Dendy Memories #2: Darkwing Duck

Uploaded by Kinaman88 on 12.05.2012

Hello, everyone!
Once again, I invite you to my kitchen to speak about our old school stuff,
and to remember the most interesting, favorite,
unforgettable games for the wonderful Dendy console.
In today's episode of the Dendy Memories I'd like to talk about a game that is...
the most important and remarkable for me, I think.
This is the game where my 8-bit conquest has been started,
because it was the first game that I beat in my life.
I was fortunate to beat.
That is a game that 98% if not 99% of Russian gamers played.
A game about a famous duck with dark wings,
the Darkwing Duck, also known as Black Cloak.
I first met the Darkwing Duck game in the summer of 1995,
just a month or two after I got my own so much desired 8-bit game console,
that Chinese... piece... called Lifa 888,
that broke three of four months after the purchase...
Let's skip the sad part.
As you may guess, it was on the 7-in-1 multi game
that you surely know from my video 'The Grey Elephant's Curse',
that also has Robocop 3, Tale Spin, Snake Rattle'n'Roll, and so on.
The 7-in-1 was bought by my older brother,
and probably it was the only cartridge, besides the bundled 9999-in-1,
that we played together with him for quite long time.
The Darkwing Duck game caught our eyes because
we both seen the great cartoon series that was aired at the time.
The series was running for about a year at the moment,
it started on the central TV in 1994, so many were familiar with it already.
Kind of a Batman spoof...
Actually, not too many people liked it,
we liked Duck Tales, Chip&Dale, and TMNT much more.
Well, that's a whole different story.
So, we played this wonderful game for first time.
It was the time when, playing the Darkwing Duck, to perform a jump,
we still had to look at the gamepad to not mess the buttons.
For me this time lasted like two months, maybe three.
It probably was over when we managed to beat the first level,
the fingers became accustomed and able to distinguish
between the A, B and turbo buttons.
Alright, uhm...
I played this game together with older brother,
not very long, or not too much, to be more exact,
because parents didn't allow to play too much.
I was going to go to first grade,
I had to prepare to the school, it was my last carefree summer,
last summer of bachelor's life, so to say.
My brother just graduated from school, so he didn't give a damn,
and we played the 7-in-1 cartridge and the Darkwing Duck game.
The first thing to remember about learning the game
is the feeling when you beat a level and realize it.
It was a great achievement that never repeated again.
You beat first level, second, and you realize - you got there.
You did it, beat two levels and two final foes.
We didn't call them 'bosses' back then, that word came later, from Internet.
It was an unreal achievement,
and you would tell the older brother - 'See, I got there!', and he is 'Wow, you're rad!'.
This is a single player game, so when we played together, it was he who played,
and I was watching and learning the ways to play through a level for the most part.
Yeah, and parents only allowed us to play a bit.
They justified it by telling us that the console wears out the CRT rapidly, you know,
so if you play more than an hour, it will be devastation, demolition, total extinction, and...
the TV will be completely... destroyed.
So, how many games we would be able to play in an hour?
Seven games on the cart, Darkwing Duck alone would take at least 40 minutes
to beat a couple of levels, spending continues, you know.
Would we then start to play Robocop 3, mom tells - 'Enough, turn it off.'
'Your eyes are red already,'
'You'll damage your sight, broke TV, what I gonna do then?'
In this hopeless situation, when we had so little time,
salvation has come - in the beginning of the summer, it was in June,
we went to the grandmother, to the village.
Of course we got the console and the cartridge with us.
Parents weren't there, so we were able to play
as much as we wanted instead of just an hour or two.
We only were afraid to burn the AC adapter, you know.
Playing the game was quite an experience.
One interesting thing was finding the secrets.
The word 'secret' wasn't in daily use among the gamers back then,
at least those I know, because we all were only starting to play Dendy.
So, when you shoot into a thin air,
and a portal with word 'Go!' appears suddenly,
you would be like - 'Wow, I just found, I just FOUND a bonus!'
It was just incredible.
And if you was lucky to get a life there, you would poop your pants.
I especially liked to brag to my brother when I was finding a bonus he didn't found yet.
Later, playing in front of him, I would tell him - 'See, I'm in a bonus.'
And he was 'Wow, where you found it?', and I like - 'I know everything, you don't, so shut up'.
He is eight years older than me, so getting a chance to mock on him was a great deal for me.
Yeah... So,
that summer we were playing on the grandma's TV that no one cared about,
so we didn't afraid to broke it, realizing that the console won't damage it anyway.
Yeah, so...
We were playing about a month, and managed to get through four of five levels.
One notable thing in the game is that it allows to select levels.
The first level for us was of course the bridge,
then we had choice, sometimes we would go to the sewers, sometimes to the city.
But the first one always had to be the bridge.
The attempts of finding out tactics for every boss...
they mostly were found by Vitaly, my older brother.
He shown me how to beat first bosses,
the water dog for example... Liquidator, if I remember correctly.
We weren't able to read English back then, so... Skip it.
Yeah... When you beat the first three levels, and three new levels appeared...
That was simply... mind blowing.
It was so... Nothing can compare with it now. It never was like this again.
I never felt the same after beating Darkwing Duck.
The thing that you got to the next three levels,
it was a huge achievement, you simply didn't have the right to stop playing.
If parents were forcing you to turn it off, it was a disaster.
Exploring the levels was incredibly interesting.
First, searching the bosses... Err, the bonuses.
Then... searching for alternative routes.
For example, in the sewers, we weren't visiting the area with three lives for a long time,
because we didn't fully understand the weapons yet.
Usually we would take the drop shot on the first level,
that defeated the Quackerjack easily, so we just stick with it,
and never changed.
So we didn't know that it is possible to get to the area using these things...
that looks like bones and sticks to walls - we didn't use them.
It took some time to learn this feature of the game.
In the city level, at the place where you can get two lives using this weapon,
we were looking there and wondering - 'How to get there? Dunno.'
Even when we had the weapon that shoots these sticks,
we were failing to shoot it at the exact moment to make it stick to the wall.
We just weren't able to pull it off, and gave up very fast.
When we were getting to the next three levels,
we were starting from the construction level,
where the boss is Moriarty... Is that his name?.. Not Moriarty, he is Moliarty.
On this boss we... Vitaly taught me to use the drop shot to beat him.
There is no such weapon on this level, so you only could have it if you won't take...
any weapons after the previous level.
So we were taking the weapon on the city level, which we usually played the third.
We skipped the lives and items on the construction level that are only reachable with the stick.
We never bothered with it,
although there was shortage of lives, sure,
and we were spending continues rapidly.
Anyway, I don't know who told him, maybe he figured it out by himself,
but he taught me to beat Moliarty with the drop shot.
You hanging on the hook, drops the shot, Moliarty runs back and forth without seeing you,
and if you will avoid the fireballs properly, you'll beat him easily.
After this level we always were going to the forest level.
We never, I can't recall any time... Well, maybe just once...
when we would choose the Megavolt level after the construction level, the tower.
Not sure what is the place, docks or something, there is a ship.
Vitaly taught me how to beat every boss,
can't remember a single time when I would find the tactics by myself.
When we were playing Darkwing Duck, he played most of the time,
so he seen all the new levels before me.
You know, he is older, so he plays first, and I had to wait my turn.
Like I said, we rarely changed the weapon.
We never take the lightings, and the sticks...
maybe after we beat the game for first time,
only then we started to use them properly to get the lives.
We never used them as a weapon though, only were using them
to get to the otherwise unreachable places.
And we were getting through the game with the drop shot,
using it on every boss that is possible to defeat with.
It continued like this for a couple months.
We stayed in the village up to the middle of the summer, a month and a half, maybe two.
In this time we were able to get to the second to the last level.
We completed the forest, defeated Bushroot, and...
We weren't getting to the Megavolt often, though.
And then the time come to return home,
we packed up the console. Father was irritated with that, saying that 'It'll broke home TV,'
'leave it here and play as much as you want when you'll be back'.
But how could we leave this treasure in the village?
How is that, we'll be back at home, thinking that it is left there all the time. I will, at least.
My friends will be bragging about new games they playing now,
while my console will be God knows here, and I'm... just nobody, you know.
So we managed to get it back with us.
When we returned home, I was playing first most of the time,
because Vitaly now was hanging somewhere... girls and stuff.
I was playing the console, and now got chance to develop and use my gaming skills.
But anyway,
the best what could we pull out with him is to get to the last level.
That very moment when you get to the last level, when you see that last blinking 'Help'...
That was... so... so huge, you would be proud that you did that.
You could tell the friends that you got there.
There was nothing else to be proud of in the life yet, as I was only 7, you know.
The fact that I got to the last level, and defeated all these bosses,
that was something to be proud of, 100% and unlimited.
So, when me and Vitaly were getting to the seventh level, Steelbeak's ship,
it seemed very difficult to us... well, just like the previous one.
I can't say for sure how much time it took to beat the level,
two weeks at least, I think.
To get through the level itself. We played every day, maybe every other day.
However, we played not only the Darkwing Duck.
There were other games on the 7-in-1, we played these as well, of course.
When we finally managed to get to the Steelbeak... We didn't know that he is there yet,
I'm was a bit disappointed that I see Steelbeak there...
I didn't know that this is the last level, though, I thought there could be something more,
I was absolutely sure that the game will end with battle with Negaduck.
Who else could be greater enemy of Darkwing Duck, isn't?
When we got to the Steelbeak, it was... I don't know...
You just started the battle, and he killed you already. You just started the battle, and he killed you already.
You run out of continues, and the game is over. It was a disaster!
We weren't able to figure out tactics for Steelbeak, neither me nor even Vitaly.
Battle starts, the eggs attacks and trampling you to the dust, lives runs out, and it's over.
What to do? What you could do.
We attempted it and lose a few times.
It was very difficult to get there, we weren't able to do it too often.
So we gave up on this, and Vitaly invited a good friend
who was well familiar with Dendy, better than me and Vitaly.
He was famous as being someone who beat Darkwing Duck.
Vitaly invited him, and told me -
'Pavel, this is Dan, he'll beat the game and show us how to beat the Steelbeak!'
And I was - 'Wow, really?!'
We were sitting on the couch, staring at the TV like never before.
Dan was beating level by level like a pro.
We were learning something, of course, like the secret places that we didn't know yet.
When he got to the sixth level,
he had last HP before the Megavolt, and he was almost killed by a squirrel.
I'll never forget that, Vitaly saw that the squirrel attacks,
thanks God we were home alone,
he's screamed out loud - 'Squirrel, Dan!!!'
The same second Dan reacted, killed the squirrel, and beat Megavolt successfully.
Still, the heart skipped a beat at the moment.
When he got the last level, get through it, through all these damned 'terminators',
and that 'terminator' right before the exit that I hate so much,
because it was impossible to pass him without being hit,
you would need to have 2-3 HP at this point.
So, he got to the Steelbeak.
You can't imagine how much we were surprised.
Without... without any visible effort, he jumped on the middle hook,
then on the side hook, held down both turbo buttons,
and the eggs just started to scatter in pieces, you know.
He was hitting the bulbs, the eggs could not hurt him, me and Vitaly dropped our jaws.
Without any troubles he lured out the Steelbeak, who started to run back and forth like crazy.
When he does that, he is a piece of cake, if you have the drop shot weapon.
All you need is to jump on the floor and back to the hook,
to make him throw away that damned suitcase that he uses as a shield.
You use the drop shot, he runs back and forth,
and few hits and 15-20 seconds later he is defeated, that's all.
Vitaly and I were astonished with that.
Then we saw the cutscene where Steelbeak says
'you foiled my plans, Darkwing Duck, but I'll be back, bla bla bla',
and the cutscene where Darkwing Duck rides a motorbike under the moon.
Before inviting Dan we asked him how the game ends, and he said
'Darkwing Duck drives on a road, then flies to the moon'.
We weren't able to imagine how it looks like, and when we saw that,
we got it - he rides the bike, hits the stone, and flies away,
blocking the moon view with himself.
Then there were long and happy days when we started to beat the game, first Vitaly then me,
and it became the first game that I beat myself.
Because it was the only game that I beat at the time,
I did it repeatedly to keep up the feeling of self worth, you know.
Having euphoria of this, I started to keep score of my victories, and I remember
that in 2 or 3 months of playing the game I beat it 27 or 28 times.
So I became a pro in this.
However, I was disappointed that I didn't see the Negaduck.
Should note that in my childhood, Darkwing Duck game
was probably the only game that was...
that had so many rumors circling around my neighborhood.
Never heard that many stories about any other game than the Darkwing Duck.
The most... ridiculous rumor to recall was...
Of course, everyone believed that there is Negaduck in the end of the game,
that there is a secret level that could be opened, where you fight with the Negaduck.
It has been said that it could be done if you beat all six levels in certain order,
and if you collect certain number of lives before the last level,
a secret passage will open after defeating the Steelbeak,
the huge door-like window in the middle of the screen,
Negaduck will jump out of it and attack you.
It has been also said that Negaduck could be found
if in the final cutscene, when Darkwing Duck
rides the motorbike under the shining moon,
in the very exact moment just before the stone,
you'll manage to press the jump button,
Darkwing Duck would jump over the stone,
ride to the edge of the screen, and get to a secret level
with battle with the Negaduck in the end.
I heard this rumor from many people, it was very famous.
Everyone who beat Darkwing Duck, at least in my neighborhood,
said that there is a secret level in the end indeed.
Some were swearing that this is true with a passion,
and when we, being guests of that guy, asked him to play Dendy,
beat the game and show us the secret level, he would say 'sure guys, no problem'.
He would beat the game, and in the moment when Darkwing Duck rides to the stone
he would press the jump button, but it is kinda didn't worked,
so the Darkwing Duck hit the stone and get knocked off the bike,
and the guy is like - 'Oh damn, I screwed it up.'
'Now I have to beat the game again.'
'Oh, it is too late, time to go home.' - 'Well, guys, next time then.'
Thus nobody ever seen the Negaduck...
Of course in reality he isn't there.
Still, it was an integral part of playing the game,
especially at the time of getting early gaming experience with Dendy.
Recalling all this now,
the thing that is not possible to experience again
is that feel of making an achievement by beating a level,
the incredible feeling of pride by doing that.
You would tell about it to your friends for hours,
and they would listen and appreciate how cool it is.
Today beating Darkwing Duck game is a piece of cake.
Sadly, it does not bring such emotions anymore.
I hope very much that the story that I shared with you today
helped you to recall and feel some of these emotions again.
It was Dendy Memories and Darkwing Duck, thank you for watching.
Play Dendy.