Contact: A UFO Story (ぶっちゃけ英語: リスニング)

Uploaded by fearnoenglish on 01.06.2009

Hey there neighbor!
What can I do for you?
Could you let me borrow your ladder?
Sure! What do you need it for?
Are you putting up your Christmas decorations?
It's time to put up the lights.
You should put yours up too.
Yeah. It's going to be Christmas soon, isn't it?
Well, actually it's good camouflage.
If you put your lights up, the aliens can't see your house.
What? What are you talking abouat?
Well. The UFOs are supposed to attack tonight.
So you might want to hide your house so they can't blow it up.
How can I hide my house with Christmas decorations?
Well. The Christmas decorations look like normal plants on their planet.
So, if you put up your Christmas decorations..
.... they can't see your house.
Right... thanks for the advice.
Let me say, my neighbor's strange.
I don't know, if he's deranged.
Let me say, my neighbor's strange.
Let me tell you, what he believes....
... that Christmas lights let me not be seen.
I don't know but he believes.
Give me time, let me make it clear.
He says that UFOs are near.
I don't know but that's just wierd!
I think he's kind of wierd man!