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This is Chris Paul. Shot out to Taking London. Women's Basketball is just as exciting as
Men's. It's the same game. I've been fortunate enough to go to at least one WNBA game every
year since I've been in the NBA. I played in New Orleans for six years, so I knew Mone
when she was at LSU and everything like that. So, it's way too easy for her. Her game is
very similar to Carmelo. You know, at one point in time, I think it was '08, we gave
everybody on the women's team like an equivalent guy on the men's team. And so Mone has always
been sorta like Melo. Seimone is just like -- she's like one of my favorite players ever
-- you know, men or women. You know, what she does with a basketball is just like something
I try to emulate. Her crossover is crazy. She can shoot it. She can take it in the post.
She can do it all. You got players like Seimone and the Sue Birds and Tiny Charles, they're
out there really, you know, helping the game out. You see a girl dunk in the Olympics the
other day. You know, the game is growing, and it's fun to watch. And, you know, especially
for somebody like me who loves watching the fundamentals of the game -- they have it all
in Women's Basketball. So, you know, starting to watch, man, you know, help the game grow.
I'm Kevin Durant, I'm Taking London. Yeah, I mean, we watch the girls all the time, though,
even when we was in Barcelona. We's in Manchester, and they was out there with us. And we went
to a couple of their games over there. So we all know what they can do. You know, we
kinda fans of theirs. At same time, they're fans of ours. We support them. [xx] I like
Angel. You know, Angel's from Baltimore -- we around from the same area. I'm a big fan of
Seimones. And, you know, of course, Maya More, what she's able to do right now. But that
team is so deep and so stacked that you have to become fans of all them. [xx] I hear that.
I hear that a lot. Even the guys on the team say that. But, you know, just what she's able
to do off the dribble. The way she's able to go inside out. You know, how smooth her
game is, we get those comparisons. What do you think about Seimone's game? I love it.
She's really crafty with the ball. She can score the ball in a variety of different ways.
She's a great player. Everybody keeps comparing here to Melo -- what do you think about that?
Yes, that's very similar, because they both can score the ball in a variety of different
ways. So smooth. You know, they score the ball so easily, so. Hi, I'm Russell Westbrook,
and I'm Taking London. What do you think about Women's Basketball, and kinda where it's heading
right now? I think it's heading in the right direction. I mean, you have some great players.
You have global players as well. You know, Lauren Jackson has done wonders for the sport
in Australia. And, you know, Taurasi, Sue Bird, Candace Parker -- you know, Maya Moore.
And there's players that are coming up, I mean, they're just doing a fantastic job of
elevating the awareness of the sport. What do you think about Seimone Augustus? Seimone
Augustus can hoop too. I mean, she's a scorer deluxe. She reminds me a lot of Carmelo, actually,
the way that she plays. But yeah, I mean, there's players like that that just continue
to elevate the game. [xx} Yes, indeed. [xx| I mean, a mid-range game is tough to get.
Like I said, you know, on this team, we probably have me and Carmelo pretty much have the mid-range
down pat. So, I mean, that's a rare feature to have.