Google I/O Sandbox Case Study: CardinalCommerce

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 22.06.2011

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Chandra Balasubramarian: Cardinal Commerce, what we do today,
is we provide for over 70,000 retailers the ability to authenticate payments,
accept alternative payments,
like Google Check-Out, PayPal, Amazon, using a single, easy to use interface.
So, that's the core of what we provide.
And the way we're kind of extending that on to the mobile--
and that's what we're here to present today--
is essentially taking that experience of working with those 70, 000 retailers
in the e-commerce world.
We have taken that and said,
"Hey, let's extend a similar model out to the mobile environment."
And then today, we're working with a lot of mobile retailers,
providing them the ability to again,
accept a lot of alternative payments as well as credit card transactions.
And then we also provide for the development community,
the retailer community,
an Android library that they can simply install.
If you look at the trend that's happening today is there are a lot of different convergents,
or different applications where multiple products from multiple retailers
are being made available from more than one single app.
So what we call that is "syndicated check-out."
So essentially, what you're doing is the retailer syndicates their products out
to a shop savvy through Google Shopping application
and then today you're using the bar code scanner to do a price comparison
and then go click on that.
You get sent to the retailer's website to purchase.
But some of the other trends are gonna be in-app purchase.
I see this.
I scan this.
It's cheaper than retailer X, Y, Z.
I wanna buy it right now without having to go through five different screens,
even if it's a mobile device.
If you look at kind of all three put together,
the Android operating system,
the Google Check-Out payment infrastructure,
and then the Google Wallet technology infrastructure.
I mean all three things kind of combine and make it a rich experience
to the developer community, to the retailers,
and from an integrator point of view, for us,
to bring all these parties together into the ecosystem.