Honey (4/10) Movie CLIP - Miss Thing (2003) HD

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Rise and shine, sleepy head.
[ Groans ] What areyou doing?
Gettin' you up. It's Sunday. So?
So? We gonna get my birthday dress today. You forgot?
No, it'sjust--
l didn't get home till 6:OO.
You work until 6:OO in the morning? l hopeyou gettin' overtime.
- Girl, l'm dead. - l don't care ifyou're cold and buried. l got offwork special for this.
So, get up! Come on. Get up!
We gotta get ready forAtlantic City.
Oh, look. Take this.
What? What's that?
Stop. Do you like?
_y, que linda, mami. l love it.
What kind ofmoneyyou makin'?
Oh, l didn't pay for it. l got it for free at the shoot.
You givin' me some sweaty leftovers instead oftaking me shopping like a real friend?
lt's not sweaty leftovers. It's brand-new. It's still got a tag on it.
Hmm. l thoughtyou'd like it.
Look at Miss Thing. Too ''bougie'' to shop at the bargain stores.
No, it's cool. Ifyou don't wanna go shopping with me, l'll go by myself.
- Only person l can depend on an_ay. - Gina.
Oh, God.