Hipster porn | Butts of conscience | Episode 2 | "Loneliness" (English subs)

Uploaded by MaxONLYMadson on 25.03.2012

Loneliness is when you hear the clock ticking.
Is that some kind of nonsense, guys?
It is not loneliness. It's when you sit stupidly on the fifth point and pose as a poor man's useless to anyone.
Want a secret? Be harder than "Santa Claus does not exist".
Faint of heart - do not read.
Loneliness is when you are free from all and no one is going to deprive you of that freedom.
Everyone hear the clock ticking. Loneliness is not related.
Solitude is a really strong feeling when you willing to tell something to someone, to open your heart, and then you think - noone cares and there is no single person out there who really deserves it.
But everybody wants something from you . Only your parents need you the way you are. The others swept out of your life, as you are.
It always been, and it always will be. You do not have to cry and wind your snot on the fist. Screaming that it hurts. Come on, what do you know about the pain?
Broken nail or a broken heart, yeah, it's pain. Serious pain.
Half of them start smoking cigarettes on a window sill or plump, or complaining to everyone, in fact that only few of them really listen to you.
But now it's not about it. Pain is when you crumble, when you devastate and filling simultaneously. And you were only sick with diarrhea and you heart was you broken for a couple of times.
Pain (ha- ha) the one doesn't talk about the pain. It's carry through everything no matter what. And there, and there is a void.
Well for many of you the void is when you're doing nothing and you suppose you are empty. Oh. To become empty is to die in this life: sensual, moral, and then you just feel what it means to be empty.
Torn to pieces, but you have nothing to say but: "Hello, I'm fine".
And don't care about anything else.