here.
It's the oil free moisturizer that works really well. I use it all the time so. Good. You gotta grab that one.
You look great. That was great. I'm just messing with you.
[Justin]: That was good. Did you think it was weird when I had you wiggle the bottle around. [Girl]: Yea.
[Man]: So tell me is he a good director? [Girl]: Yes.
He is so cute!