CGRundertow STREETS OF RAGE 3 for Sega Genesis Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 27.10.2012

Y’know, when you hit the point in a game where you SUPLEX A FREAKIN’ KANGAROO, you
kinda want to turn the entire review into some Old-Spice-style absurdist rant. I’m
doing my best to avoid that. I won’t make any guarantees. THE KANGAROO IS NOW A PLAYABLE
CHARACTER. Awright, sorry. That just slipped out. But when you’re talking about early
90’s beat-’em-ups, you’re looking for any distinction. On the surface, Streets of
Rage 3 looks like yet another Final-Fight-ish brawler, plays like another Final-Fight-ish
brawler... sounds like some modern-day experimental chiptune project... and lets you play as a
freakin’ pugilist KANGAROO. That’s, like, the one thing cooler than a ninja turtle.
The plot picks up where Streets of Rage 2 left off, with an increasingly crooked police force,
a spate of bombings throughout the city - and that’s not just me throwing around ten-penny
words, I’m just quoting the game itself - and the formerly-evil Dr. Zan, who’s now
a good guy. Fine by me, I’m down with the cyborg being on my team. As is the standard
concept among these types of games; everything will be right with the world if you walk to
the right, eat your magical drum-can turkey, and punch the bejeezus out of anything that
dares step to you. Unfortunately, it’s fraught with the same issue that plagues so many games
in its genre: The pseudo-3D isometric view means you’ll be a couple inches too far
into the background or foreground, and so you’ll be punching just to the left or right
of your enemy... who can traverse these layers at a much faster speed than you. Y’know
how I said this was one of the things that Code of Princess fixed? I wasn’t kidding
at all. But once you get past the issues intrinsic to its concept, the actual gameplay - featuring
all manner of grapples, dash attacks, special attacks, and the beat-’em-up standard litany
of pipes, planks, knives, swords and whatnot, is quite respectable. Just a word of warning,
when they say a character’s slow, they MEAN it. Better grab a friend to be a faster distraction.
Or, y’know, the KANGAROO.
I could dissect Streets of Rage 3 all day to call attention to the shortcomings of its
genre, from the xeroxed bad guys to the VERY 90’s references like a whip-wielding woman
named Lorena. But honestly, if you’re playing the game, none of that matters, because the
music is too damn good. Sure, some of the sound effects sound a little on the stock
side - I’m fairly certain they’re lifted directly from Sonic the Hedgehog - but the
actual background music pushed the limits of the Genesis. Composer Yuzo Koshiro, who
also created amazing soundtracks for everything from Legacy of the Wizard to Shenmue, actually
built an entirely new audio programming language just for this title. These days you can relive
the magic - or just immerse yourself in the proto-techno - on the PS3 and 360 either as
part of the Streets of Rage Vintage Collection download pack, or on Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis